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PharaOm & Somnesia - Santorin

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OUT NOW!!!!!


SANTORIN (goa trance album)

Space Baby Records


01] [1'52"] Message From Heaven (Intro)

02] [8'55"] Neilos (148 bpm)

03] [7'34"] Frogs (143 bpm)

04] [8'10"] Toxic Kiss (153 bpm)

05] [7'18"] Zophina (144 bpm)

06] [8'03"] Radioactivity (145 bpm)

07] [7'05"] Havoc (141 bpm)

08] [9'10"] God's Tears (Nova Fractal remix) (146 bpm)

09] [7'25"] Elytra (144 bpm)

10] [8'25"] Darkness (144 bpm)

11] [8'20"] Hell-Heaven (95 bpm)

12] [2'50"] Road To Exodus (Outro)

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Awesome! Somnesia and Pharaom are always standouts from what ive heard on va's. :)


Mmm also I must confess I have only recently got into Nova Fractal stuff with the latest release not sure why I didn't earlier. Really really dig it.

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Indeed, Agneton should make the remix. He had started but never finished because he is very busy. We don't know if he finished?


PharaOm & I decided to ask to Nova Fractal to do the remix. It is really wonderful!!!

But I'm looking forward Agneton remix. I hope to hear one day on a compilation :)

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After 4 years of tough work, Somnesia and PharaOm are finally proud to present their new album Santorin! The story takes place in ancient egypt, the 10 plagues are devastating the land and carrying diseases. Each track of the album is a trip inside one of these mighty curses: blood, frogs, gnats, wild animals, pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and death of the firstborn. This release offers more than 80 minutes of powerful melodic goa trance full of acid riffs, striking exotic beats and deep oriental atmospheres. It also includes a remix by Nova Fractal of the successful « Gods Tears », originally released back in 2010.


Available here:


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Santorini is an island down in Greece. If i remember correctly Shidapu made a song titled 'Santorini'.



They took the last 'i' off so who knows ...


I know, i have been there recently :P


Good to know the story, was wondering if it was connected to that wonderful place, cheers infected! :D

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