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Transwave - Backfire

Jon Cocco

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- Red = Never publically released.
- Black / Bold = Releases on rare comps and/or singles from 94-96. Most people never heard of these.

1. Adoration To The Aum
2. Hypersphere
3. Anahata
4. Arsonik
5. Cycles Of Life

6. Code S9
7. Flamicogyre
8. Bombay Night
9. Ulysse Voyage 2

Astral Projection
Man With No Name
...and several more.

These are just some of the greatest musically talented artists to enter the universe of goatrance.

I've often wondered what an album would sound like released by by an old classic goatrance artist today. The answer is often disappointing because when an old goatrance artist returns, they're often producing something completely different from the reason we loved their music to begin with. Often times, it isn't goatrance. It's something more mainstream friendly to the point it loses it's allure and dreamlike creation. With Backfire, a release that's sure to be one of the greatest album returns by a classic goatrance artist, Transwave releases 9 tracks made from 1994-1996. Several haven't been released until now and others are taken from rare comps most people haven't heard or know of anyway. Two song on this comp are from their first main album which sold least because the record label seems to have gone out of business before many fans could even secure a copy.

For most people who loved the earlier days of Goatrance, Transwave and all their fans, this is like a new album, with tracks many of you including myself had never heard before. In some ways it's like a dream come true. There's something very special about hearing such great songs by Transwave I never heard before. It's awesome. No further words. I'm greatful they didn't put such hit songs as Land of Freedom, Malaka Dance, Trashish (amongst others) on this disc because most Transwave fans and people own and have heard them before. They're on the main albums which were available the longest before going out-of-print so it's reassuring to see they gave us something totally new and yet old, the classic sound, combined.

1. Adoration To The Aum ... Taken from Hypnorhythm EP, their first main album. I can understand why Transwave began Backfire with this. It's an intro, which is the most rare intro track they made I imagine. Okay, I love the beautiful melody notes and sound in the first 1:30 here. I love it. This is classic Transwave and it's awesome. They don't make music like this anymore! The hard, stomping beat kicks in and the melodies develop, faster. Half way into the song it gets a nice groove going. This is arguably the oldest sounding song here. It's also one of their first songs to my knowledge. At least they put this as the opening song. Many people into Transwave have heard this and the following track I presume. Placing it here on the album works. It brings the connection back to where it all began, what many of us missed even if we heard this song before. A-

2. HYPERSPHERE ... This is the second and final song taken from a main Transwave album, that being Hypnorhythm EP as well, their rarest and known album. I have it as a download and this is the first real great dance song (for its time especially) Transwave released to my knowledge. It's one of the, if not THE best song on their debut album. I understand why it's here considering they probably didn't have more great unreleased and rare tracks. Full of climax and one strong, catchy topping leading melody which rises above, capuring all sound and attention. This is the beginning of the big dance floor goatrance greatness that Transwave would later develop into some of their greatest songs ever. I may feel it's very good for our time now. Nonetheless, this must have been quite a song back then, especially to dance to. A

3. ANAHATA is the first new (of old I never heard before) songs on Backfire. This is mainly why I bought this album. It has an interesting opening with a voice sample: "What you're about to hear..." before their sound and style begins. The melodies are good. As it progresses more is introduced as you'd imagine. I honestly didn't find this song great compared to what I'm about to hear but it's good to say the least. Once again, I have to remember this was made around 1994-1995 so compared to the stuff out then... This is almost the least positive and crtitical I can say about such an accomplished, talented group who made a song I don't consider great for myself today. B+

4. ARSONIK is the first song I hadn't heard before that is great. No, it's superb. Just raise the volume and listen to this piece. It's loaded with this powerful current of energy and rhythm. Sure the song seems to capitalize on this one direction but it's an excellent direction. This is one of the best songs on the album. Oh, and there's more. A

5. CYCLES OF LIFE is awesome. WOW!!!! Around 3:40 into this is one of the most beautiful building transitions I’ve ever heard. Yes, I love this emotion transition, build, lift-off. It’s richly rewarding full of positive emotion and energy, The melodies return and more layers pile on top of those. Echoed voice sounds, skipping, zipping along and within everything else. It’s great. No, it’s superb. Don’t confuse the two. This is a classic. A

6. CODE S9 is less emotionally capturing to me than the previous song. It gets stronger as it progresses. There is a great transition, build up, and climax around 4:40. The song hits greatness but ends shortly after. Clocking in around 6:39, the number feels cut or shortened to some degree. It goes so high and ends so soon. Still a great ride. B+

