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  1. I usually turn on the computer and start drinking... Andy
  2. I usualy try making a totaly different type of track. In a different genre... Andy
  3. I have to agree with this, I too had hoped for a fw more single shots and infact afew "clean" drum and bass loops. But then, I was just hoping to deconstruct their way of working.... Andy
  4. Well I've been locked out of the forum for the past month, forgoten password and no remiders being recieved. However I managed to get the disk just before Christmas, and the samplemagic crew where fantastic. I recieved it next day (in the U.K) even though the post was screwed up by christmas traffic. On top of that, there was a known fault with one the audio CD, Smaple magic not only sent a replacement after christmas, they through in a free sample set just to say sorry. You're right, there is a lot of great material on the DVD and I'm pleased to say, it's not a "Eat Static" construction kit. As you say there are familiar sounds but you can't just layer stuff to make a soundalike track. So for the record, here's a track I put together using just samples from the disk, some mangled, some left alone. Listen to "Eat One" at: http://www.myspace.com/rtwoproject If it's crap, it's my fault, not the samples form the disk ! Andy
  5. Righto, I've been working on this track for a while, I'm still not happy with it though. I'm just looking for comments on the progrss so far... Download from: http://www.r2-dvd.org/Darkwave.html Ta Andy
  6. Hmm, I seem to be having trouble finding this for sale on line. Psyshop doesn't seem to have it available: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oso/oso1cd001.html Andy
  7. I keep meaning to check that one out, in fact today or tomorrow. Andy
  8. Thanks for the link ! I knew it would be trouble because someone would say it's a dumb question (and it probably is )! cr1st0 I've seen the KbbbKbbbKbbbKbbb quoted before but disecting some Para Halu tracks I've noticed that once the tempo goes above 150bpm (the starting point for Dark I think) the pattern is more rolling: K_bbK_bbK_bbK_Bb (the last bassnote is a full 8th long with a 32nd on the final 16th an octave higher with portmantau) to give a pitch bend. (the other kicks and bass notes are short sharp shocks barely 8 wavelengths long at 80(ish) Hz. How about diminished fifths in the lead ? Good or bad. Ta Andy
  9. I'm just about to start trying to make a bit of Dark Psy (At least darker than I do currently try to do). Any basic tips on making it to help me get started ? Andy (I'm probably asking for trouble with this question aren't I ?)
  10. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about the screaming heavy metal theatrics of Skazi but some rthymic palm mute bar chords down in the mix. BTW Did you know that quite a bit of the electronic FX on "Space Ritual" where done with nothing more than a Guitar a WEM Copycat and a Screwdriver ? Andy
  11. When I saw this title I was rather interested being a great fan of Hawkwind myself. I just had to try the disk out. As a Psy album (dark or otherwise) it's certainly top notch pounding, twisted and with forst rate production. I may be a heritic but that kick drum is a little too samey sounding thoughout, a little more variation in it's sound wouldn't gone amiss. The synth work though is great, lots of intersting sounds with some nice bubbles and sweeps at the start of Flipper and throughout "Ironiq Iron". Now just add a little driving guitar guys and you will have a psy-spacerock crossover. Andy
  12. Sure but it will be tomorrow as it's at home and I (foolishly) lent my scanner to someone else. In the meatime here's a gem from 1977: http://www.cyndustries.com/synapse/synapse...arch1977&pic=13 Use the nextpage near the bottom of the page as there are about 7 or 8 pages of this. Andy
  13. Thanks Nemo, will do, looking forward to it ! Andy
  14. In his recent interview in Future Music (U.K magazine) Steve Hillage (of System 7 fame) mentions "progressive Psy coming out of Denmark and Scandinavia". Just showing my ignorance here, but anyone care to point me in the direction of example tracks/bands ? Ta Andy
  15. Eventide Harmoniser I believe is the standard method in the film indusrty. Shift down one octave. Apparently the early models are best because the audio artifacts that introduce enhances the demonic effect. Andy
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