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The artists' names pictionary game


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Sorry, I've been asleep. A hint for mine: the outline of the fish is important. I didn't draw it myself. I found it with Google, removed some bits that would have made it too obvious, and turned it into a fish. What does it look like?

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Like a country with rivers. No clue what country though.


Not a country, but it is a map. It's a place whose name is very familiar to everyone here.


Also, there's another hint in the image that you may not have noticed. If you have a flat-panel monitor, try looking at it from a different angle.

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OK. Definitely needed a clue or two. The map didn't have any hint about scale or whether it was land, lake, island or anything. The arrow was a bit too well hidden too.

Sorry, thought it would be easier than it was.


Posted Image


It's from Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected, I know that much. No idea what artist it is though.

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Burn in Noise?


No. The picture depicts an event from mythology; the artist in question is named after one of the characters. My flatmate has taken some liberties with the depiction of it.

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I agree. Go post something already!


If you don't post anything, I'm going to feel completely free to post something of my own, which is going to be guessed by the very next person that sees it, so the game keeps its momentum and hopefully gives me something to do during my extremely super intensely boring office hours.


Does anyone have a real job for me, by the way?

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