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  1. hey man long time no be here lol . Been kinda busy with new baby and new job since August anyway.. hell it's been prob 2 months since I've even listened to any psytrance at all. Just got a notification a couple weeks ago from the ISP for file sharing, had to pay out a $400 settlement for downloading a movie. At least that

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    2. Dark_Puppy


      guess you can't write much else on these things it cut off the last few sentences I wrote.. :( oh well was just saying you are about the only one who's really chatted with me on here so that's why I'm takin some moments to write on your page now.. everyone else is just vapors that blew away..


    3. Dark_Puppy


      so take er easy man I'll be back on here sooner than 3 months anyway lol. Maybe someday blow the dust off my psytrance USB stick and get it back in the car for some road tunes. Lately been listening to about everything else but. hope life is good for ya later on man

    4. Sideffect...


      Aloha Dark P, I just checked this for the first time, can this be true?


      Damn, send me a PM if you need some reggea tunes,


      Sometimes I don't visit psynews for months so, sorry :)


      I did not get any notifications you wrote on my page...


      Hope you are doing well and all the best from Belgium :)

  2. thanks! She's 8 weeks old now, and she's a handful.
  3. The Grand Canyon is pretty cool I've seen it three times. It never gets old. When you look out and see it, it almost looks fake, like you're looking at a painting. The last time I saw it we (my parents and I in 1992) took a train ride (on an old coal locomotive) but I forget what town we went from. I'd like to see some of the ruins in South America but man I'd be afraid of all those myths of people getting kidnapped and sold back to their families.. I did get to see the ruins in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico though.
  4. well hell dude I'm sure that kind of crap is everywhere. There's plently of places in the states where one would rather die than grow up in misery. Some places you fight for everything you have everyday, people shooting each other and stealing from each other, and twisted cops take what you have left. I'm sure that's no consolation, but America isn't full of a lovely dream life for everyone. And our economy is going downhill fast. The wealthy wants to rule the world, but all they're going to end up ruling is a desolate landscape full of hungry people ready to revolt. When I visited beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico @ a resort, I found it odd that beyond these gorgeous beaches lies the slummiest dwellings people call homes. Stucko buildings with 10+ people living in them, clotheslines running from the house to the nearest dead tree. Cops are corrupted, drug lords reign, it's best to just stay on the resorts where you're safe.
  5. Man I dig pics of old architecture. Kind of makes me wish I could go on a European tour and see the old sites. I'm sure you guys over there are probably like whatever seen it a million times hehe much like we statesides are about our landmarks and stuff. I have a friend nearby who recently went to Ireland, and all the pics she posted on facebook all I could do is check out the buildings behind in each one, could really care less about her pics of herself and people she went with. XD
  6. thanks.. she's a handful sometimes. I'm enjoying my new camera too, Canon Rebel EOS t3i. gonna be taking a lot of decent pics now.
  7. This is where I've been the last month or so.. Tending to the needs of a future Psytrance fan Jillian Quinn is nearing 4 weeks old now.
  8. I was born in Germany, Bad Canstatt, Stuttgart, on an Army base. since then I've lived in the U.S.: Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois and Texas. currently I live in Illinois. probably forever.
  9. thanks.. I have a lot on my plate the next few weeks. might have to switch from psytrance to psychill eventually.
  10. well perhaps it's time for me to change my avatar then lol! nobody comes here to look at cock been busy as of late.. applying for interviewing for and getting a new job soon, waiting for the woman to pop out our baby soon, building a nursery and strollers, carseats, playpens, all of that stuff. whew!
  11. that I am. I have even looked into some of your past releases and enjoy listening to them too. I have to say I didn't know about your music til I visited this site. But don't feel bad, there are a lot of artists I never heard of before I came here. Apparently I'm from a cave.
  12. you know I've had that logo since 1993 when I designed it.. and in all these years so many have seen it you are the first to point out that it looks like cock n balls. guess we know what's on your mind!