7. FLAMICOGYRE is the first and last song on Backfire which sounds less original. 1:32 into the song is a melody that I swear has been used or so similar to Astral Projection from their earlier days. I don't know who did it first but AP relied heavily on such exact melodies. They later became associated to AP regardless of where they first began. Anyway, the song is most noted for having interesting, mysterious and peaceful transition at 3:55. It's very well done. Transwave is excellent with building and developing the foundation, interesting transitions, and returning the music to places further than it's ever traveled before. After the solid transition, the music returns at 4:55 bigger, better, more powerful than ever before. This includes fresh melodies, tempo, rhythm(s), build ups, and key changes! All are catchy and the sound fusion is different, more complex, involved, and catchy than the first act, before the transition. There is an exciting final climax before the number comes to a close. B+ / A-

8. BOMBAY NIGHT is to my knowledge, the one or main song that was never released on any rare comp or single. I was most intrigued by this song initially from reading about it on here. I have also not been really impressed yet. Don't get me wrong. To each their own. This is ineresting and different. I'll leave it open to potentially appreciate more on further listens of course. This song reminds me of a strong, yet somewhat different reoccuring visual I'd get while listening to the opening in Sandmans Witchcraft album. The visual is fairly dark and mysterious, like entering a magical castle before or close to a time of war. Yes, war. I'm not sure what the goal was behind this but it definitely seems visual based on the atmosphere or strong introduction created. The strange thing is that the introduction doesn't have atmosphere sounds (wind, rain, water drops, battle field, etc) of any kind I noticed, but much emphasis has been put into this unique developing build and tone throughout. Not much momentum or energy seems to take place in the first half. It's slow, collective, curious. The song maintains this comfortable rhythm for quite some time before a gentle transition. At around 5:47 into the song it lifts off. Not that this isn't a climax filled dance floor song IMO. It is interesting to say the least, different from what I'm used to from Transwave. I believe there is more to this song than I currently perceive or know. A-

9. ULYSSE VOYAGE 2 would be the closest song that could have been an intro like the first. There are nice melodies. Some strength is injected 4:00 in. I found the voice hymms unique. They add a unique touch and several new sounds and melodies accentuate them. The slower speed is nice too. The songs short, at around 5:29. Clearly the best or at least most energetic songs have passed and this is a gentle soft closing. A-


Is this better than Helium or Phototropic I have no idea. Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares. That's a debate I have no interest debating. Backfire will go down in history as one of the best releases of 2007, period. Try one of the best Goatrance albums for multiple reasons and easily the greatest album I've ever had the pleasure listening to from an old Goatrance artists return, regardless that these songs were made in the mid 90's. Goatrance fans have a new gem in that old, nostalgic sound that can never be completely truly recreated ever because of the time. The time was [as if] preserved in this capsule to the year of its 2007 release. After the first two tracks (which I heard before) the following songs are like goatrance classics held in a vault for over 10 years! Sure music can be perceived as timeless. And of course the production, digital software, hardware and other various forms of equipment existent to creating such work have improved drastically since 1994-1996. However, this was then. The more dated (at times) production in a sense compliments the authenticity, the fact that this is a non-replaceable gem. After all, it isn't the equipment but how you use it. Transwave built buildings out of sand, metaphorically speaking. As with other great goatrance artists back then, they created so much with so little. It was as if they had no choice but to travel deeper into the mind to obtain more creative, imaginative, and unique ideas that will later see the light. The light, result here is Backfire. It includes the best Transwave songs ever released to rare comps, singles, and never released too. Expect the old-school classic sound of goatrance. Expect the whole reason why people once loved this music and still do, in a time when GOA seemed as if it would never be replaced by a more mainstream, generally infinitely less deep and aware sound. Transwave's Backfire is worth owning. Let it savor over time in your body, mind, heart, and soul. Add it to your collection of awesome classics. Thank you Dado and Chris. Thank you Transwave! smile.gif


Samples / Order here


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1. I've often wondered what an album would sound like released by by an old classic goatrance artist today. The answer is often disappointing because when an old goatrance artist returns, they're often producing something completely different from the reason we loved their music to begin with. Often times, it isn't goatrance. It's something more mainstream friendly to the point it loses it's allure and dreamlike creation.


2. It's awesome. No further words. I'm greatful they didn't put such hit songs as Land of Freedom, Malaka Dance, Trashish (amongst others) on this disc because most Transwave fans and people own and have heard them before. They're on the main albums which were available the longest before going out-of-print so it's reassuring to see they gave us something totally new and yet old, the classic sound, combined.


3. 9.5/10 or 4.75/5 = A (range)

You said it all Jon...

