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  1. My top 10, without any particular order... I have at least 1 physical copy of them all: Jaia - Blue Energy - Blue Synergy (Yellow Feather) RA - 9th (Suntrip) Pigs In Space ‎ Pigs In Space (Phonokol) Hallucinogen - Twisted (Dragonfly) Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (Avatar, RE) Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite (Javelin Ltd France) Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone (Metapsychic) Braincell - Frequency Evolution (Glowing Flame) Jaia - Fiction (Digital Structures) Ethereal - Anima Mundi (Not on label, RE) on a side note, it's good to be back, my last post here was 4 years ago; I dropped out for personal issues. Now you may ask what a die-hard Goa fan has to do with braincell at all... I keep asking myself the same question
  2. first album was way better, i will surely have more listen
  3. oh my GOOOOD These are allllll prety top-notch stuff I use a audiophony Dj - 930, but only for Goa-kick based uptempo tracks, never Ambient (except for Asura's track wich sound really bad on speakers)
  4. me too, i hope he's good as mars, i didn't participate in the debate earlier since i'm new here (looks like the top brass are up to something )
  5. MAM015


    why he turned dark anyway? btw i didn't like his last album either
  6. MAM015

    Sci-Fi Movies

    And yes we should add some of the latest movies like avatar and Pitch black
  7. MAM015

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Ghost in the shell is the best sci-fi. franchise ever, followed closely by Blade Runner imo
  8. very interesting, never heard of Tryambaka, looks like forest, checking it out
  9. Jaia no doubt but all the others are pretty good too
  10. no where to be found on Exogenic. I would really like to listen to some samples or tracks, anyone?
  11. looking forward to his 4th album, i know that his style is unique but i'm hoping for some changes too.
  12. COOOOOl but forget about deep ambient stuff cuz it's too soft to be notifiable
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