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The artists' names pictionary game


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here's one for you all :)Posted Image


Dreamweaver, as the file is named. I'm guessing that's the act as well. :P


Second one: no clue. But I guess it's just another artist I have never heard of. Oh wait, I DO know that one.


Analog Pussy.

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Close enough. 'Hiscore', a great old acid goa group's the answer. They were named 'High Score' on two releases thou.


i meant the one thats on Accidental Occidentalism :)

so i think it is the same as they released tracks under various similar names.


heres an easy one:


Posted Image

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How do I upload a pic from my computer? These options suggest that I wirte an url but the picture is pn my desktop so there is no url :(


Upload it to the web using one of the many free image hosting sites. I use imageshack, for example, and many others use tinypic.

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