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  1. our poor cat is on coke!!!! he's gonna reply to you in 10 contradicting posts now
  2. i'm not sure how it works for you guys but i feel evan's album release tour (at least in so cal, the one that i went to) was very successful and he sold many CDs (venue was packed). anyhow, i can't wait for your new album(s) :posford:
  3. you're definitely there, sir :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: BTW, why don't you play in sunny california sometime?!
  4. that's exactly what disappointed me!
  5. This is for me one the most played albums of last year. I just love it. very relaxing and the variation between the tracks makes it very interesting while maintaining the flow of the album. Being There is one of my favorite tracks from last year if not the favorite. Neverland and Forever are also brilliant tracks which i love. So far four releases from Absolute Ambient.com and I love all 4 of them. :clapping:
  6. for me everything they have released were above average and the good ones were GREAT. if i have to pick 10 of my favorite albums about 5 of them were released on Ultimae, so i'd say "I 'em"
  7. well, i don't know if your post is serious or you're making fun, but either way Kuba's new album wasn't even in my top 10 i was actually really excited when it was released but...
  8. they only released Kuba - How The Future Sounded, right?
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    Babel by Alejandro González Iñárritu. decent movie, good acting. like Amores perros there were 3 stories going on which somehow linked together. all the stories are well made and they kept me interested to see how they gonna merge together or relate to each other. however i think the way stories were related in amores perros was much better. one of the stories here (in japan) is kind of out of place IMO. in general it was too similar to amores perros and not as good... liked the music too 7/10
  10. this is a nice compilation. from the beginning it gets better and better but suddenly there are few tracks that i don't like at all. to sum it up: i like: 3, 4+, 5+, 6, 7+, 11+ yeah, i even like the Vibrasphere track. it has just the right amount of cheese for my liking . the CBL track is awesome but way too short wish it was going on forever!!! i dislike: 2, 8 neutral!: 9, 10 lovely cover art BTW
  11. i'm really optimistic about their new album after this EP. The title track is really good
  12. ormion, you got some skillz bro :clapping:
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