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Trold - Time For Solution


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Artist: Trold

Title: Time For Solution

Label: Vertigo Records

Date: May, 2013


1. In The Hand Of The Shaman
2. Vacuum
3. Adventure
4. 10 000 000 X 14
5. Order In Chaos
6. Miracle
7. We Are The Devine
8. Alright



What the hell is this?


No seriously, what the hell is this?


Forest trolls and psychedelic vikings deliver their 3rd album and I'm shaking my head.


Where's the motherf*cking forest? This is like going deep into the Swedish wilderness and finding a McDonalds next to a Wal-Mart. Where is the dark atmosphere? The pads soaked in dread and leads creeping from behind ancient oaks?


It's not bad psytrance so let's get that out of the way right now. But when you set the bar so high with Time of Illusion certain expectations are had. That album was frightful yet intelligent. Layers of mystery wrapped up and tailor made for getting hopelessly lost in the woods. This?


All the rough edges and less accessible aspects of this project were sanitized for a more family friendly clientele. F*cking Vegas without the gangsters. I know I'm not an authority on forest music, but I don't need it dumbed down for me.


So enough telling you what it ain't. What is it? Crystal clear psytrance where you can hear every note and every staccato stab of the bass. I know Colin mastered this, but there are instances where this resembles and OOOD album. It's drug samples, long tracks, and rhythms you can get down to. But all the energy and evil creatures have left the building only to be replaced by softer Disney melodies. Order of Chaos recaptures past glories with its acidic serpents tongue, but it's still too clean. Too obvious. Miracle is a good twilight track that might fit on a Timecode or Nexus Media compilation. The last track sounds just like something OOOD would make. Sorry Colin I'm not picking on you, I'm just sayin'.


And that's my point. Where the last album had a forest maze with a nutcase Jack Nicholson in pursuit, here there are baby changing stations and stroller rentals every 100 feet. This must be what hardcore Metallica fans felt like when Enter Sandman came out. I don't like my forest rated PG, but that is what has happened I'm afraid. Funny thing is even though it may sound as if I didn't like it, I enjoyed it. It's twilight and some full-on with rounded edges, but it is outstandingly produced. So if you go into this not knowing what Trold has done in the past then this will have some appeal. But having heard and loved their last album this can only be seen as a disappointment.


Time for another solution.










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At first, I thought you were talking about Troll N Roll Records. I was really excited, because I have not heard anything from them in a long time. Then I realized I read it incorrectly. Awwww mann. Well, thank for the review! ;)


I see artists tone down things from time to time, but it is hard to know if they are doing it out of fear of being judged or simply out of interest. I really love the album artwork by the way.



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Have to agree this took a much different turn from their other stuff. They used to have a really organic vibe without being fully forest/dark music. Kind of forest-lite? Heh. There isn't any trace of that here...


Still production can't be faulted though. Just a shame the psy part of this album evaporated like a vial left out in the sun.

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I really like this as well. I supposed it has been sanitised for an old fart like myself.


Will order it ASAP.



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