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  1. Well I don't know, in Berlin we have two almost pure oldschool Parties a year, and while Yeah, the rest of the psytrance Scene Mainly sucks here, we have an awesome acidtechno scene. And one of the oldest technoparties being revived regularly.
  2. Maybe a bit late, but still my two cents on the album: "Are you prepared to surge to sunlight speed?" Analog Visions, here it is, the first offering this year ripped from the old DAT tapes of some devoted collectors, and what a sweet piece of 90's candy it is. I'll be reviewing the digital order, because it's the complete one, and I'm used to it more. The album starts off with a live mix of Demention, and while the original is not fresh enough in my mind to compare, I enjoyed this rendition a lot. I love the percussion, the little touches with the hihats and the subtly building melodies. Most definitely a good opener. Then DAT treats us with a livemix of 'The Pyramid'. If you're as used as me to livemixes changing very little, just giving the tracks a little touchup if that, then this will take you on a surprisingly refreshing ride. Albeit slower than the original, the livemix still delivers power through it's significantly heavier kick/bass and kickass percussion - it's worth playing for that alone. The leads take you on a slowly evolving journey full of little trippy tweaks that convey a sense of disharmony and uncongruent perception, but still arrive at some nice melodic and hypnotic climaxes. Very nice track and I like more than the original, which while nice was never one of my absolute favorites Next Draeke opens the oven and hits us with some hot furnace wind. This livemix is exactly the touchup kind, but one still, that transforms the original in a significantly noticable way (not like the Green Room mixes lolol) With the more aggressive, distorted and acidic leads, this version takes the vibe in a slightly different direction, but is no less of a floorbuster. It's the heavy metal to the originals hard rock, and in this instance at least, I ever so slightly prefer heavy metal. A lot of people seem to dislike Quicksand, but to be honest I like it. I love the sense of dread and urgency the somewhat disrupted bassline evokes. Couple that with the disharmonic leads and you've got quite the alarming track. You can just sense the villain coming around the corner when this plays. Really reminiscent of Nervasystems 'Time Travel' album, which I happen to absolutely adore. The Conflict livemix, while not quite a completely new cut, got quite the touchup, and one that launched it from being amazing to being asymptotically close to perfection - as we know nothing can truly reach perfection. It has a somewhat longer intro, that qualifies it as an opener of a banging acid set, all of the vicious delicious acid of the original in an even more cutting and mad set of filters, a Ring-of-Fire-esque speech sample, providing that trademark Green Nuns silliness and comic relief and an awesome rework at about 8 minutes in, adding some new and awesome acid to launch the track over the finish line. All in all, this tracks limis is set to go against perfection. The Code S9 version is harder, faster, better and darker. It starts off in a darker place and the trademark morning melody takes a while to introduce itself. But the track escapes the tunnel at a running pace, and when it does step into the light, when that melody does introduce itself it's absolutely glorious. The climax melody just resonates with every moving bit of your soul and makes it absolutely impossible not to dance. One of my favorite Transwave tunes. The Vimana live mix is for me the only track I find a bit redundant. While still a good track in its own right, it doesn't hold a candle to neither the original nor the live in Athens mix. While it does have awesome sounddesign going for it, so does the Athens mix, and this Pleiadians version cuts out one of the most iconic melodic climaxes in the entire genre, where both the other versions get a clear head start over it, which they keep. Not to mention it sounds to my ears identical to the Pleiadians version on the I.F.O. live CD. So yeah, while still ten times better than the Dickster remix or any other shitty fullon remix, it's a bit of a miss for me. The Angelic Particles desk mix is another one where I don't get the bad rep. I'm a bit torn on it - but not because I don't like it musically, I do, I love the mysterious, melancholic and subtle vibe of it. I'm torn because it sits at 150 bpm and since I wouldn't play it without the intro, and I'm not sure about kicking off sth. at 150 bpm, I don't know if it will get played over the original, which has more power to boast. But, as I said, musically I like it And as the last track fades in, it starts you on some funk right off the bat. And then the acid hits you... And then it just keeps getting better and better and better. The Insomnie live mix is IT. It changes the original and takes it in a completely new direction, to another dimension not visible from the plane of the orignal. It breaks the limis and actually reaches perfection. It is the absolute rock-n-roll masterpiece of Goatrance, a lot of it even sounds like a guitar solo. It's just flawless; so rocking, energetic and joyfull, without a trace of melancholy and sadness. My new favorite cut of Jaia. Thanks Draeke for making this available to hear outside his livesets. Overall, this CD/album is definitely worth it and, with all the other sweet releases coming, kicks off 2019 to be a great year for our niche within a niche within a niche. Favorite tracks: Insomnie, Conflict, Code S9, Pyramid Least favorite: Only Vimana, and only because it feels redundant P.S. This is my first review and I don't really like to give hard ratings like 7/10 or 5/7, but I would definitely recommend anyone who likes mad acid psychedelia to get this one.
  3. Well I think there's quite a few who've at least heard the name Astral Projection, but barely anyone actually knows any oldschool tracks (except for maybe LSD) Aber ja wenn du dich nach dem alten sound sehnst, gibt's in Berlin in so ca. 3 wochen (am 12 April) die nächste return of the sun. Ist lokal und Klein aber echt schön.
  4. Ja dikka lass mal ne Goa gönnen - dann gehst du hin und es is ne scheiß proggyproll veranstaltung In Germany there's exactly 2 crews that play oldschool somewhat regularly (Return Of The Sun in Berlin and Kandizucker Kollektiv in Karlsruhe) Other than that oldschool parties are a rare beast, but sometimes crews that generally don't do oldschool make an exception for a retro party. Also this calling everything "Goa" is why I try to not say Goa anymore - because everyone instantly thinks proggy and most of the techno scene rightly despise it - while if I show them some oldschool they generally tend to think it's Acid.
