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Para Halu - Space Rock (2007)


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Artist.....: Para Halu

Album......: Space Rock

Genre......: Dark-Psychedelic

Label......: Zaikadelic Records

Catalogue..: ZAI1CD003

Url........: www.parahalu.com

Rls.Date...: Jan-12-2007

Tracks.....: 10

Playtime...: 78:26 min



01. Flipper 8'17''

02. Popeyote 7'35''

03. Crunchy Christ 8'30''

04. Space Rock 7'57''

05. Matter Of Course 7'57''

06. Karcos Harcos 7'31''

07. Manntraxx 7'00''

08. Cacao Remixed 8'03''

09. Glowing Steel 8'13''

10. Ironiq Iron 7'19''


The new album Space Rock from Para Halu (Hungarians Adam Hohmann and Andras Fekete) was made as a tribute to the golden ages of psychedelia, inspired by such pioneers of the genre as Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles or Hawkwind and the style psychedelic space rock itself (if u never listend to Pink Floyd you don't know what psychedelia is all about). As always Para Halu has that deep, wild, hypnotic, brain twisting, mind wraping ...should i go on :) energetic psychedelic sounds that they developed in years. This is a collection of ten previously unreleased brand spanking new tracks.



#1 Flipper

And our hypnotic travel starts It's like weaking up in an swapm all confused until the baseline hits you and the fear crawl's in your bones so,so,so dark, you start see the glowing frogs and all the swamp creatures all around you... so tripy that you can't stop spining aroung like snake wrapping around a tree. It will bring the stars near you and the deep darkness in you, you'll hear every sound so clear and travel to an another dimension. Great deep-hipnotic psychedelic track and again so deepppppp.


#2 Popeyote

where we stoped we continue with a energetic track. It starts with a very very aggressive baseline with a wild rythm and as the BMP rises you'll want to hit the dance floor and hit it hard. The hypnotic sounds are here too to folow you all the way and that baseline doesn't let you stop dancing simply designed for the dance floor it's so energetic-atmospheric soo "let's hit the dance flour" like. 8:


#3 Crunchy Christ

Wow what a spite baseline with some brain frying FX ans tripy psychedelic sounds.This is my favorite! Twisting hypnotic sounds not so much for dancing. The first part is like preparing you for an mind explosion until you hear "What's happening with me" you will enter a mind vortex it will twist and spin you, make you feel like energy not matter and slowly put you down on the ground at the end. Exellent!


#4 Space Rock

Ok thins one is not by my taste it has a monotony baseline some undefined sounds FX and it doesn't sound at all like Para Halu (not to me) with their deep, hypnotic, energetic psy trance. The hypnotic elements are there but they are so inscrutable like they are ment to scare you not to take you in deep trance,and as mentioned very monotony baseline.Disappointment.


#5 Matter Of Course

Opening with strong hypnotic sounds like imagine youre self in a dark room light upon you and you hear voices and wispers all around you, you can't understand what are they saying....WTF you're on U.F.O. you've been hypnotized and mesmerized, can't move, can't talk you're mind is in high state of consciousness. Nice trippy track not so for the dance floor as for the chill moods.


#6 Karkos Harkos

We are back on track better more spite baseline with focused hipnotic elements that will make you're body move, twist and break. High twisting and trippy FX ans synthetic sounds, like you're brain is a silicon creation and you know how a cyborg feels and thinks all those 0 and 1 are finaly meaning something to you you're brain can recognize them and you're a part of a bigger mechanism, you belong somewhere in the cyber world, in the colective consciousness.


#7 Manntraxx

If the previous track took you into the deep secrets of the cyber world this one will take you even deeper into that world. More deeper feeling, the baseline is not so strong but the deepness...woow like you're falling down 1000km/h (you'we all watched matrix it's just like that falling down and all those 1 and 0 are all around you) simply said very dark and very deep.


#8 Cacao Remixed

Fast and deep base line every track is a story for it self filled with that synthetic sound that will fry youre brain. In about 2'30'' after you play this track, it will reset youre brain waves for something new ..... i leave this experience for you I can't bring closer to you, i just can't describe it with words or write it down you have to hear it. The and is another kick ass perfect finish you'll scream "HELP ME!!!" and knock on the door wanting to go out or is that you're brain who wants to go out of you're body hehehehe. :)


#9 Glowing Steel

"The human fascination with glowing objects" this sentence should explain it all. It brings you that felling of fascintaion, you know the one when you're focused on something and there is nothing around you but that object "my precious" :). Great FX, nice baseline which tend to get more and more impresive as the track concludes for the ending. Another clasical edition from Para Halu.


#10 Ironiq Iron

Another deep edition and as the title of the track says, ironiq. The track is like painted with that feeling of irony (doctor's advice: not to be played on a sunny day :) ), anyways the track is great and as the previous track it's another clasical Para Halu but both tracks painted with a special feeling, listening to them I think you'll understand me, or maybe you'll get some other feeling :)



Ok, what to say, bravo :) Para Halu are deep, hypnotic, portentously wreathing and more complex brain massage sound. i'll give it 8.5/10 i grade it mostly by looking from the Para Halu style and a lil bit looking from the Psy side. The fans of Para Halu, fans of deep and hypnotis psytrance will love this edition and probably give it 9 or 10. To keep it simple Exelent done work!


