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90s poptrance


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That were played heavily on the radio.


I listened heavily on this because on many cases it was like radio versions of goatrance. At least it sometimes touched the goatrance border. It was also easy to lure people into goa. Like oh you liked that song on the radio? Well check this out.. And you'd play some goa track.



Antiloop - believe, nowhere to hide, in my mind. And more

Earthbound - essence of life (trance remix)

Richi m - wake me up (extended remix), 12th planet

Trance Atlantic express - the chase

Pinocchio - electric flower

And alot more will add later :D

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Well. Pop as in popular. They were extremely popular and had heavy rotation on radio and MTV.

And the genre is trance. So if not poptrance then what? :)


If you hadn't heard them already check out earthbound - essence of life (trance remix)

Epic 303 trance atmosphere. Very good climax.

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The problem with these ones very quickly surfaced as being pop... that is 3 minutes of catchy radiomusic.


Though antiloop did have one seriously long acid track that I remember listening to a lot.



Mirandas feel the effect also got a radio pop remix from Earthbound


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"If there is anyone who is responsible for the complete and thorough pussification of Trance, making it offensively lame to the point where not only newbie ravers but also their soccer moms could enjoy it, it's Robert Miles. "Children" has the exclusive accolade as being the #1 rave recruitment song of all time. It's also probably responsible for the embarrassing onslought of banal, melody-driven trance that dominated the last half of the 90s. Hell, I remember Anne Savage playing this fucking song at my very first rave. This isn't trance; this is like that crappy background music on the TV listings channel that tells you what's playing on other channel."




When it was used as filler music to announce events in some olympic games (1996? 2000?), I was truly convinced that it just cannot be trance by any measure. :lol:


But hey, I believe plenty of people who publicly claim hating it do actually dig out the dusty mp3s (CDs, YouTube) every now and then for memories and comfort...

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Who doesn't like Children?


For some people the tune has plenty of 'oh no - not this one again' factor, being played almost as often as Sweet Dreams, Final Countdown or >insert random all-time hit here<. Personally I don't mind hearing Children in radio, elevator or during commercial - it always brings smile to my face and I think 'this one has slipped through your music borders' ;)

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