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The psynews photo album


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Are you techno-viking?




:D that morning I think I was listening to a lot of System of a Down. That pic is about 2 years old back then for trance I just listened to a lot of Yahel and Infected. And possibly whatever Armin VanBuuren or Paul Van Dyk might have compiled. Hadn't discovered this wild genre known as GOA that I am lovin so well.

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Reminds me of a much better version of some of my crappy attempts at cool photos


Outlined pics are pretty cool. I just geared mine more for the 3d effect you'd get from Chromadepth glasses or 3d glasses actually work better I think, less blurry. I have just been that bored kid at home for years (since 1993 anyway) messing with graphics until one day I got pretty decent at it. I used to make a lot of wallpapers, logos, and avatars for a website which I was also a moderator for, a couple years ago. Just takes a lot of practice.

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I actually dig seein pics from all you guys in other countries.. ha I spend more time looking at the surroundings than you. I suppose it's weird to say but all I ever see is the states, can't really afford to go see Europe, or wherever. I was born in Germany but just because my dad was Army, we left a year later so all I have is a few photos.

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