Favorites 1,2!,3!!,5,6!8!


Don't froget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals

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Review by O Cavalo de Pomba Gira taken from isratrance:


It’s spacey and it rocks, what else could you possibly ask for?


This one will rip your auricular sensors apart and make you SIRIUSLY move your gravity centre. The new lethal concoction of the Hungarian sonic wizards claims to be a tribute to the space rock era – however, you will by no means remain cloistered in your orgone accumulator (even if it makes you feel greater than all the Chinese Herbs and Jaegermeister available in the Pacific North-West). Out on the dancefloor ye shall go.


This happens to be a very typical trait of Para Halu – they make tracks and whole albums that have structures as involved as any Bitch’s Brew era Miles Davis oeuvre. You can sit and listen very attentively indeed – but some part of your body will inevitably keep time (fingers, toes, buttocks or all three). Out in the wild with the freaks of the field, with speakers blaring and auras baring . . . you’ll be further away than Major Tom in a matter of seconds, with the soles of your shoes doing the sacred tribal dance of Ground Control. And yet it has this almost symphonic feel to it – each track seems to be a new chapter in a story that you feel obliged to hear in its entirety. So if I were an audacious enough deejay (every day I’d biddy biddy bong), I’d probably get me two copies and just mix the hell out of them – couldn’t be a miss.


If we do get into individual tracks – well, each and every one of them could provide those vital moments of all-out dancefloor gyration madness when woven into a nocturnal set, the only shortcoming being that you’ll find yourself spending a helluva lot of time finding fresh stuff to mix it with. They’re likely to mix surprisingly well, though – the chaps pay homage to a variety of styles here, and it’s not just Hawkwind and fusion jazz flashbacks that you get. Some parts of tracks are surprisingly similar to the really greasy and pulsating specimens of techno . . . if techno ever dared to do 148-152 BPM, that is (Cacao Remixed is the most obvious example). Crunchy Christ, the eponymous track, Karcos Harcos, Glowing Steel and Ironiq Iron are probably my favourites . . . and the rest of them are more than simply adequate. I must say that I haven’t heard a release of this quality since Scatterbrain’s “Infernal Angel”, and definitely prefer it to the “World of Peace” (also an excellent album, as a matter of fact, but lagging somewhat behind Para Halu’s most recent release insofar as madcap footstomping momentum is concerned).


Now let us consider the Ultra Special blow-by-blow account of individual tracks.




Starts off with bubbling cauldrons of golden smoke followed by howls of cuckooing momewraths tastefully arranged against the background of a smooth beat with buzzing mad clocks popping up every now and then. The beat becomes more driving gradually, inevitably making your gravity centre mobile as stray meteors pass by chased by charged particles, with alien whispers telling your perception to flip.




A rabid pulsation of a helicopter preparing for takeoff is set off against droplets of molten lead floating away into psyberspace. Before you know it, there's the sound of gigantic hammers driving nails into the coffin of consensual reality, and you know something's about to happen. Suddenly, all goes dizzy and the beat goes manic; the sonic landscape gives you a very strong nitrous flashback, you take a few steps forward and fall into a vertical tunnel with rubber walls, falling, falling, falling ever deeper into the rubbery underworld.


Crunchy Christ


From the very first few seconds the beat chews you and squashes you square from all sides, aided by a myriad of tiny sensient sparks dashing here and there, then they fill the entire sonic space, the beat turns into wisps of greyish-blue smoke, and just as some unknown entity voices your own surprise for you, it comes back with a vengeance, transporting you to the largest cathedral you've ever seen. A choir of robots chants a mechanical psalm, and you are approached by Pontiff Albert Hofmann, who smiles at you and hands you a very crunchy serving of Corpus Christi.


Space Rock


You find yourself galloping along the trail of lost souls with hells bells on DMT chirping away meditatively. There are many spaces where the cosmic pump sucks your brain out, then back inside it goes, but hey, it isn't your brain anymore! Trying to come to terms with this rather disconcerting fact, you notice a skinny creature with the head of a frog wearing a Hawkwind T-shirt, and it holds a kazoo in its hands. The ghost of mickey finn emerges from behind the creature's back with a pair of bongos, and the tribal rhythm carries you ever further.


Matter Of Course,


The beat is windy here, and it carries leaves of silver and blue, each of them large enough to serve you as a magic carpet. You hop on and fly over the land of squelches, magnetic fields and electric frogs, into the snowstorm that rages over a crimson mountain ridge . . . is that the Wild Hunt that you see in front of you?


