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  1. Celtic Cross - Hicksville is fairly short as far as I can remember (sure its only 50 odd minutes). Mainly though I think psy trance songs tend to be quite lengthy so its farily easy to fill a CD with only 7 or 8 songs.
  2. Thanks for that. Also wheres the best place to buy psy trance now days (not on MP3), I prefer vinyl or CD. Used to buy from Chaosunlimited but they appear to have shut. Tried a search but it wouldnt let me (came up with errors) so if theres a post on this already sorry but if you could point me in the right direction Thanks
  3. Hi everyone Can anyone recommend any good recent psy trance albums. Must admit I havent purchased much psy trance over the last few years mainly when everything went really minimalist (previously I was into AP, Hallucinogen, Cosmosis things like that). Sort of style I like is generally is decent basslines along with some melody (though nothing cheesey over the top like Yahel). Is there anything like this still around. Heard some recent tracks from Ace Ventura, Wizzy noise and Alien Project which I like if thats any help. Thanks
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