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  1. This site will not allow me to insert an active link with iOS but below is a link to the second DS full-length album. https://distantsystem.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-continuum
  2. The second full-length album by Distant System is now available here
  3. Well, I can't speak for the artists who did the work in the links you posted, but I was inspired by the original artwork by Stanley Mouse. I grew up seeing Mouse's artwork on albums covers for bands like Journey, whose music didn't resonate with me, but the vinyl album covers were mesmerizing and ultimately influential. The 2-hour mix features a lot of tracks from my 2014 "Imbue" album. On the back of the CD album cover also features a winged scarab painted by my friend, artist Jack Shure. He was inspired by Stanley Mouse, as well. Mouse was inspired by Egyptian symbology and the mythos of Khepri.
  4. Androcell 2-Hour Mix: https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/androcell-2-hour-mix Androcell 1-Hour Psychill Mix: https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/mystic-spaces Androcell 1-Hour Psydub Mix: https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/dub-trails
  5. https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/grumpy-robot-ep Androcell - Grumpy Robot EP 1. Grumpy Robot - 9:07 2. Blistering Transistors - 8:05 3. Times Keeps Slipping - 8:35 Released August 8, 2018 All tracks written and produced by Tyler Smith at Androcell Studio, USA. Mastered by Colin Bennun at Stooodio Mastering - Bristol, UK Cover Artwork + Design by Tyler Smith. © Androcell 2018. All rights reserved. All rights of the owner of this recorded work reserved. www.androcell.com
  6. The new Androcell album Imbue is OUT NOW! Available as DIGITAL DOWNLOAD here: https://androcell.bandcamp.com/album/imbue Available on CD direct from the artist here: http://www.androcell.com/androcell_CD.htm Also available on CD from Altar Records here: http://www.altar-records.com/imbue.html
  7. Hey Rotwang, sadly, I could not afford to muster up the finances to release a CD. I am doing everything on my own now so it is a bit tough to cover costs that a label used to.
  8. Realizing that this is likely of little interest to most here, it never hurts to inform those who might be. My new Androcell EP "Entheomythic Remixed" is released this friday, January 11th, 2013. 5 minutes samples and more info can be found here: http://www.androcell.com
  9. Nice. For the few of you who may be interested, I will post back when it is available. Cheers!
  10. It is the voice sample from the first Zooboreal song 'Intodub' on that release. You seemed like a fan of that album so I figured you would know what I was talking about.
  11. You are welcome. I see that you have preconceived notions of what constitutes an "EP". The "Enytheomythic Remixed" EP release will be 7 tracks, totaling over an hour and all tracks will be mixed together to create a seamless journey, like the rest of the past releases I have put out. By some standards, it is an "album" more than an EP. I call it "music" and one either likes it or not. It is always that simple.
  12. "There are many things even the wisest of us do not know."
  13. Many thanks! Once new EP tunes are off to mastering progress will resume on the 4th full-length Androcell album.
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