Karcos Harkos


The first thing you see is a fluorescent porcupine reading the most bizarre mantra you've ever heard, and there's a swarm of bees buzzing back and forth over its head in a figure of eight. Infinity. Bees? Bombers carrying tiny blue pills, one of them is melting on your tongue and then it's you reading the porcupine mantra with all the zeal you can master. Karcos harkos. Karcos harkos. Karcos harkos. A choir of voices joins you in a contrapunt, and you just cannot point out the moment when the chant becomes a wild and ecstatic tribal dance and you grow an extra pair of arms, which you use to accompany yourself on the crystal marimba.




The locusts are marching from sunrise to sunset, while the celestial screen of silk is pulled away to reveal a fleet of octagonal spacecraft. They hang in silence for a moment, sounding as though they were diesel-powered and rather rickety . . . but once you get sucked into the hatch of one such ship and find yourself in the pilot seat, you realise it's no diesel - the spaceship has lungs, it enhales, then exhales, and you're in a different galaxy many light years away . . . yet the beat reaches you even here, and shakes you to the marrow.


Cacao Remix


You wake up and realise someone's playing a minimal techno record way faster than it was supposed to go originally, which strikes you as a major improvement. It is on some radio, apparently, which is obviously trying to change the station. As you make a cup of cocoa, you realise you're inside the radio, with transistors and circuit boards buzzing away. The buzzing gets louder and the walls begin to vibrate, then a gust of wind blows the electronics away and transforms you into a high-voltage electric current . . . you find a fitting cable, dive in and travel onwards, neither caring where you're going, nor how long it shall take to get there; it's the most natural thing to be an electric current and to travel through endless cables, after all, isn't it?


Glowing Steel


The steel woodpecker is hunting little copper bugs in a forest of giant mushrooms. Amazed at the sight, you completely forget to watch your step and fall into a pool of ooze, rapidly sinking; then you hit the bottom and go through, ending up in a tunnel with glowing mushroom roots forming chaotic patterns on the walls. Every step sounds like the tolling of a rubber bell, and as you walk a little further, you enter a secret nanobot production facility . . . there are millions of them made every second, each a tiny speck of silvery dust; they chirp away as they are born, then leave through a portal of glowing red. Out of curiosity, you step in - the next thing you know, you are in a space where there's absolutely nothing but an even glow radiating from every direction, with no surfaces, no objects, no ups and no downs. Oddly enough, it feels like home.


Ironiq Iron


A syncopated motor propels you onwards through endless caverns with tiny invisible moths flying through the walls leaving glowing trails behind them. The cavern labyrinth finally ends, and there's an enormous hall where a few hundred dwarves are hammering away at tiny anvils very rhythmically, and a couple of dragons are circling lazily right underneath the dome, which looks as tall as the sky itself. One of them notices you, swoops down towards you. Your eyes meet - the creature chuckles and offers you a ride. You mount it and it takes off, through the hole in a stained glass window and away into the wilderness of turbulent air currents and crackling sparks of static.


Zaikadelic Records

Saiko Sounds




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Here is a review of "Space Rock" album taken from March issue of Mushroom Magazine:


The second album by these two Hungarian guys is musically speaking a consistent follow up to their first album. Extraordinarily deep psytrance with a seemingly ghostly atmosphere and a plethora of cunningly placed acid samples. A monumental journey through the dark realm of psy, never spectacular or overbearing, much more expressed through patiently built up stories, they tell the tale of a 76 minute epos that at times reminds me of X-Dream. The album title increasingly does justice to each subsequent track played. A truly fat production with their trademark powerful drive rounds off this typical ParaHalu album, with which they concretely manifest their location in the scene. Whoever liked their first album will also like this one. I am grateful for having gone through this trip and I look forward to a live set by them sometime this year. (Ilse)


Article link: http://www.mushlink.com/106810.html

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This one is really growing on me. Para Halu's first album is one of my all time favorites, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed by this at first... but it gets better each time. I really enjoy the techno influences that pop up every now and then :P

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I'm usually not impressed by the so called dark psytrance, but I tend to find one or two albums per year that are really good. This year I've already found one of those great albums. Para Halu's Space Rock is dark, hypnotic, twisted and psychedelic night trance. Highly recommended!

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When I saw this title I was rather interested being a great fan of Hawkwind myself. I just had to try the disk out. As a Psy album (dark or otherwise) it's certainly top notch pounding, twisted and with forst rate production. I may be a heritic but that kick drum is a little too samey sounding thoughout, a little more variation in it's sound wouldn't gone amiss. The synth work though is great, lots of intersting sounds with some nice bubbles and sweeps at the start of Flipper and throughout "Ironiq Iron".


Now just add a little driving guitar guys and you will have a psy-spacerock crossover.



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:unsure::huh:Posted Image

Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about the screaming heavy metal theatrics of Skazi but some rthymic palm mute bar chords down in the mix.



Did you know that quite a bit of the electronic FX on "Space Ritual" where done with nothing more than a Guitar a WEM Copycat and a Screwdriver ?



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Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about the screaming heavy metal theatrics of Skazi but some rthymic palm mute bar chords down in the mix.



Did you know that quite a bit of the electronic FX on "Space Ritual" where done with nothing more than a Guitar a WEM Copycat and a Screwdriver ?



I don't like guitar in my psy :ph34r:


Space Ritual???

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