  13. I like it.. I've been a fan of Industrial since Skinny Puppy and KMFDM, Frontline, 242, Leatherstrip.. etc.. Nine Inch Nails (the early years of course, their later EMO crap sucks). Seems like tho Industrial had faded away for a while at least until revived recently with the goth/black metal/experimental bands like Psyclon Nine, Aesthetic Perfection, Sybreed, and Dawn of Ashes. for a completely fun and goofy experimental metal band check out Circus of Dead Squirrels. Start with 8 bit piece of shit or utopia burning and see if you like it. I'm sure I've come across something over the years.. I used to get the Century Media compilations for like $3 a cd just to listen to various bands. Of course that's just one label, but they do have some interesting talent. I will always be a fan of Death, Doom, Black, Thrash, Goth Metal.. so that's the direction I split off to. Just like when I got into Techno, listened to Rave and House, a little Ambient, then moved on to Trance, psytrance.. I don't really pay much attention to the other subgenres as much.
  14. The only thing I remember from Talla 2xlc was the track Carry Me.. of course back then I didn't do a lot of research on music online. Just something I heard from SIRIUS satellite radio. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX0_u_NLet0&feature=related
  15. thumbs up if you read the subject and thought.. "In the beginning was the word.. and the word was sound..." (Afgin - T.R.A.N.C.E.) acid house kind of sounds like if you were to take cheesy porn music and give it a techno-pop twist. hats off to the pioneers.. but I'm sure glad we've advanced in sound.
  16. more modern Industrial Goth Metal/Experimental.. Psyclon Nine. I love this crazy shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5nBLsXVB1c and Dawn of Ashes.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK2idp98bo4
  17. and you really can't get more crazy intense in Industrial Metal than Strapping Young Lad. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwyuM0PODuY and http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f20L0msLsM
  18. This song sounds so much like the way Skid Row's Slave to the Grind is laid out.. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9SHMeUhTps in any event.. there are lots more intense things out there, but what sound are you looking for? Annihilator obviously isn't death metal.. more grindcore of the early 90s style.. when hair bands faded from lack of being hardcore, metalheads were looking for something more intense.. I'd suggest then, a step up to Industrial Metal.. Ministry: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYsBvZRXF7A
  19. When I get some time I'll look into Linux. I've always been curious about it anyway.
  20. Had to completely re install XP yesterday after spending about 4 hours trying to figure why the hell it completely dropped sound. I know on board audio often sucks, and read that it can drain a little of system resources, but ever since last year I've been doing just fine with it and then in the last couple days it's either worked or not... depending on a reboot, then yesterday it just failed altogether. I had an extra 7.1 Diamond sound card handy and popped it in there, Windows recognized the software drivers and said ok but still refused to acknowledge that I had a sound card that I could USE!! So in essence, had two soundcards (on board and PCI-E) hooked up both said working fine but Sound and Audio properties reported NO SOUND CARD! I spent hour researching websites, installing reinstalling messing with the registry, downloading different drivers.. nothing worked. So just had to reinstall windows. I remember back in the Windows 95 days Microsoft had a problem with keeping things smooth. Internet Explorer would eventually crash after months of use, for no reason it would JUST NOT WORK AT ALL! So Netscape Navigator became the web browser of choice. At least until all of Windows crashed and took everything with it! Some of my friends purposefully would just reinstall windows months after just installing it because they reported the registry gets garbled so easy and it's not worth the headache. I wonder why Microsoft products are doomed to eventual fail? It's probably a question that has no answer, except, Microsoft just sometimes sucks.
  21. hell yea! found it on youtube listening now. diggin it!
  22. listening to wife's music at the moment.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv5j0v1zJzo
  23. I get to build baby furniture on 2 hours of sleep! mom's comin over, preggo wife who's hot and miserable is gonna be there telling me what I don't do right! can't wait!
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