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The artists' names pictionary game


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Silent Horror?

Yes. Curses, I was hoping that wouldn't be so easy.


What do you use to draw, Rotwang? I like the 'painty' effect your drawings have.


I use MSPaint. There's a new version in Windows 7 which has various different types of brush. Ridiculously though, it doesn't have a plain, old-fashioned "draw a circle where I ask you to" brush, which means that it's impossible to draw a shape freehand and then fill it with colour (attempting to do so leaves nasty outlines where the brush has antialiased, such as can be seen in my first pic of the thread).



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I'd have known had I noticed. But you're right nonetheless Rotwang, nobody found out about my datura/hallucinogen connection either.


And jisnegro (why is your name written in capitals?); tis your turn buddy. :)


I guess there is no specific reason, I just like it that way :)


And Here we go!!


Posted Image


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