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  1. everytime i listen to it, i like it more than before... i probably need to update my top 5 list
  2. i look for recommendations on this random psytrance forum called pienews
  3. envyyyyyyyyyyy i hope i get it today otherwise i have to wait til tuesday monday's holiday!
  4. i've heard both of the albums few times only and am no old schooler at all (actually i prefer new school goa for the most part) but i should say my vote goes to IFO in this case... :clapping:
  5. serious or not serious IMO this cover is SHITE !!!! maybe i'm blind but i don't see any creativity in this design :wank: i prefer black metal stereotypes compared to hip hop and r&b ones without any hesitation after all being devil is more exciting than being a stinky pimp
  6. i think going digital only would reduce the sells but there's no questions to me that the music industry is wrong. it works well for pop artists with their filthy rich distributors but when it comes to underground music it surprises me that almost all the labels are following the same trend as commercialized labels. it doesn't work well unless you have few hot chicks showing their butts in your videoclip!!! i don't have the solution myself but this is wrong!!! take radiohead's new album, in the rainbows. they put it on their website and you could choose how much you want to pay yourself. y
  7. Alan Parsons' Valid Path album is in both DTS and Dolby Digital formats. wiki
  8. EDIT: new ranking in parenthesis (will re-edit to final format later!!!) EDIT2: new rankings in brackets [] Up: 1;Ra;9th;Suntrip Records 2;Jikkenteki;Flights Of Infinity;Par-2 Productions [5](4)3;Vibrasphere;Lungs of life;Tribal vision records [3](5)4;Tamlin;Spectogram;Faerie Dragon Records [4](3)5;Crop Circles;Tetrahedron;DAT Records Down: 1;Distant System;Spiral Empire;Celestial Dragon (2);James Murray;Where Edges Meet;Ultimae (3)2;Nature of Light;Shores Of Jupiter;Webbed Hand Records (4)3;Subheim;Approach;Tympanik Audio (5)4;Pan Electric & Ishq;About Time
  9. fair enough i was feeling bad voting for upbeat albums since i only listened to 10 to 15 of them
  10. the plastic used in CD production is negligible compared to plastic bags used in super markets. why can't hippies see any further than the tip of their noses!?!? it's like not wiping your ass anymore to save the trees!!!!!!!! oh, wait a minutes....!
  11. that's from 2007. what does it mean when ppl vote for 2 or 3 chill albums? does that mean they've only listened to those albums?!!?
  12. the problem with (legal) digital downloads is that there is no difference between the legal one and the pirated one! i'm sure CDs would be replaced with something else in future but i don't see the potential in memory sticks. i can imagine how ridiculous a memory stick collection would look!!! looking for a specific album in your pile of memory sticks would be a pain in the ass as well. but all these said, if (and only if) i can buy a USB connector for my amp for cheap i will buy few albums on memory stick
  13. Solar Fields - Extended Solar Fields - Leaving Home CBL - Hydroponic Garden CBL - World of Sleepers VA - Oxycanta HUVA Network - Distances Tripswitch - Circuit Breaker: Rewired Jikkenteki - The Long Walk Home VA - Left Coast Liquid Vol. 1 will order next week: Bluetech - Sines and Singularities Bluetech - Elementary Particles & Prima Materia but well, none of them were new to me
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