1. No matter how incredibly I am amazed by each and every track from its first to last milisecond, from each and every of Transwave's three albums, I must admit I am rather skeptical about their proper come back album on Twisted Records. Deedrah's (Dado) output ever since these geniuses split up just kept on killing me, and I was never too fond of Christopher's (Absolum) work on his own 3D Vision Records as well, so my expectations are not too high... But to stay on the positive side of things, as always, let's wait and hope I get proved wrong :D ! Damn, I won't even mind it being "mainstream friendly" if it puts a big smile across my face. But these two guys must be aware they have an outstanding legacy to try and live up to!


2. Yes, this album is simply put awesome, as awesome as any of Transwave's previous three genuine albums. And a big, huge, humongous, gigantic, gargantuan plus for including these unreleased tracks and some rare V.A. tracks. And I'd like to point out "Anahata", which I have on the Chakra Journey compilation from 1996, as a real neglected gem here IMO. Now, finally, redescovered and remastered, this track may get all the recognition it deserves! And yes, I even agree with the quoted statement that it is for the better not to have included their "hit" tracks as practically all of their fans seem to have them already. But, I still can hardly imagine a Transwave "Best Of" without the inclusion of "The Rezwalker"!!! That is seriously one hell of a track, which along with a few others defines the french duo. So not including it was kind of a little letdown (but just a tiny tiny tiny, little one) for me. But there is no way you'll spend too much time complaining about that since you'll be reminscing all over the place while listening to this album, or you'll just be too busy trying to learn the unreleased tracks by heart!


3. The vote is a clean and undeniable A here. This is essential. It should be stored or filed with other releases which can claim to have marked a whole era! By the time the vast majority of other producers and the public eye realised the true artistic and economic potential of goa trance, these guys had already three sensational albums tucked under their belt... What else is there to say??? Transwave, thanx a billion and then some!!!

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sure its nice to hear some good stuff from the earlier times.. but why not use a bit of new technology to spice it up? its sounds rather bad in my ears.. bad sound quality.

but good tracks nonetheless.. reminds me of some good old times..

Get yer ears cleaned!


If more goa albums sounded as warm and Not-Computer-Produced* as Backfire does, I'd be happier. :rolleyes:


*I have no idea what Transwave used to produce these tracks, but I'm guessing an Atari ST purely to sequence lots of HARDWARE synths. Likely, isn't it? :P


Also, I have to say, coming out at the same time as Twist Dreams, it shows who the real goa geniuses are: Transwave were able to compose far FAR better melodies and modulations than anyone that's had a release on Suntrip, I'm afraid. Khetzal isn't far off, and initially I thought Filteria had it as well, but his second album is much weaker. :(

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  • 1 month later...

this album is great , but many ppl make complains on mastering issue

as like guys rejoined together , i wonder how will be their upcoming album sounds like

http://www.filefactory.com/file/90ba4e/ here is their Photoprotic album from 1996 wich has Malaka Dance , Lnd of Freedom etc

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Guest Cosmogenesis

I got "Backfire" yesterday, I ordered it three months ago! And the worst is that I'm living in France! :lol:


Anyway, it was worth the wait, because this "best of" is probably the best I heard among all the other pionneers (X-Dream, Cosmosis, etc...). I appreciate particularily the fact that they included unreleased or rare material inside, that makes this release definitely much more interesting. :) I have to say that this audio problem of "flamicogyre" was a big story for nothing finally, it's almost unsignifiant because its duration is only 1-2 seconds and it seems that Dado tried to minimize it at the maximum thanks to his great mastering.


For "Backfire" and his 9 masterpieces : 11/10! :D

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Listening to this for me is like being introduced to trance music all over again for the first time. My head has been split open by this compilation and the contents of my brain have fallen out all over my room. Each piece becoming one with a different track on this hypnotizing,mesmerizing,magical MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!! :D

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this sound is the reason why im even in trance music at all.

Could hardly be better than this!


Their new stuff is weak imo compared to these legendz.


Anahata have been my fav track for years !!


Ive heard most of these tracks before but S9 totally blew me away :blink:

You hear quality stuffs like this on parties?? noo.... :(

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you know there isnt one bad track on here. i dont think i own any other "best-of" where i don't skip at least one track... i don't have their first 2 albums or EP but it seems like these guys never made a bad track!

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I obviously need to listen to this album more.

I gave it one listen & it didn't jump out at me. Yes there was not one bad track but there was one track that grabbed me by the nuts & said, hey you! I'm fantastic. It's been sitting on my shelf for the last week & I haven't put it back in the CD player.

I will though try it in different moods!

Might try it while walking to work today :unsure:

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Well, let me just eat my words.






I gave this a listen on the way to work it is definately out and about, travelling music. Some moments of melodic bliss, some moments of old school magic. Not every second is as gripping as some classics but overall I am very pleased with it and I sure to give it more plays this summer.

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