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  1. Hi there. My name is Jaqui. I'm a Psy Trance DJ from Cape Town, South Africa. I do Psy mixes for our local radio station. I use covers to make is radio friendly. I see that you collect these. I am having a very hard time getting hold of covers. Can you help me PLEEEEEEEASE. I am Jaqui Dee on facebook. Happy Days. Jxx

  2. Right on. They do like prodigy as well, but there's much more that appeals to them. Mostly synthpop and eighties remixes, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails etc. Alive and kicking, Damon, still on the scene, psychedelic forever!
  3. Yeah, but they work magic introducing goths to psytrance... hehehe. Thx for all the suggestions and more is welcome, especially the NIN one seems interesting!
  4. Hya, everyone. Need your help. I've been collecting information on psytrance covers of various well-known non-psytrance tracks. Here's a list of what I managed to collect so far. If you know of any which are not on the list, especially if these are covers of tracks from the eighties, synthpop, metal/gothic tracks etc., please let me know! Thanks in advance! 01. acdc - thunder struck (1200 mics remix) 02. cosmosis - re-order (new order - blue monday) 03. cpu - big in japan 04. depeche mode - enjoy the silence (growling machines real remix) 05. depeche mode - enjoy the silence (logarythm rmx) 06. depeche mode - i feel loved (rmx) 07. depeche mode - john the revelator (echotalk vs sassah remix) 08. depeche mode - master and servant (dino vs dado rmx) 09. depeche mode - only when i lose myself (220v interactive) 10. depeche mode - shake the disease (space cat rmx) 11. dire straits - money for nothing (1200 mics remix) 12. etnica - fade 13. eurythmics - sweet dreams (gataka rmx) 14. eurythmics - sweet dreams (gms remix) 15. funker vogt - traumatic event (dj bim rmx) 16. iron maiden - invaders (kino oko remix) 17. madonna - frozen (fatali vs perplex remix) 18. marilyn manson - tainted love (total confusion rmx) 19. marylin manson - tainted love (40% remix) 20. mc hammer - can't touch this (gataka remix) 21. michael jackson - smooth criminal (sirius-isness remix) 22. pink floyd - another brick in the wall (1200 mics remix) 23. prodigy - smack my bitch up (guitars on acid remix - kalbar) 24. prodigy - voodoo people (x-ray vs junya remix) 25. tiamat - brighter than the sun (bullsrun mix) 26. twisted system - beautiful people + albums: prodigy (2004) - psychedelic voodoo people remixes
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