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    VA - Air

    Mostly agree with Klas. I would probably give lower scores to some tracks. The album is very uneven. First track is pretty bad, never heard a more irritating flute. Second track is fantastic and my favourite on the album. Next we go down again and so on. It's a bunch of ups and downs but none of the ups reach too far up It's hard to listen to this CD in one sitting so I normally just listen to a few select songs when I feel like a song or two. Based on this album I won't be getting the next installment.
  2. Just listened to a bit of the record on myspace, it is fantastic! It beats most 'minimal' done by psy-prog producers. Forget the genre, this is just good music.
  3. Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus I was waiting for this album for such a long time and I bought the pre-order limited edible one as soon as it was available. I thought it was a terrible album, there was nothing in there to keep me coming back after a few listens. I should have known that all that eco/edible/blahblah nonsense in press release was indicative of music inside.
  4. Nexus

    Entheogenic - Entheogenic

    The best chill album of all times, nothing compares.
  5. I really like the parts with music/melody. Don't get the 'noise' parts at all, I probably wouldn't buy this album just judging by first 5 minutes. I'll give it another spin, so far not enough 'musicality' for me. This does have potential, I do like the dnb/goaish mix.
  6. Well so far none of the stuff mentioned here is actually ambient unless I missed Steve Roach and Brian Eno recommendations This topic seems to be more about more generic chill stuff and Pitch Black fits perfectly. It's dubby but I wouldn't really call it dub because dub beat is not overused.
  7. FINALLY! Something that didn't bore me to tears - Pitch Black - Rude Mechanicals, only listened to it once so far but I loved it, going to spin it again, this is great. Been going through all my chill albums lately and still couldn't find anything really good this year, a track here a track there but not one whole album. Nice one Pitch Black!
  8. That kind of goes against everything you said before. If you didn't care then you wouldn't care about 'sounding like someone' if you like how that someone sounds.
  9. You will pretty much never have the same exact result in the end. That would actually be an incredible feat to copy a good electronic album completely. Unlike for example rock music which you can pretty much copy 99% if you have a good ear in electronic music it's not as easy. Well then go listen to jazz, metal, polka, techno, dance, etc They are VERY different from each other and if you say you can handle it then there is a ton of different things out there. If you want psytrance then you kind of just limited yourself and want something that's not really possible. Once again, originality within a mature genre is called a new genre.
  10. You are all such fcking assholes. My style is better than your nyanyanya. Grow up. Don't like dark? Don't listen to it, don't like prog don't listen to it. Goa Gil is trying to convey something in his covers, same as Symphonix, just because you don't get it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. Both covers are perfect for what they are. Sadhu (naked man) = gay to you? You have issues...and not the last one of them might be latent homosexuality. High heels = gay? I don't even need to explain this one... Once again idiotic elitist tendencies strike. Everyone who is no-one needs to validate themselves by pretending that they are in some way superior to others. Get over yourself, enjoy music, learn that tastes change, today you trash dark/prog/psy/polka/whatever and tomorrow you might be the biggest fan. Learn to accept others, you don't have to like it but stop pretending that you have this exquisite taste and everyone else sucks. Life will hit you over the head pretty hard once you finally realize a few things. I've never seen goa gil play, I don't really like dark at all but even I can see that it's infinitely more psychedelic than most prog stuff that I so love. There is good music everywhere, it's sad that people can't see it because they have some hangup which has nothing to do with music itself. Give it another decade of music listening and maybe by then you will understand how absurd threads like these really are.
