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  1. oh yeah! Jairamji's Temple is just AMAZING :clapping:
  2. they are going to play live on a 24th to 26th of april rave in southern california. PM me for info if interested... Ps. i'm not a big fan of theirs!!!!! The Bright Side is not bad though, i used to like that album few years ago
  3. they've defined the genre only for others to improve it! i have so much respect for both but defining the genre is not enough to be the best. they are respectable the way The Beatles are, but again same as The Beatles they are far from being the best IMO.
  4. i think the general psytrance sub forum should be closed DANGER!
  5. i couldn't turn it down!!!
  6. his gonna play live next week here :posford: i'm sure they're gonna sell the CD. hope they have the poster and the T
  7. loved it... i've listened to it 3 times already. the title track is awesome no wonder you got hooked np. Khetzal - Glaciales Lacrimae
  8. whatever they are called they aren't as good as I want them to be too much full-on and darkpsy :drama: and no respect for downtempo
  9. he sent me a free mp3 download of the album so i can listen to it before i get the physical CD. NICE!!!! downloading right now
  10. this has become my favorite album of 08 :clapping: np.
  11. oh nice just ordered. thx
  12. indeed, both aphex twin and FSOL have awesome tracks but also below average ones (IMO of course). overall they are both WAY over rated!
  13. you don't need to open a new thread for this, we already have a thread for this album... try Secede if you haven't already, but if you have i don't have anything similar to them in my mind. they are both my favorite IDM artists.
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