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  1. I agree that the sampling really hurts this album. I'd release an instrumental version if I were him.
  2. ya that's for time stretching. actually the version of fruity i use doesn't even do timestretching, it just slows down or speeds up the sample so it fits to 16/32/64/etc beats. i like that though because it feels old skool and can produce some cool unexpected results. man i have to echo what you said too about there being a million ways to do everything. for that reason fruityloops has to be one of the coolest programs ever made. it's just so... friendly. like it's one of the few programs where i actually feel like it's working with me. like there's nothing hiding, all of it's just right there in front of me at all times. i also love how everything is 3D and you can have you're own background. that's why i like the old version of ACID too, it's totally gay and happy and everything's rainbow colored. i love it when people who aren't familiar with any of this stuff ask me what i use to make my music and my answer is "FRUITYloops and ACID!" i mean it really lowers the risk of taking oneself too seriously.
  3. hallucinogen-beautiful people (marilyn manson-beautiful people)
  4. well to be honest i could never find this: and that's just such a basic thing and so i was just turned off from the very beginning. and i thought about it and decided why even bother? i can use vst's for everything i need and i do my tracking in ACID anyways. maybe i just don't know what i'm missing, but i can't think of anything else i need.
  5. i am very happy with my sony mdr-v600s. they weren't very spendy either.
  6. is anyone else still using fruityloops 3? i fucking love it. been using it for about 7 years now and i still have no reason to upgrade.
  7. i heard this on nwtekno actually, really enjoyed it. love the vocoder.
  8. www.abortnow.com www.myspace.com/kixotekka
  9. just came here to suggest the secondary lead thing but you beat me to it! i think that would really help.
  10. UPDATE I remixed the album with two new tracks to replace the confusing ambient parts. One is tribal/middle eastern influenced dnb that transforms into some fast 4/4 psy, the other is a bass heavy dub/downtempo track. It's also mastered now. Uploaded it in 160kbps format instead of 128kbps this time. So here you go: http://www.abortnow.com/kixotek-hypertextu...estversion).mp3 Feedback has definitely helped, thank you all very much.
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