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  2. oh hi ... almost missed this thread Yes I have heard Inland ... and at the same time I feel a bit sad that this album was released in such small quanitites and only for the CMI night ... which I could not attend - which makes me frown even more, because Ulf Söderberg played live there (so I read) ... and he doesn't make many gigs anymore... But Ulf's a genius ... period. The other recommendations were good, one sticks out, I get to it later. The point, though, is, that I actually am not that much of an "ambient guy" ... I think I have a problem with electronic ambient ... I can take it, but not too much of it, there are only few exceptions. Ulf was one. His ambient didn't make me sad, it was a clarifying, comforting sound ... with accents of warmth due to the real instruments that he used. And here's the point: I like ambient with real instruments ... the more ancient these are and the more heritage these got, the better. Wardruna for example ... they use lots of norse instruments and I can't get enough of it. But when the ambient is all electronic, it's kinda hard to take for me. Carbon Based Lifeforms for example, once my favourite ambient band, now only make me sad when I hear them ... I can't help myself ... it has become as depressing as dark ambient - yet maybe dark is even better because for me it's not tied to feelings of love or care but only to cold emptiness. The stuff is simpler to grasp and maybe even surprising when there's still cheerfulness to be discovered ... where in psybient it's mostly the other way round for me these days. I never thought I'd say it once, but I really _can not_ hear too much of that electronic psy-ambient sound anymore as it drags me down mentally and I don't get these noises and depressing melodies out of my head for days. Want to avoid that... So really, the electronic ambient artists that I like have dwindled to a handful of specialities... Here, that's the one that sticks out. So good! You're right it's like a light version of tmo in some way, but I like the industrial roughness. I do like this type of powerful sounds ... recently got into Ah Cama-Sotz ... knew him for a long time, but only got into it recently: That, however, sets the tone for a different genre. I am looking for tribal here.
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  4. ^ amazing Orb .. I'll listen to Timewarp now @Insejn listen to the Orb track posted above, think of Artifakt - "you can't handle this shit on strong acid" Same eerie?
  5. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/track/consept-lightwork-between-dimensions
  6. https://www.mixcloud.com/Fabura/svetovit-gołe-transy-vol-2/ TL: Aeon - Osho Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity SFX - Y-Salem SFX - Celestial Groove California Sunsine - Summer 89 (Passenger Remix) Libra presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Afgin Remix)
  7. updated some tunes on the cloud -6 db unmastered
  8. A Plant is a God is our new Release on Animaudio, we love to combine arts and this time, we would love to share this beautiful track called "The All" from Blue Lunar Monkey, synchronized with a quality visuals done by Animaudio and beautiful art illustration by Patricia Marie Hung. It Worth to take a look in to this nice musical and visual experience! If you want to support us, check our band camp or get it on Beatport! https://animaudio.bandcamp.com https://www.beatport.com/release/a-plant-is-a-god/2634435
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  10. I'd rather say: you didn't bump it, you exhumed it
  11. Synaesthetics is a great artist ... he used to post here, but I think he absolutely ignored my praises ... nevertheless, great stuff. But if you like Unreal Tournament Remixes, I may suggest: and this thread, where you'll find the whole playlist at the bottom: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73233-unreal-tournament-psytrance-remixes
  12. Hi ... sorry am I late ... I really like Silicon Sound, it's THE iconic "old full on sound" for me ... it's a gentle and trancy sound, reinding me of the "middle school days" so to speak ... back then when there was still time for long rises and almost ambient passages in the tracks. I loved him for the samples ... from the Final Fantasy movie up to computer games - Doom III and Unreal II and also System Shock 2 ... those games were my favourites and it was a pleasure to find these things in the music, this way the vibe influenced me way more than just when listening to the tracks (in fact, it goes so far that I say: a release of System Shock 3 without new Silicon Sound stuff to listen at the side is not a true sequel, a true replica of the vibe for me...) ... everything was interconnected, "Silicon Sound" became a symbol for the times I experienced... His favorite track for me is The Shell: There's also this playlist that I like to consult when I wanna listen to some Silicon Sound ... tried to carry together everything of the OLD stuff I could find of him back then and put it into a single list: cheers
