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V.A. - Universal Waves (out!)

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V.A. - Universal Waves (digipack 3xCD)

Goalogique Records






Track list:

CD1 - Green cd (Emerald)

01. Minomar - Like A Joke (TB or Not TB)

02. Phant Om X - Rite Shamans

03. Pure Energy - The King

04. Dionitrix - Trip To Goa Trance

05. Kahano Beats - In The Morning Myst

06. Delirogenius - Astral Explosion

07. Zida'ya - Mind Of Madness

08. Joseph Mc Donough - Apollo

09. Laboratory X - Free Flight


CD2 - Blue cd (Diamond)

01. Travma - Alien Ship

02. Tomocomo - Galaxy Flowers

03. Goa Spirit - Entranced

04. Somnesia & Imba - Among The Stars

05. Ghost On Acid - Andromeda (2013)

06. Imba & Trinodia - Little Petra

07. Mithras Goa - The Gods Are Crazy

08. Ogo - The Edge Of Existance

09. Haliday - Zombi Party

10. Morphic Resonance - Rollercoaster


CD3 - Red cd (Ruby)

01. Picnicboy - Isas Sight

02. Cactus Arising - Identify Stars (rmx)

03. Universe Synaptic - Halion Han

04. Minomar - Holographic Universe

05. GoaKaniu - Forest Fairies

06. Notor - Contient Mu

07. Denshi-Danshi - Southern Sign

08. Nash Mafia Blues - ArmandaN Aleeah

09. Lunar Dawn - Fields Of Siberia

10. Son Pedro - Life Story

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Looking forward to get this.


I'll probably black out the cover though.


Is it a real digipak (think: Pulse 5) or merely a gatefold cardsleeve like Suntrip's latest?


It is real :)




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  • 10 months later...

Listening to this now on Youtube @ 720p. Apart from two or three tracks sounding a little unbalanced (I think Phant Om X was the worst offender) I don't hear anything wrong. Should I expect the same from the CD?


Bad mastering or no (and I'm not sure I'd call it bad) I do like the slightly rougher sound this one has.

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Many of these artists are beginners. This label is very amateur as well. And actually, that is a good point. I see all these people, together, who unite to share the same passion for Goa trance, and to keep up that flame alive. This label is amateur, but it has allowed to a bunch of Goa nerds stucked in their rooms, behind their computer screens, to build something together, to create, to ambition, and to convince themselves that it was possible. And trully, that is a beautiful perspective.


Goalogique makes me think in a collection of children's drawings. They are raw, unperfect, but they feel somehow fresh and poetic.


Now, Goalogique must give to his managers and artists the proper means to let everyone evolve in a good sense, so that they find the way to become a respectable label. Even if I don't like their sounds yet, I do believe that they have some potential. They must keep it up. And throughout a lot of hard work, they will be able to provide to our scene beautiful tracks and professional artworks and masterings.


Come on guys. Embetter yourselves. Show us what kind of guts you have. And let the Goa force be with you.


And I will conclude by saying that among their crew, there are a few gems with much potential...

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Cover - made in Paint


Mastering - load track in FL studio > open Multiband Compressor > choose 6dB mastering




Cover - what makes me interested in specific release, if is like this i lost wish in beggining


Mastering - i can't decide if track is good or bad if mastering is like this, it's just not fair



But yeah, everyone has his own vision on music/release... we adviced many times and nothing. It gives chance to new guys, still not fair. If they could spend couple of days or months to provide this music, label could spend couple hours to make it good and more professional, i mean how hard could it be?


I have this CD for almost one year and never played it except some preview listenings... i don't have courage yet but it may change in future lol

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I have this CD for almost one year and never played it except some preview listenings... i don't have courage yet but it may change in future lol


FWIW, your track with Somnesia is really really good.


Maybe hit them over the head with a book of audio engineering next time? ;)

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I started to write why this is one of the worst goa trance releases ever, but I stopped.

I'll say only as few of You above - music totally destroyed by amateur mastering. Sorry


"Children drawings?" 3:20:30

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It has the worst mastering I've ever heard. Most of the tracks are below average. There are some gems (Morphic Resonance, Imba vs Trinodia), but the mastering ruin their sound.

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