  5. Thanks man, and yeah all his stuff is awesome IMO, the ones I like most change on a weekly basis - except for Catharsis, that track is exactly what its name tells you.
  6. 3 is just impossible... I'll give you 5 in no particular order (except Deviant Electronics, Mr.Walsh takes the cake for me) Deviant Electronics 1. Catharsis 2. Viral Spiral 3. Phenomenon Anon Marcello Bonifacii (so, Ominus/Encens/Aeternum) 1. Ensanity [Aeternum] 2. Spiritual Transgression [Encens] 3. Mindbender [Ominus] Green Nuns of the Revolution 1. Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee (most insane climax ever) 2. Magellanic Cloud (just about as mad as Two Vindaloos) 3. Thunder Thighs/Fire (those two essentially tie for me - Fire is also a mad escalation and Thunder Thighs is the most fun and funky goa track I've heard) Extra I - Psychaos 1. Dense Dawn - no need to say anything... 2. Spatial Distortion - very phat and eeeeevil 3. Science Fiction/S.E.T.I. both are timeless classics, can't just pick one Extra II - Nervasystem 1. Initiation 2. Rotating Rama - that bassline is just....no words 3. Cybermat/Dimension Expansion Nervasystem is just generally great with the long, building tracks
  7. I was not there unfortunately but I've heard a lot of good things ^^
  8. Hey kvd, I wanted to ask if there's gonna be a Lost in Summer Time in 2019?
  9. Title says it essentially. Acid-drenched would be the cherry on top bit mainly looking for breakbeats. I know the oldschool Boris Blenn stuff has some, and shakta also has some IIRC, bit are there some more unknown breakbeat-goa gems I'm missing out on? Thanks for your time and knowledge! ^^
  10. Yes Hedningarna is amazing Trä is probably my favorite folk album. Tina Vieri is just so beautiful and ominous.
  11. The first thing that went through my mind when I listened to "Initiation" for the first time was: How the hell have I not heard it sooner? This is absolutely mindbending!
  12. Yeeeeesssssssss! Identify is absolutely nuts. The climax sounds exactly like "normal" goa when you've had a little too much acid True Freedom and Tacker are also amazing IMO, shame Hiscore never released more stuff :/
  13. My little sister is now 3, and she really enjoys dancing with me and my best friend to oldschool goa at home When he comes over, she will come and ask us to put on music and dance with her. She's gonna be the sweetest little raver in about 14 years I'm sure
  14. Green Nuns is IMO some of the most intensely insane dance music there is: Fire is an amazing track that I don't often see mentioned, at 3:19 the track transform from energetic and acidic into a full on Shizophrenic Mindtrip: Their Remix of Scarab is almost too intense to handle, specifically its Eruption of a climax: There's also this Hitchcock of a Goatrack, with unbelievably supsensful acidleads and a phat beat: And of course many, many more in this beatifully mad genre, those are just off the top of my head right now.
  15. Just from the half minute of this video it seems to me that the Livemix blows the one on Corolle out of the water, and that's saying something: Do you know if a full version is available somewhere? Edit: title
  16. Is it bad taste to post in a topic that's as good as dead? I'll proceed anyhow Green Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia Cosmosis - Cosmology Moonweed - Voice of Jupiter Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics Etnica - Alien Protein Lots of crazy acid madness to distract me while im starving and thirsting to oblivion...
  17. @acid-brain Exactly my thoughts on the album. Orient Express was the only track that really pulled my strings. Even more so than Goaway. The acid-madness just digs so deep into my brain!
  18. Sry I, will do so from now on ^^ But the one I meant is actually Planet Mars by Miranda, Conflict is the first track All the tracks that I recognize now are: 1. GNotR - Conflict 2. Hiscore - True Freedom 3. Astral Projection - Let there be Light (Filteria rmx) 4. Somaton - Melodic Cheese (this one is also known as: Shakta - Arsim on Acid) 5. Miranda - Planet Mars
  19. Does anyone know what synth was used to make the mad acid screams in this one and true freedom? Thx in advance ^^
  20. It was kinda like that with me. My mom used to listen to Goa (She was a Postford fan), Orbital, Amon Tobin and lots of other interesting electronic music from the 90's. The first one I cared about was Voodoo People by the prodigy. I listened to it so much my mom couldn't stand it anymore. And then I really liked Khetzal's Corolle. I listened to it to do everything and then started to explore the genre more and grew into a total goa-head. Edit: I'm more of a goa-head now than my mom ever was
  21. The first track in the video. I looked through everything by the Green/Slinky Nuns, and the Infernal machine tracks, yet didn't find it. Does anyone have an idea what this track is? EDIT: Nevermind just found it xD Sry for unnecessary thread.
  22. Never cried yet, (although I don't have a lot of dancefloor experience) but there are some tracks which make me scream with joy - although I think that's probably commonplace in this scene. One that pulls my Strings I can think of right now is "Intense Visitation", heard that one at a very bright and joyful and emotional party.
  23. The set was amazing BTW. I don't know the last track and I really like it, thank you for your ears and knowledge EDIT: Nevermind I already found it
  24. Haha I was there in May already, GREAT party I have to say, I danced my ass off almost completely sober from 11pm till 8am, when I heard my favorite Hallucinogen track being played it was pure ecstasy. Even my friends who were a little sceptical, seeing as they don't enjoy Goa quite as much as I do, really liked it. So I'll definitely go
  25. So Ray Castle is going to play in Berlin on the 15th of September, and since oldschool is quite rare here I will definitely go, but since I'm not familiar with his work, I wanted to ask you people where I should start.
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