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RA Appreciation Thread


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I recently realized just how prolific RA has been the last few years when I started adding up all the various tracks that have been released on different compilations, leaving aside the two full length albums released. Since I am getting excited about a possible new RA album coming soon, I decided to put together the tracks and make my own new album out of them.


So here is my new RA album...


RA - Forgotten Secrets


1. Gates of Tiphareth

2. Gateway Eight

3. Time Current (Silver Remix)

4. Lifethread

5. Static Distress

6. March of the Lunar Priests

7. Creation of Tefnet

8. Road to Shiraz


Tracks that did not make this include Cloudwalker, Tears of Fire, and Icon (this last one because of the bad mastering). And going back to some of these lesser known tracks, especially the downtempo ones, I was surprised by just how good they are! Does anyone else feel the same way I do about the sheer musical quality of this project? The melodies, the harmonies, the song writing is just so well thought out and exciting. I can safely listen to RA and know that the track is going to go somewhere, it's going to pay off. Every second of every track is worth listening to because something captivating is always going on.

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I have to give Ra some appreciation because finding the album "9th" in a used cd store was the catalyst that got me back into goa trance after many years. At first that album didn't really wow me, but after several listens I found a real appreciation for it. Now I listen to it all the time. "Unearthly" is a really great album too, one of the best psybient releases I've had heard in years

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RA, these guys are just insane..


for me they create the best melodies on Goa Trance subgenre, I really can not wait for their next album whatever It takes,


Big Respect !

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For some reason when it came out 9th took a while for me to warm to. But now it is probably in my top 25 or so goa albums. Really quality floating stuff. The guy knows how to bring a track to life with atmosphere and obviously his melody work is amazing. His earlier work is a bit gritter and as equally amazing, perhaps more so to a lot of people.


Been waiting for the next album for what feels like forever, but i can wait longer if its up to his usual standards :)

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