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My faith in psytrance has just been restored - thanks to this


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I just had a big "aha" moment to restore my faith in psytrance. Get me back on track so to say. 

Lately I dig nordic music, preferrably with folk instruments and a bit of an emphasis on voice. Preferrably female.

 Psytrance was off my radar, too much commerce lately, too many breaks, too little emphasis on actual trance, bunch of 17 year olds growling like a beer-laden shanty to some indian vocals (yes, saw that ... I can even tell you it was a song from Hilight Tribe) ... nothing for me ... but after I found this - oh boy how am I back in the front row.

Traditional instruments and voice and ... this special touch, you may call it spirit, is what I miss in our music!

And she has got it. Listen to this:

If you liked it, you can listen to the whole piece aswell ... it's good, but the first half contains no psy :P

Anyway, now I need your knowledge - all of you. I want something similar, because this is awesome. Do you know any?

The term "Shamanic" never occurred to me ... but now it does. Is there anything in our music that has got these elements? It can even be a little less crazy ;) 

I'm thankful for anything in this direction

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Here she is as feature part: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai
This is good for sampling resp. for remixing: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai-live-jews-harp But with her acknowledgement.

22 hours ago, RTP said:

Psytrance was off my radar, too much commerce lately, too many breaks, too little emphasis on actual trance, bunch of 17 year olds growling like a beer-laden shanty to some indian vocals (yes, saw that ... I can even tell you it was a song from Hilight Tribe) ... nothing for me ...

Like this crap:


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Yes, her artist name is "Uutai" ... thanks for the album link, I didn't have that. 

And regarding the second one - that's super nice! Very skillful play of the jaw harp. The funny thing is, I used to play that instrument a little bit ... I mean, I was no way near as good, but I could make tones come out :D ... but already then I thought, maybe that should be combined with psy. But then I found much of it in folk music so I got my fix that way.
But sampling her own stuff ... nah, I'd rather learn to play like this and make original recordings before using samples ... she does give lessons on youtube as far as I saw...
I have to dig out my jaw harp again, I don't know where I put it such a long time ago...

Oh and that's an extraordinarily example for shitty psy ... yes, that kind of stuff I meant. Only with a Hilight Tribe sample and a bunch of people growling to the hindu voices ... oh well, it was time to go for me after that...
(man this is horrible, was playing in the background as I wrote that post ... had to turn it off)


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Ha, yes, Kudos for the mentioning ... indeed, I listen to this stuff nowadays more than to classic psytrance ... I know Heilung (and have watched parts of this concert already, but I am consuming it in little sessions, because it's so awesome, there is not so much like it) ... but they are not what I would call PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE :)
In the same vein as them is Wardruna, by the way.
And then there's Hedningarna ... especially the old stuff, first three albums ... Hedningarna is a great band, more playful. I'm just a bit sad they ditched the female singing in later albums.
I started a little conversation on youtube as to similar bands ... also concerning the female singing ... look for Hedningarna's album "Trä" ... you will find some good further suggestions when reading through the comment section.

You nordic people got some reeeally great stuff ... I just don't speak the language...

Oh sheesh, soon we gonna be talking about Black Metal :P ... time to change the direction


So ... for something more PSYCHEDELIC (imo) ... or well, more fitting to this section of the forum I would say (even though it gets a tad cheesy), I found this ... and that's the only one:

nothing better up my sleeve :P

your turn

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Jep, they are superb ... Trä is my favourite aswell. It's such a pity they don't have this sound anymore nowadays, with the female singing ... but anyway. If you know anything that sounds in that direction, feel free to mention ... I always look out for some.

Somebody should do a psychill remix of Tina Vieri ... the vocals would be very welcome, I don't know of any psytrance that has finnish singing in it.

Wait ... there's Etnoscope. They have swedish singing in "Odins Kraft" ... and if you check out the samples from "Länge Leve Livet" and "Frejas Kraft" (from their Soundcloud page), it's in there aswell (and much better imo)... Etnoscope are awesome :) 


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Personally I am not so overly known with these groups and acts so I have nothing more to add I think, but for this shamanic music which is powerful and real, and tribal at it's core. I agree and like a lot. *she's very impressive*. When it comes to the tribal (where Elysium is a strong old beacon) I'm often of my taste pallet on the more mysterious stylish and serious side of the trance gems.. Like this (skip the first 6 minutes, the intro track is a jokester). 

And of course this oldie organic noisy shamanic aya-mesca-expo album, that I think is real neat *please sell me your copy*:

 (love me some shamanic rapping..)

But yes, both these albums are very much stripped of the actual real that you where posting about,
that saved your faith in (natural) Psytrance (never loose it, never lost it). If you haven't heard them.. You should, if not only for the beats. Tribal beats, tribal patterns. 

I remember reviewing this, it also had some natural psytrance to it, though wrapped heavy in Full-on: (the labels first releases in general) https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/54975-la-mila-search-your-dream-naturall-productions/

Oh! I just remembered one album that is also respecting some natural psytrance, but auch still full-on, but not that bad: 

OH SHIIIT, may I continue the non-on-point sense? This one is Nice&Fun, kinda spoofing.. ;D *High*

e. Back to the seriousness, the natural psytrance (having loads of real instruments played in the album), this is a album not to be forgotten imho: 


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Hej ... I owe you a reply ... that CPC album is good, it could use some natural energy though (i.e. an instrument) - but it might be a good one to practice accompanying it with a jaw harp ... however, I'm not gonna wake up my neighbor now.

The second one is a classic that I heard of. I will give it more time to listen though to really appreciate.

Third one is fun, I like it - that singing instantly got to me, it's fine :) 

The one that followed is too unstructured for me though, connection lost :P

Dark Whisper is way too fast to float my boat though!
My head just goes "tilt" :D 

This is screaming for another "non psy artist, but actually psy music" recommendation:

You nordics must have one more up your sleeves, don't you? It can't be that Hedningarna are the only ones making this ... I mean, even I know other bands (they are even more "folk" though) ... but maybe you know some that go into that specific direction, for I do not.

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For me it's less about the presented songs than about the ideas they contain - you can include this (the throat singing, the jaw harp performance .... even the string instruments in the last one) in psytrance and it would be fine.

Many bands did it with didgie and drums (Hilight Tribe, Etnoscope...) - and with the indian singing, which has become downright generic - but there's way more than can be done ... it just didn't come to my closed mind. Those songs opened it.

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