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  1. Suddently found my way to this forum again after being gone for many years feels weird!
  2. Made an appointment to get my third tattoo on the 11th of July Gonna get this one the left side of my stomach, approx 20cm x 20cm in size, full color:
  3. Ugh, dropbox doesn't support direct linking anymore....... Manual click required -.- CLICK ME!
  4. Listening to some Dark Acidic Ambient and chewing Diazepam. Oh the joy of depressing events in life..
  5. Lottery tickets. If I win big I'll buy everyone a beer!
  6. No I've been out of the taxi business for ages now, still attending school .-.
  7. I found my old account just now YAY
  8. Holy crap I found my old account! HI EVERYONE!
  9. Ducci!! i lost my pc, profile everything,sooo, decided to start again....only, its a bit quiet here...hmm..to stay..or go..xxx

  10. hey mate. haven't talked to you in a while. hope youre not mad at me, altho you have every right to be. it's my fault really :/ hope we can talk again soon. ~ take care ~

  11. if I recall it right -

    spar is quite small.

    is it busy?

  12. you also work at a netto?

  13. You just wanted me to write again since you miss my sexy comments -_-

    we're both quite emo anyways, working at the counter and everything. Which store where you working at? I work part time at a Netto, actually with a swede :P

  14. Hippieshaman


    link is down can you please reupload?
  15. I am sooooooooooooooooo gonna download this
  16. you arent on msn anymore? Edit: Psyentology: its nice, but the effect of the picture is better at a higher resolution.
  17. Latest piece: http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs26/f/2008/172...n_by_qucice.png
  18. The monster lurking in the shadows! the omnipotent powerhumpa - and prolly your dad :P

  19. So ducci, ya comin' back what have you been doing all this time?

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