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Zion 604 | Upcoming Release - V.A Tribal Encore - Compiled By Aurax - Dec 2012

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Hi Goa Heads,


We are happy to announce on our upcoming compilation in Zion 604 records : Tribal Encore (ZION604CD004)


A mixture between never released old school tracks side by side with new materials which shares the same spirit.


Album mastered by Tim Schuldt.


Posted Image


Partial tracklist:


B.E.T.H (Tim Schuldt) - Back To Blighty (Previously released in vinyl only)

Jaia - Insomnie (Previously released in vinyl only)

Sandman - Starfinder (1996/Unreleased/Live mix)

Aurax - Cone Nebula (1998/Unreleased/Remix)

UX - Third Eye (1997/Unreleased/Remix)


And much more.... Stay tuned!





Zion 604 Records, Israel


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Wicked, very wicked!

I am so interested to know how you convinced Jaia to allow to release that track! :)

All the best for the release!

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Great Tracklist :)

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Great tracklist indeed! But I hope this will have a better mastering than the first release? That one's also very good regarding tracklist, but it's sooo compressed sadly enough.

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Hi Guys,


I've been asked this by several fans now, Sadly I will not release this compilation under Zion 604 records, but this compilation will be released in a different label.


This is currently an ongoing process. I will update soon ;)



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