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Nova Fractal - Transcendence EP


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Label: Goa Madness Records*

Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Style: Goa

Release: March 2016


Neogoa: Awesome artwork. I know ive critized you alot in the past, and it has been justified in my opinion: this one is great. I really like it.


Nova Fractal is my absolute favorite Goatrance producer. His sound is often unmatched, and rivaled only by a few. The tracks often tell a detailed story - of both the artist and the creation itself.

This is the best yet, from Nova Fractal.

And thats not saying little! His album debut was amazing, and its filled with well placed tracks, and not a single album filler. Connect was however, my favorite track previous to this release.

But this takes the price.


As good whiskey ages and becomes better over time - so does natural art aswell. Music is no different.

Some artist though, only decline after their debut, but Im happy to say that Nova Fractal is not one of them. He only becomes better.


Mystery of Life is a hard hitting wonder. I just cant believe my ears. How does one come up with such tracks?

The creativity and the talent is like I said unmatched and rivaled only by a few.

The track goes into the absolute soul, and core of goatrance.

It touches deep within and makes you feel true joy and love. Its such a perfect track I feel like Im struggling to find the words to explain it.

The melody creation is true genious and Im marveled by the beauty.

It makes me reminiss about what I love about goatrance, and I soon realise its a feeling Ive not had in a long time. And thats a shame.

But it doesnt matter. All that exists now is cosmos, this track, and happiness.


This track is MDMA in a song.

But not even that. Its not narcotic or "druggy" its clear, clean, and truly coherent happiness, that you dont feel wierd about afterwards, but instead quite the opposite.


The Wheel of Time continues where Mystery of Life leftoff.

Mystery of Life opened up your mind and Wheel of Time continues to burrough down deep throughout your inner universe.


The melodies in this track is amongst the best if not THE best ive heard yet.

Again it amazes me to be alive at this point in time, to be able to hear this track.

Its extremely rare to find such music, and I can honestly say Ive been a music fan (all genres) for almost all my life and still consider this track to be one of the best tracks there is.

Not even for Psychedelic Trance but for music in general.




I cannot wait to own this album and I realise the review might be a bit hasty in time, but since Ive had the pleasure of listening to Wheel Of Time for such a long time I feel confident enough to review this.

And while Mystery of Life is new to me aswell, I barely had to hit play on that one to realise how good it is and that its better than anything he previously released.

Im still struggling to put Wheel of Time ahead of this, or "more favorite", but Wheel of Time has without a doubt created something truly otherworldy and should be recognised as the One track of goatrance.

That said, Mystery of Life is my current favorite, and listening to it on repeat for hours on end STILL makes me wanna listen to it for hours on end;)


This is something spectacular, and while I was extremely happy with the latest Mindsphere album - this just completely blows everything Ive heard lately from other artists away.


When I heard Feelings by Artifact303 the first time, I had a similar reaction - and have not had this reaction until Mystery of Life and of course Wheel of Time, but like I said - thats not even in the stratosphere on how good that is.

Mystery of Life will steady climb the charts for me and its slowly reaching Legendary status and its not even released yet.

The Ephedra remix is great, but its not unique enough to justify its own chapter in the Nova Fractal saga.

It is however, a great party mix, and a more dancefloor friendly approach, to another perhaps cosmic and more profound approach, that the original brings.



This is an essential piece of art, and I wont even give it a grade. 10/10 doesnt do it justice.

This is better than anything. This is the very soul of Goatrance, and the absolute best.

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Neogoa: Awesome artwork. I know ive critized you alot in the past, and it has been justified in my opinion: this one is great. I really like it.



I'm glad you like it and thank you for the critic, no matter what kind of connotation it brings.

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  • 2 weeks later...



Ive sence the review had the exclusive pleasure in hearing the digital mastered Mystery of Lfe.

I thank Nova Fractal for thiis honor and will in return obviously not share it anywhere.


But this thing is the best thing that happened to Goa... in ... I dont even remember when I felt like this regarding Goa.

Probably when I heard Spiritual Healing or I Feel for the first time.

And Later on, possibly some Yahel and Artifact303.


But this wins all prizes. This track is pure bliss. Anyone sleepiing on this need to wake the fuk up.

Nova Fractal is where Goa is at - and this track is the very definition of the Gotrance we all know and love - and its glorious reborn neogoa fashion.


