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  1. man this is actually some crank ass shit, psychedelic though! i've known black hole symphony so far, but this levitates you to the next level.. i'm actually more into some slower dark/forest (like goch, therange freak etc.), but this is really psychedelic, so i can connive at the high speed.
  2. different style to their past stuff, but this is also a good album! quality review!
  3. Hey guys I've started a new sideproject called Origin. I've recorded my first track today, and yeah, here it is! (Style: Forest/Dark Psytrance) https://soundcloud.com/dogmaich/origin-mindcave It was live recorded, hardware only and it's still not perfect.. But have a nice listen! Peace
  4. and don't forget to follow me @soundcloud for the latest news: https://soundcloud.com/dogmaich
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