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Just to make things clear...


We have never ever organised a party or not ever planned a party with Diaks live? The only guy willing to do this was Dj Inada, who is now part of Cronomi Records...

Just to tell you I have no idea why he would be angry at us?


Maybe I misunderstood something... I don't know...

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Looks like you got scammed on the internet. It's good that you posted here the story, at least people will know who/how Diaks is, for the future.


Try to sell the CDs.


Don't accept to buy stuff for other (unknown) people unless you get paid in advance.

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i'm just not gonna do anything for people they can do themselves, i really like to help people but this joker ruined it for everyone now :(

so true, we are all glad the world revolves around you :rolleyes:


stop posting shit Stijn !!!!!!!!

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The fact that Inada has something to do with this force me to write how he also told me he would invite me to play for a party and then after having confirmed me he would indeed do it, decided to cancel my invitation as i refused to be trading unreleased with him. that's all i can add, i don't know about this story but i had a few PM exchanges with Diaks as i like his graphic skills but i don't know him personally.

Same as i don't know you stryder/frozen dream, i suppose though, there is something fishy going on here.

i hope it gets solved for all of you.


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let it rest guys :)

stryder, there will be enough belgians who wanna buy that suntrip music, it's not bad, so don't worry

+ thx for the honest reply; it is indeed like that!


and to all who try to mix into the diaks history, that's between me and him: suntrip has nothing to do with that!

btw: don't see what draekes comment is relevant here?, certainly if you don't know the full story about what happened between me and diaks


+ for all who read this: must be some image you have now of me, certainly if you don't know what happened between me and dreake about that party and trading stuff (thought - if i just read my chatlogs again ;) - we had closed that discussion? strange you bring it up again in public draeke; many thx for that )


any how: long live goa, and certainly, fuck the fuzz arround it ;)

let's all hope we have forgotten this with inn 2 weeks, realizing it wasn't woth it :) as usuall - hahaha

because seems to me our memories are somethimes defunct and we so forget easally what has been talked trough shouldn't become an issue again ;) to cause even more pain

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haha great infos, i think diaks canceled his gig here for the same reasons (inada issue) and decided to get back at them by not buying the cds he ordered through me... makes sense right??? :blink: inada is not affiliated with suntrip, i am not affiliated with suntrip, even inada's party back in the day wasn't affiliated with suntrip, just the fact that we're all in the same country was good enough of reason for him to think he was getting back at somebody.... <_<<_<<_<


st00pid peep0l, you gotta love 'em

did someone already told you you are a wanker ?

oh yes we did a thousand times,

pull the fucking plugs out of your ears !


I know ward (happy horse) from IRL and get lost stijn (frozen dream)


YOUR SIGNATURE MAKES ME SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you got scammed through an open forum, says more about you then the swindler,

I don't like the fact that you got scammed, don't get me wrong,

but pointing fingers in a probably direction with no proof is not the way to deal with this situation !!!!!!!!!!


but then again that is who you are and even that has to be respected !!

well some say we need people like you to know who we are :lol:


it's a hard reaction, but you created the link to this topic, you harvest what you seed ;)


but admit,


this signature is the worst ever posted that I have ever seen on this forum


Posted Image


rest my case, I have no proof either just like you so it's pointless at a certain moment,

as a matter of fact this moment ;)


hope you find the swindler, and be more carefully in the future sending money vs internet...


ps: I liked your last dj-set, you did well, respect (honest is honest), you have talent !

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this signature is the worst ever posted that I have ever seen on this forum

Why? If someone ripped me off I'd consider it a service to let others know about it.

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