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  1. At this year's FullMoon festival, I heard a great retro goa-progressive track with a vocal sample "psychedelic performance" in it. So far, search engines did not return any useful results. I think it was close to the end of D Joana's DJ set...
  2. firebreath

    Yagya - Rigning

    Marko F├╝rstenberg... check some of his netlabel releases: - Gesamtlaufzeit http://www.thinner.cc/pages/releases/releases_detail.php?id=thn047 - Classics http://www.thinner.cc/pages/releases/releases_detail.php?id=thn078 - Inaxa Stream http://www.archive.org/details/ratc002
  3. Probably, it's Manifold, released two years ago: http://www.ultimae.com/en/e-releases/218/index.html
  4. Excellent album! Reminds me a lot of Yagya's beautiful tech-dub soundscape masterpiece "Rhythm of Snow" that was released back in 2001. Also recommended listening of you are into that kind of music: Marko F├╝rstenberg, check out some of his free releases at www.thinnerism.com
  5. Great stuff! My fav track is "Life Change". Slow but kicks heavily!
  6. Looks like Ticon have almost finished their new album "2 am". Three tracks can be previewed at www.myspace.com/ticonmusic Sounds like a solid follow-up to zero six after. Looking forward...!
  7. Previews (generous 2 minutes per song!) are now available directly on Vibasphere's home page. Enjoy!
  8. Vibrasphere played a live set yesterday in Berlin... quite a lot of it was new, unreleased stuff with some of it being subtle, just-above-ambient stuff and some being real progressive monsters. My overall impression was that they have made yet another evolutionary step with their trademark sound. Not totally different from Archipelago (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!) but with fresh new ideas. This was the best live set I have seen this year so far and I expect the new album to be a truly outstanding one.
  9. Iboga an Digital Structures, my favourite labels, have become rather silent in the recent months. I love their artist albums in particular, more than the compilations. It would be very sad to see them disappear...
  10. One Track: El Audio - Keyboard Cowboys! I had the melody in my head since the Antaris Festival 2001 but neither knew the name of the track nor the name of the artist, the only thing I knew was that it is for me the one really representative track for the good old times when I got infected with the Goa virus between 2000 and 2001, when there was still the raw original sound and not that ugly full-on stereotype. Recently, I dug through some old DJ mixes while cleaning up my hard disk and suddenly found that track again and just heard something with "cowboys". Pyshop's search function is very powerful, there is really only one track with "cowboys" in it and that was the one from El Audio. The CD is sold out since long time but I could get the track through www.musicdock.net. Ok, the Spirit Zone Best of 100 compilation package with 3 CDs in it (Goa/Prog/Chill) is also an excellent sample. Add Astral Projection also although that was before myself becoming really interested in Goa trance music.
  11. New good&free stuff from the Finnish label Elixiria: Just go here and follow the "Download here" link. Use the .cue file to split the one-part mp3 into individual songs.
  12. Iboga's next release in the pipeline is Yuli Fershtat's new album "Learning=Change", published under the artist name "Perfect Stranger". Yuli has been recently working together with Iboga on 2 compilations (Set:4 and Hibernation) and is also known as BLT (Hom Mega Rec.). Really long and useful samples (Psyshop's 45 seconds are way too short) can be found directly at Iboga. My first impression from the samples: beautiful, melodic, crossover psy-gressive morning stuff. Also looking forward to Ace Ventura's album...
  13. The samples do sound quite interesting but the album is, as far as I could find out, only available through www.archambault.ca and this company does not ship outside of North America. Looks as they are not wanting to enter worldwide distribution
  14. This is quite a surprising and refreshing compilation with powerful techno/trance crossover stuff. Unfortunately, the X-Dream Remix of Juno Reactor's Angel&Men is way too short, ending after just 5 mins, that feels like an interruptus... Besides this, my favourites are Kloq Music and the Koxbox Geomancer, both with a straightforward structure and lots of raw power.
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