  13. I don't know if I'm stepping on Global Sect's toes here, and boy oh boy is that the last the last thing I would ever want to do to our interstellar command centre. However. But. Anywho. Check the absolute wonder that is going to be this release. This release is 100% cosmic wonders. So much so that the tracklist titles have dropped the pretense of anything else, the cover art says it all and damn am I excited. Well, I'll let the Bandcamp bio take over. VA - Astronauts in The Solar System (compiled by DJ Masala) ~ Yea Get em Dj Masala, ya'll know it's gonna be hot. This is the Genesis. A legend is told about the Mankind, which advanced to the new frontier in the Solar System. This is a story about the Astronauts who were challenged with the exploration of the Solar System and developed the future of the mankind. The Genesis of the Cosmic century. ~ Oh Shit, A concept, an idea, a journey. ... VA Astronauts in The Solar System opens a series of releases called "Intergalactic Cult" in which various goa trance DJs will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label. We invite you to follow the development of Intergalactic Cult with us, to enjoy new ideas and amazing releases. We hope that thanks to this project, talented goa-trans DJs will be able to build more interesting and successful careers, and even more musicians will have the opportunity to graduate on our label. ~ We all wish all the success to these beautiful composers of magic. We thank our good friend DJ Masala from the Land of the Rising Sun for the magnificently done work, and wish him creative success. ~ We thank him, we thank Global Sect, we thank the Artists, we dance and we cry. Enjoy! And a final word to get you even more excited for this series. P.S. The next compilation from the series "Intergalactic Cult" will be "Wicked Forest", compiled by DJ Mozza (Serbia). we wish him success! ~ Boom and out! https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-astronauts-in-the-solar-system
  14. Check out the 2nd track 'Electrified' - on C.K.'s upcoming EP out soon on Timelapse Records! https://soundcloud.com/ck-alrec/montez-electrified-teaser?fbclid=IwAR0AWkJ-4L0h11pO7KdghPNIvBdqjg5fiKGGIP5GNeofp-Dv8dEEsdlDSWk
  15. Digital Duvet Records is proud to announce the latest release from Perpetual Loop Artist : Perpetual Loop Title : Broken Binary Beats - the paradigm series vol. 2 Style: Breaks, Psy-chill, downtempo, ambient, slow-progressive Release Date : 19th July 2019 Buy: http://perpetualloop.bandcamp.com , Beatport and all other online stores. Description: Broken Binary Beats is the second of a new collection of music from Perpetual Loop, delving into different sounds and styles. This, Vol 2, focuses on breaks and downtempo straight beats. Strong baselines drive the tracks forward with multi-layer atmospheric spaces flirting above. http://www.perpetualoop.co.uk http://www.digitalduvet.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/PerpetualLoop/
  16. After neglecting my Soundcloud page for about a year, here's finally something new This set is from last weekend, played in a legendary bar called Torvi in Lahti, Finland. Some goa and oldschool psytrance from the darker and more furious end of the spectrum. Tracklist: Shakta & Moonweed - Perfect Invisibility Ka-Sol - Matrix (Remix) ECT - Catapult Shakta - Misra Indica Four Carry Nuts - Lucy (Male Mix) Morphic Resonance - Unreal Toï Doï - Whale Way Express Morphic Resonance - Twisted Reality
  17. I don't see anything wrong with that. You (we) spent so many years experimenting and finding what you really like. Use that knowledge to spend your money wise and fill your music library only with music that really gets you going. You probably don't have much time to spend on nonsense anyway
  18. @Antares What's the scoop on your music making life these days amigo?
  19. A friend I met when I was 18 got me into regular trance. Before that it was rock & metal & going back far enough, a brief stint with rap (when I was about 12 or so). Started going to raves around 2000 & finding more trance where I could. Paul Van Dyk was a favorite at that time. Somehow I came across Astral Projection on MySpace and downloaded Mahadeva. It was a standard on my playlist for quite a while but I didn’t search out more goa. Still, I thought I knew what goa was for a while, and after making some naive comment on the internet someone suggested a few names for me to check out to find out what goa really was. That led me to Psynews, and really the whole of my psytrance knowledge comes from here. That friend who introduced me to trance is still the only person I know who listens to electronic music. However, I never stopped listening to rock and metal. In fact in recent years I’ve been listening to more metal and less psy. I also have felt a pull toward acid techno lately, but not enough to spend the time doing a serious search so I just play the few songs I have. I’m old now (just turned 40) and unfortunately find myself tending to do that thing where people stop looking for new music and just listen to the same stuff over and over.
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  21. Wow, thanks for noticing. I've corrected this! Fair is fair!
  22. I'm glad to read this, and delighted to hear that you enjoyed the album thank you for your support !!
  23. Without any doubt one of the finest melodic Goa releases I've heard in a while. Whole CD is filled with great tracks and production quality is at the highest level! Highly recommended to anyone who like their Goa music spiced with dreamy melodies and floaty atmosphere! Congrats to all involved!
  24. L O V E B I O T his 2 albums cross borders of the techno trance and acid goa genres in a very gentle way, still i wouldn't recommend Biot for homelistening only, a proper party with entrancing and hypnotic music could definitively benefit from some of his tracks not often you find good remixes of good tracks from the same artist
  25. Thanks Aspartic, nice job ! But I'm sorry to say that Igor Swamp could be some angry, since one of his votes went unrecognized
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