Nova Fractal - I wish I could meet you in person and have a smoke and some beer, and chat. You are fucking legend.


Nova Fractal - Mystery of Life man.

This is it.


By the way I completey remastered the wave I got and humbly, my master sounds way better. So Nova If you are reading - message me. Ill do it for you for free Obviously.

And Im serious. The master you sent me, my master of that master is like 10 times better.

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For anyone wanting to hear the full Mystery of Life, I added it to a gameplay video I made.

I asked his permission and havnt gotten an answer yet, BUT, however, the track is well covered in sound effect from the game, which I made higher - So that the track would still stay "hidden" and noone could either rip it - or even enjoy it without being seriously annoyed by the games sound effects.

So for that reason alone, I feel confident that he will allow me to use the track in this fashion.

But - If Im incorrect the vid will be deleted instantly, that goes without saying.


I take it very seriously when someone gives me something to keep, and keep for mysdelf, and its an honor for me to even recieve the track for him.

So I do hope it is not taken as a disrespect or a mistrust, that I use the track as the soundtrack to the gameplay.

I really really hope I am right, because my intentions are to respect his wishes on keeping it a secret - but since I consider this gameplay nothing more than the track sample already avaliable on soundcloud - considering the track is well buried by the games soundeffect - I hope Im right.


A big part of me tells me to NOT share the video and delete it even, but at the same time I desperately want to share it with the world because of its beauty. (The tracks beauty, not the video)

So hidden behind a wall of soundeffects - I hope its still enough to please - and not enough to be considered a breach of trust.


Dear Nova - if you want me to delete it I will without a blink.




In real world terms though, the video has just about 10 views and wont get many, im a very small channel.

So it shouldnt really be a problem. It might even introduce Nova Fractal to someone - and make them love the song as I do - and BUY it because of my video.

So in a way - my vid is just a promotion and commercial - for Nova Fractal.


Anyway, here it is. XXX

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mr Nova - can i know make the vid public?


eidt: Bought :)

edit: The Ephedra Remix is Amazing :D Soooooo much better than I excpected from the sample.

WOW!!! That 303 though, oh-man.

Best stormer of the year.

Yes you can..


Thank you for support :)

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Just checked it out. Not bad. Not exactly stunning but not bad at all. A bit too formulaic like most of the neogoa tracks but I love these supersaws and these 303s. Should check out more their stuff


For me its the very essence of goa and the best to come along in frever.

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Just checked it out. Not bad. Not exactly stunning but not bad at all. A bit too formulaic like most of the neogoa tracks but I love these supersaws and these 303s. Should check out more their stuff

yes this

pretty much sums up my opinion

the first two tracks sound a bit empty - perhaps it is deliberate

but it hardly sound psychedelic at all


i think it sounds like a crossover between classic trance or eurotrance and goa trance

it sounds a bit flat and unfinished for me - a bit simple and on the cheesy side


the remix is interesting because it is more emotional and i think an improvement compared to the original


i dont think this sound being the essence of goa trance

for me it sounds more like classic trance with a touch of goa trance but it lacks the psychedelia


essence of goa trance has to be super psychedelic

early koxbox or for example psychopod-dreampod is the essence of goa trance

even man with no name who was always on the edge between classic trance and goa trance was more psychedelic than this ep


not that bad if you are into classic trance

if you are looking for pure psychedelic goa trance there are much better music around

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Yeah, the remix is what I liked the most, it has more depth and dimension. The original tracks have nice flow but are a bit empty, as Celaripo said.


I'm a casual goa listener, more into morning full-on and prog, so I don't have any opinion whether this is "the essence of goa", but if I had to imagine the most typical goa track, it would be like this - unison leads with repetitive patterns in Phrygian mode and bubbling resonant acid lines. Still, I liked the overall mood and the leads are pretty captivating but the whole thing is too predictable.

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Not sure how I wanna reply.


Ill try the most diplomatic approach possible.

Ok, i heard your opinion.


Now, let me reinforce mine;

Ive been a goahead since 1994. I always loved the feelings the melodies brought. Goa is the artists synapses shared with yours. (Well, all music is)

Anyway Im getting off point.


Mystery Of Life and Wheel Of Time are the two best tracks in Goatrance currently and anyone sleepiing on that, disagreeing on that, fine, but thats my opinion and im sticking with it til the end.

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