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Astral Projection 2.0


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Lets ignore the fact that AP was one of the very few artists to spawn the Goatrance genre as we all know and love.

Lets skip that for this topic.


Lets talk about the lesser spoken of tracks, the underrated tracks, the underrated albums, and so forth.

Any discussion is completely allowed :)


I would like to start the topic by saying Amen is hands down their best album. Why? Well- if you felt like me you would agree, and if you dont, you dont :)

Simple as that.

Amen for me, is production-wise: completely unmatched, and still only rivaled, by a few where Artifact303s album would be the closest.

Amen has perfect production and the tracks is a completely other story that Ill get into.


AP in the classic sense -stands for tracks like Dancing Galaxy, Mahadeva, Kabalah, etc.

But lets talk about all the other tracks that are hardly mentioned.


For me, its the whole Amen album except three tracks that I wish werent there.

Anyway, such legendary tracks that never became that "popular" are for ME..:


Enlightened Evolution Remix

Time began with the Universe Remix

Still on Mars and whole AW album ofc p

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Awesome choices fit topic perfectly.

The Feelings was the track that got me buying the CD back then, when I was at the CD shop in the city; and could preview it on those imba hifi headphones.

I just to go there completely stoned on my mind and listen to AP instead of going to class, lawls.

Anyway, since then, the whole TiT3 never really got to me and Feelings bored me after a while due to me just would love for it too sound more awesome than it did.

So TiT3 is actually my least favorite album by them even though there are some legends on it lets not forget People Can Fly and Still Dreaming. The Enlightened version is the lesser one, aswell.

Album only gets 3.5 cause even though poeple can fly was SUUPER hyped back then amongst the trance scene in malmö - but i never got it, since nothing basically happens until the very end, and its like, ok, its cool with the sample and all, but people can fly is not even in my top 10 AP list.

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amen is my second favourite ap album after dancing galaxy. it is pretty consistent but doesn't have any track that stands out as much as dancing galaxy does on dancing galaxy or people can fly and kabalah do on trust in trance (chaos comes close but is not on the same level).

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Amen is their worst album for me. Chaos is on the only track on there that did

anything in terms of being next level. The rest I just didn't rate.


Another World is quite underrated in terms of their stuff. Nilaya was lovely but the

three stand outs were Visions of Nasca which is one of APs best ever tracks, Trance

Dance which is also brilliant & Tryptomine Dream.


Dancing Galaxy will always be the absolute no 1 AP album for me. Just pure quality

all the way through.


Also love The Astral Files as a very close second & T.I.T as well.

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I know that Amen is kinda polarizing among AP fans, but I make no difference between it and earlier AP albums. Slightly different approach, but same talent, same aesthetics, same (or better) skills.


Sticks and Stones is incredible. It doesn't have a prominent melody, like People Can Fly or Kabbalah, but the groove creates very strong subliminal tension (hard to explain it by words especially given my mediocre English) and this resonant arpegio which comes in at 4:50 literally sends shivers down to my spine.


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Solid Electronics was the first track of theirs I heard. My favorite AP album is Another World and one of the fave tracks is Let There Be Light. But ever since I've introduced myself deeper into this music I have found that Astral Projection is very mediocre. Plus I will never forgive them for a shitty live preformance in august. They were so unmotivated and it was a waste of money. :bash:

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btw, which ARE your favorite AP tracks? Im sure there are bunch of threads already ladida, anyway

mine are gonna have to be a top 3 cause saying just one wouldnt work

EDIT: fuckit, make it top 10



1 tryptomine dream

2 nilaya

3 dancing galaxy

4 liquid sun

5 infinite justice

6 noone ever dreams

7 enlightened evolution (remix)

8 electric blue

9 flying into a star

10 mahadeva

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