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will there be more tracks like LSD?


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*** RESULTS OF LISTENING *** Dec. 09, 2014 ***


Report generated for: radi6404


Tracks for comparison:

1. Hallucinogen - LSD (Twisted; 1995)

2. Phreaky - Over The Moon (Goa-Head Vol.2; 1997)


Headphones used:

1. Sennheiser HD600

2. Sennheiser HD650



- Ear wax was cleaned before listening. Suggestion that opponents follow same procedure.




Phreaky similarities with LSD:

- Both have a 4/4 beat.

- Both in style "Goa Trance".

- Both contain syntheses from the Roland TB-303.

- Both have approx 140 BPM.


Phreaky differences with LSD:

- LSD contains voice samples. Phreaky does not.

- LSD is about drugs. Phreaky is about big things floating through space.

- Tracks are in a different key.

- Phreaky is much darker, more repetitive, harsh, and less melodic.

- LSD is more soft, trippy, and has a more polished production.

- LSD has a very unique, continually changing, very bright and special melody. Missing in Phreaky.

- LSD sounds unique. Phreaky sounds like average, mediocre Goa Trance.



The tracks are NOT notably similar.


Final rating:

Hallucinogen - LSD = 9/10

Phreaky - Over The Moon = 5/10


The following users are WRONG to claim that these tracks are similar:

- radio6404

- Anyone else who agrees with him.




You are right about your descriptions about Phreaky - Over the Moon and Hallucinogen - LSD. I agree that LSD is softer and has a more polished sound. Over the Moon by Phreaky is not as good as LSD, but compared to other tracks there are more similarities between those tracks than between tracks by other artists, at least as I see it.

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This is actually a very good question that I have been thinking over many times.


LSD is indeed a very powerful track, altough not maybe in the cranium crushing sense that's usually associated with the psy sound.


Wizard by Slinkies is, yes, one of my favourite goa tracks...


I really miss this kind of deep, colourful sound.


I was now listening to Too Pure by Kox Box, and altough it's not directly comparable, it has this effervescent quality to the sounds that is still largely an unexplored area.


Like goa, but without the extremes, and more heart...


Oh, it it has cheesy sound library ethno loops, it does not count. This ruins 99% of "atmospheric" psy for me.

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Hello guys, it is a long time since I wasn´t here, but I was in the holidays and then forgot to post here for a while. When I feel like it, I will post some new offtopic information about how I am and what I am doing right now, but in this thread i want to talk about a different subject. I wanted to know if artists will produce or allready produced tracks like Hallucinogen - LSD, since Astral Projection created a remix of it and the remix sounds almost as good as the original. Only the mastering somehow doesn´t sound clean enough in my opinion, as if the heights aren´t crystal clear, but the track itself is as good as the original. will people produce more tracks like that or not? I really like tracks that are similar to Hallucinogen - LSD and the remix by Astral projection is absoltely an addition to it. I am looking forword to your answers, anyway, cheers to all people here!

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Phreaky sounds like average, mediocre Goa Trance.

really?? this track is average mediocre Goa Trance?

clean again your ears


listening both tracks (surfing the youtube) just before i saw this post the 1st track that came in my mind was Phreaky -Over the moon

so Radi u got a point

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Beam Me Up was collaborations with a the old classic dudes. First track on the album is Avi & Simon P. I reckon he just learnt Simon's techniques in session and applied across whole album. Then got other names to add their style. .Elysium track is slower & tribal. Transwave track has more epic melody ending. It was a bit of a scam album. Second one sounded like GMS because surprise they were the main collaborators. Third album sounds like a show case of Virus trance presets, probably got one just for the album. Space Cat IMO never did anything truly original.

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Space Cat's first 12" Kreak/Space Cats was fantastic and came out long before Beam Me Up

Kreak is killer


I definitely know that Beam Me Up was full of collaborations and that Simon co-produced the first track, and yes, it sounds like Avi got the same gate effect rack that Simon uses (dwarmer gate?) and this is exactly why it sounds like a Hallucinogen album.

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