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  1. i would prefer speakers any day... you cant ever get enough sub out of headphones, but i do LOVE my wireless(of course wireless=even less bass oh well) headphones for after hours. sucks living in a thin walled building but my neighbors are pretty cool so at least i can bump it Up during regular hours. main reason i prefer speakers over headphones is the four speaker effect of being surrounded (not using surround sound) even if i cant always crank it all the way up
  2. Dammit i'm jealous i've seen him dj a few times really frikkin awesome. wish i wasn't so lame, a good question... i am curious how much influence do the people dancing have on the next track played, but that's more general for all djs, how often does the amount/type of moving going on affect whether the next track is more crazy or less or whatever..... i know prolly not making much sense anyway great job landing the interview i'm jealous
  3. Frikkin AWEsome seems like the tracks i know of are already mentioned... no, We're no alone here! you can like weird crazy music and other stuff and still believe in good ole' Jesus some of it may not be Christian in origin, but i'd bet a ton of Israeli stuff has some sort of religious influence and that's close enough for me, same God just some of us are gentiles ALL music that gets you dancing crazy before God is good. You can make anything His to be ultra weirdo Chritstian about it
  4. if it did- we'd be outa artist quick! however if you read craigslist.org rants and raves, you'll see every day another celebrity IS dead, and shortly after you'll find out it was a lie. today's death is ...............Paul Mcartney! woo hoo we have a winner link to one of the dead paul posts
  5. wait- psytrance or progressive??? my experience on L with progressive has been .......... "where's the real trance already?"................"ugh!"...................."i'm bored" good slammin psytrance, me , and L -i mentioned elsewhere one of those things you won't believe even after you see it.. as far as particulars, there are so many tracks... geez that would take weeks......... the goods get me moving like lightning, but really the L- as far as dancing it more than anything else provides that extra energy what makes my "trip" better visuals/decorations/crowd
  6. so between recovery and schedule took me a few extra days but last Sat went and saw Jirah in SF which well i dunno yeah he was a live human being but he played a DJ set- but pretty much all his stuff, remixed etc, you know how they do it, -- YES that was some frikkin trance.. .the only cd i have is Outer Access which is pretty old by now and not really all that full on although good-- WAY better now. WAY. some of what he played was older stuff i recognized remixed to nice and full on psychedelic, at least by my definition... Dutch- i dunno how much this guy travels any more or what but
  7. yep, over last weekend at another party even the promoters were agreeing with me infected belnogs on a rock circuit rather than trance these days but for now they have the $$/promo to get clubs and we'lll just ride along in the other room with real trance when they do.... sad really/
  8. uh, not sure what yer getting at, i think you misread my poor use of the > symbol.... to clarify the first few times Infected was AWESome. but since around 01 - not... YEAH- supervisor- now every track has bald dude doing that vocal nonsense... (sorry i never have figured out which guy is which) i would say i didn't quite waste $30 (the other djs/performers were excellent)- but IM did add at least $10 if not $15 to the admission and that much was wasted. They really don't deserve any more money from psytrance fans if they aren't gonna play psytrance!! wtf! get off our c
  9. ha ha ..... i wondered if anyone would take offense at that...... i really dont have any idea what sun project is like anymore i saw them in like 99 here and we all thought the guitars might be a cool addition to the trance and .......... they weren't... at least not then. If Sun Project is pretty good these day well sorry to put them in with what was infected mushroom
  10. I have an album from 01 i cant read my writing so im trying CDDB.........Electronic Uncertainty not bad at all, been listening to it for years. some day ill get some newer stuff, geez my collection is dated
  11. so friday i went out and saw the infected mushroom gig here in SF and well all i can say is what happened to those guys?? wow that was not trance. I pretty much stayed upstairs where they did some decent psy all night, and kept going down and seeing if the massively overcrowded Infected room sounded any better but every track was the same- screaming guitar, bald dude ?singing? and doing all that "get the crowd in a ruckus" stuff.... it was really sad. I mean if they want to be rock stars ok cool, lots of the people there seemed to be enjoying the hell out of it but THAT WAS NOT PSY
  12. wow lotta SF people on that list. ocelot and penta (listed as portugal? did he stop being russian? whatever) and supposedly Random now too i like Random, one of the few people i will go out of my way to talk to for a minute when i go out. anyway i didnt see him on the list there but he's listed elsewhere so i give him a shout so you all might give him a listen
  13. WELL- DAMN SAmmy- what happened??? i guess you went back ot those old days when i met you at that tiny space y'all were letting teenagers throw candy/house raves in i remember him saying "we're making house" then a few weeks later Koinenia (sp?) did a party there and those guys started making GOOD music. i dunno CPU sounded a little better than mechanikka (sorry nick) but overall I hate all three (max) or whatever of you for not just keeping biodegradeable going i do love some of those CPU tracks. hahahha= yeah well SAm- you guys still owe me anyway. (haha
  14. well ok Penta i get your reason for making this but well it isn't making me laugh. yes, certainly not.
  15. wow that is bad- BUT is that even Penta? isn't that the Azorsky person? i really don;t think that is Penta there's a link to his page and it's all decent psy as far as i can tell anyway
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