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Goasia - From Other Spaces


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I love this album - Soulfull and beautiful goa! ALL of the tracks kick ass and a perfect ender. Fav tracks would be 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9(!!!!), 10 :)


If I'd have to complain about something, it'd be the fact that all of the tracks sound a little samey, but they still differ from one another.


So yeah, it has my recommendations and I'll be waiting eagerly for Goasia's next album, if there ever will be one!



The cover art, much talked about and debated is not bad per se, I just find it inferior to the original one, but what can be done now anyways. Looks like, more or less, the typical symmetrical, Matsuri-like inspired cover. Which is not a sin, far from it; you want to pursue the old school, then you gotta do it right, no? That is, until I pick up the CD from the tray, and run into a fish smacked in the middle of the sleeve behind the CD tray. Anybody, care to explain or elaborate the symbolic or metaphoric significance of a fish taking place on a cover of a goa trance album?

Who gives a shit if it doesn't have a DEEPER MEANING? Does it even have to have deeper meaning? Just because it's on a GOA album it needs a deeper meaning? Damn.

The only complain worthy thing would be if the fish had been badly done, but it was not, it flows with the rest of the artwork well.




I readed some bad comments after the picture of the psychedelic fish under the CD tray of that CD a bit everywhere.

As I got a bit irritated by these comments, I decided to post the original cover I did and that THE ARTIST didn't liked.

That's why I had to change for the fish, lol he liked ....so here is the story!

You made the artwork for Goasia's album? As an artist(though not very good one) myself, I was really amazed by what you did, I love the artwork on the whole album. Keep at it! :posford:
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Ive had it for 6 months and still listen to it often. It's a really beautiful album.

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Going back to this, I enjoy it so much. Goasia's style is just so rich to my ears. Soft pads and basslines, spaced out layers, interesting little details, eastern melodies. I really want another album from Goasia, one isn't enough!

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Taboo is a nice night time goa tune! People are complaining about the lack of darker modern goa trance, this album sure has some some. Not in a sinister way, but definitely in an enigmatic alien kind of way. Ra and Goasia should team up for a VS double CD. Goasia for the night side, and Ra obviously for the day side. There are lots of details and overall a kind of flying soundscape, characterized by echoing effects that makes me think of some type of unknown space craft that travels rapidly across the surface of the earth or another planet. So there is certainly something very organic to the style of the tracks by Goasia, that immediately paints up vivid images in my mind.

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Top of the line yes

they just got their second album out and it looks like the same thing

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Artist: Goasia

Title: From Other Spaces

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: November, 2007


1. Intro
2. Love and Piece
3. Space Travellers
4. From other spaces
5. Octagon
6. Liquid Soul
7. Taboo
8. Per aspera ad astra
9. Sunrise
10. Pray For Rain


Suntrip's 9th release and for 2007 I thought it was pretty good. With a decent beginning and a very melodic and strong middle the goa was powerful and entrancing. I wasn't bothered by the repetition as much as the weak last third of the album. Ending with an average goa track (Per Aspera Ad Astra), a monotonous trance track (Sunrise), and an unremarkable break beat track (Pray For Rain). Kinda like they were all... goa'd out.


"F*ck we have a deadline!"

"Chill out man. just throw some of that other sh*t you were working on for the end. Problem solved. Now it's your turn to buy. Let's get hammered!"


Obviously there were zero concerns about this project as their music has continued to evolve and mature. Happy to have this in my collection.



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I still go back to this album occasionally, and prefer it to their follow up for some reason.


Specially prefer this to their even newer stuff, that i have heard on an EP or something and promptly deleted...it was missing some kind of "magic" of this album.

Hopefully their next release gets back to this kind of level, not that the 2nd album is bad by any means!

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I think I heard this album before I actually did. It brings nothing new on the table.



I disagree. This album did bring something new on the table. Their sound was very fresh and unique. I haven't heard anything that resembles Goasia.


It is full of energy and very danceable. IMO by far their best album. 


Favourites: Space Travellers, Octagon & Sunrise, but I like almost all tracks. 

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i loved this when it came out. but over the years i've realised that goasia is to goa what gms was to fullon. easy to get into, fun to dance to, but also easy to get bored of. in hindsight the melodies seem too obvious or even annoying after repeated listening. the overall sound picture isn't as clear or spacious as modern newschool releases either. this music still has its place and i like listening to some of the tracks every now and then, but i'm really happy that the forefront of goa trance has progressed way beyond the level of from other spaces.

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This album popped up randomly on youtube via its autoplay feature, after I had listened to some other goa. Really nice drive in Taboo, lovely pads and oriental melodies. It's a really hyper-oriental variety of goa. Perhaps influenced by their Balkan roots? This album has a very good blend of cold sci-fi layers, paired with warmer oriental melodies. Which gives it a nice balance, Goasia's use of reverbs and delays is also very much a part of their signature sound.

If I was to pick a weak point, it would be that the kick drums, that are a bit on the thinner side, I prefer big chunky kick drums. :) But that's more about personal preference than actual critique. I remember listening to this album quite a lot on release, but for some reason I never felt the urge to revisit it afterwards. Could be because there was such an increase in Goa Trance relases after 2007. When I do happen to stumble upon it like recently on youtube, I'm reminded of the era. Good times indeed.

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On 4/29/2020 at 6:33 PM, AstralSphinx said:

If I was to pick a weak point, it would be that the kick drums, that are a bit on the thinner side, I prefer big chunky kick drums. :) But that's more about personal preference than actual critique.

I agree with that,

Their kicks probably stop me from relistening to their albums as often as i'd like to for the other elements. More often than not I want that chunky full drive. But when I'm in the mood, ahhh baby! 

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