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  1. Well it's kind of a mixed thing with all the labels Some are more industrial orientated and some release more ambient and melodic stuff. Some focus on other styles as breakcore etc. too
  2. All sorts Ad Noiseam City Centre Offices Hymen Records M-Tronic Merck n5MD Sending Orbs Toytronic Tympanik Audio Type Records Warp Records
  3. I think that already happened few years ago
  4. Nah, the music has a good tempo and nice sounds in general
  5. Well, it's a bit tricky album imo, there's a bunch of choir samples going on which made me laugh at it first, but it has some melodies and I know I'm going to like it more once I've had more listens e. And I can't understand how I could've left out the real gem released last year: End - The Dangerous Class !!! I always knew Mr. Charles Peirce had something good growing inside of him and he finally was able to let it all out, the album is freakin' brilliant
  6. XI - Atmospheric Pressure EP is good
  7. More of some very nice IDM stuff.. I kinda gave up on the stuff back in 2007 and been discovering again this year Oxyd - Astral Border Aphorism - Surge Access To Arasaka - Oppidan
  8. Of course I left out two amazing comps. Miwak Twelve on Hymen Records and Emerging Organisms Vol. 3 on Tympanik Audio
  9. SubtractiveLAD - Life At The End Of The World is great and V/A - MMX & Candle Nine - The Muse In The Machine are good too. Haven't given them that much listen, but I surely will ent's Welcome Stranger was released 2009 on Preco Records and the re-release from n5MD is from '10 although it has some bonus tracks so... Haven't heard Another Electronic Musician's new album yet. e. The latest Funckarma dubstep EP is very good also e2. And of course Deru's Say Goodbye To Useless is one of the best albums I've heard in a while.. Check the video to
  10. Puoskari's new album is very nice also
  11. DJ Hidden - The Words Below & Implex And Enei - Sublife for me from the full length releases
  12. The new Bar 9 single is good and Krusseldorf's new album, Bohemian Groove sounded quite nice on the first listen. At least alot better than Thermo Nuclear EP e. Somatic Responses - Neon is pretty good too if you like noisier IDM w/ dubstep influences.
  13. n5MD is more of an IDM label although they release some postrock etc. stuff and Tympanik Audio is the same and they seem to focus more on the industrial side of IDM.
  14. will not set his status.

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