  11. Why? If I buy an album and I love it I don't want only one artist to be able to write that kind of music, that would actually really suck. We have genres for a reason. If I like a genre I don't want some strange experimental stuff that might not even fit within the genre of music, yes it's original but why does that matter? As long as it's not a complete ripoff of melodies and music I have no problem with people using all the same tools to create similar sound. In fact if the musician is good we can get stuff even better than original this way. It's like the first band giving you special clay and you get to shape it, your creation might be vastly different in the end but the clay is still the same. People have originality craze but you have got to understand that if all music was original your head would explode and you would have about 5 albums that you actually enjoyed. I understand that there are many people who use the same exact everything (including music, not just tools) and that gets tiring. I am not talking about them. When I first picked up a guitar I pretty much had an idea what sound I wanted and it wasn't some original sound, it was obviously the sound of the bands that I liked. That doesn't mean I am unoriginal it just means that I picked up the guitar in the first place because of those bands. Originality is not all it's cracked up to be.
  12. ^ that album is awesome! CBL - MOS 6581 from Fahrenheit 3
  13. yeah - http://www.distantsystem.com/
  14. I love Stress Assassin but don't really know anything about him. Hope he comes back with another release.
  15. It seems like I've heard it all before but I love the samples. I will probably be buying this.
  16. lol, what? Those are awesome covers...
  17. I listen to all my albums many times. I also don't prescribe to the 'hard to understand layerings and intricacies of music' theory. You can layer all you want but if you forget the soul layer nothing can help you. I'm gonna go listen to it right now just for fun
  18. Logical Level is not on the album so you should really be careful about this release Saiko has long samples but quality does blow...
  19. Are you sure about this one? Imho one of the weakest prog releases this year and I listened to pretty much all of them. If you did listen to samples and liked it then get it otherwise be careful with that one.
  20. That's about the worst position to be in The best albums will cost you a pretty penny nowadays and there was a ton of good stuff released in the last 10 years
  21. I would not call Logic Bomb fullon and I didn't like AMD so take this with a grain of salt This year my choices for fullon would be Mr Peculiar - Infinite Evolution and probably Lamat - Fearless. I like new Bamboo Forest so far but haven't listened to it enough to really decide. Synsun has its moments. Actually this year was a flood of fullon so I'm sure people who listen to it a lot can recommend quite a few good releases.
  22. You are way off here, we are predominantly visual animals. Take away our vision and we most likely won't survive, we probably will without hearing. The whole sound has direct impact on the brainwaves and synchronizes the brain is also just another unproven theory very popular with new agers (for obvious reasons). This doesn't change the fact that music is the best thing ever
  23. abasio I think I got it I don't like new Asura because it's not really a chill album. I listened to it attentively again and I realized that relaxing is not something that comes to mind while listening to it. Golgotha is a pompous orchestral work that does everything but relaxes me. Back to light is very electroish and once again not laid back at all. Galaxies is quite spacey but it bores me very quickly. This keeps going throughout the album, either too un-chill or too monotonous/ambienty. Last track is FANTASTIC! That's the Asura that I love. The last track is the only one on this record that puts me in my 'chill headspace' everything else either bores me or jolts me
  24. Well, I've never heard as many chill releases as this year I'll give you that Asura just didn't do it for me in any way. The albums I mentioned make me want to go back and listen to them over and over again. I give every album as much of a chance as I can, I hope that it would grow on me, that's why I listened to that record so many times. I know what Asura is capable of so he gets a very special treatment. Everyone seems to love golgotha but I have a strong background in dark ambient and black metal (which uses lots of symphonic intros like golgotha) and I've heard 'that' tune so many times before. For me it's nothing special. The production value is incredible but imho Summoning can do it a hundred times better, they will rip your heart out and serve it to you on a platter. We do have similar tastes but there will obviously be stuff we disagree on, we come from different backgrounds and some things are just not going to click. I'm gonna go listen to Asura again, maybe 11 times is a charm
  25. I wouldn't say it changed my life, it shaped my life. I am a heavy music listener and have been since the 80s, I have a piece of music corresponding to pretty much every feeling and every memory. If I want to re-experience something to an extent all it takes is a CD in the player. It is like a time machine of sorts. Music has always been there for me it's hard to separate life from it. Music and life have always been in perfect symbiosis.
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