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  1. yeah its a marvelous example of melancholic trance!
  2. yes im serious axis 099, spiritual healing, crystal are very melancholic tracks. however rain and mai mai arent. so you are wrong in lumping them togehter in one sentance like that. its not fair. pathfinder is a boring shitty track and not melancholic at all. now, with this in mind could we all agree that what is melancholic and what isnt is purely subjective. edit: Hypnotone by Morphem is ANYTHING but melancholic. it has nothing, and nothing at all, to do with melancholia feelings.
  3. it is funny to me that some people think for example Spiritual Healing is melancholic and some people think its not. the break part after the first climax into the second one, is the part of the kick bassline atmosphere and piano solo. it is INCREDIBLY melancholic anyone who doesnt agree with that must not know what melancholia means.
  4. I dislike both Granada versions, it is boring music! but i respect ppl who like them, they are indeed classic goatrance music. but not the top
  5. Holy crap on a crapper. Holy tird on the toilet. Holy cow in India.
  6. i got dozens more extremely funny gifs if u want more
  7. it was ok track not so good from start but astral made it nicer. Still its just a remix, wont say anything about that more than this. I still wait for the original music to think more about it. At least the production and mixing is still top notch and Im glad for that. Only astral can make such mixing skills. No other music in existence is mixed the way Astral is making it. It sounds so "perfect". Like I would imagine pure 32bit 192khz would sound. But I know it has nothing to do with that, it is just in my imagination I dont know if anyone of you even know what I mean But I cannot wait for the next album.
  8. oh god so many memories! BBE seven days a week and Orbital - Halcyon <3333
  9. I've always felt that Nostalgia has a very close connection to the meaning of life. It feels so deep, and it makes you have thoughts you don't otherwise have. It might be thoughts of grandeur, love, or just something undefinable but special. It is a feeling that you know for sure when you have. It is not ambiguous, and its right in your face. My favorite feeling is no doubt nostalgia, because it never disappoints. You can be unhappy, happy, in love, sad, depressed, anxiety, euphoric, whatever. But you can always feel Nostalgia. What makes you feel it? For me it is movies mostly, and music second. Movies from when I was a kid and mostly the same regarding music. I dont want you to just list random stuff I want you to think deep down what makes you get this feeling. Enough to make you cry! For me Its alot of movies since Ive always been alone, to my self, and always turned to movies for support. This is why a particular movie has always been with me! Its Sidekicks (1992). I cant put a finger on it, but it does make me feel hope, energy, and the will to change my life for the better. It made me feel that way in 1992 and it makes me feel this way in 2013 also. Since I love movies and music I have many examples but I will leave it at this.. I would love to hear your stories... <3
  10. kinda wierd question .. but I dont know. I live very far from stockholm actually, but i think the weather there is pretty sunny
  11. i thought it was common knowledge that it was derived from Gamma Globulins. Seeing as its so obvious. Congrats on your discovery though.
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