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  1. Artist: Psychoz Album: Psyochotic Epiphanies Genre: Psychedelic Style: Dark Label: Geomagnetic.tv Records Catalogue: GEOCD024 Store.Date: Aug-02-2007 Rls.Date: Aug-17-2007 Tracks: 09 Playtime: 64:40 min 01. The Beginning [08:08] 02. Confession [06:03] 03. Hell Razor [07:17] 04. Death Is No Escape [07:16] 05. Darkness Is Coming [07:25] 06. During As Instead Of [08:49] 07. New World [07:00] 08. Unchosen Path [06:40] 09. Psychotic Epiphanies [06:02] PSYCHOTIC: Psychotic alterations of perception are referred to as hallucinations; Persons experiencing a psychotic episode may experience hallucinations. EPIPHANY: (Greek: επιφάνεια, "the appearance; miraculous phenomenon") (feeling), a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something or someone; Great joy and trancendence, usually accompanied by new knowledge. This is the 3rd album edition from the Macedonian artist Zoran Zlatkovski (Psychoz) These 9 tracks are 9 different stories, these are the Psychotic Epiphanies that you will experience when you finally ignore your fears and doubts and let go and they will take you into dark and twisted places where only your savage scream could be heard, the place where the old you will die and the new you will be born. There Psychoz will be your background growl while your brain goes on overdrive being overwhelmed by wave after wave of pure raw madness. This is the madness of the modern world filtered through Zoran's skewed perspective on reality. 01. The Beginning This is mine favourite track from this album. It will take you deep in the trippy world of your imagination, with a trippy bassline in South African style, a trippy sounds that take u deep ….. deep into the ocean depths while you get flashing images before your eyes and a mean side kick that makes holes in your brain like an acid melts metal away 02. Confession Spite Nocturnal Music  that gives you an excellent question to think about “What kind of creature are you” (this also appears on his track “Man Creature” VA – Nightvision) with a brain blasting SA style bassline and a palette of sounds and FX, just this one track will take u places and dimensions and make every brain and muscle cell of your body contract. 03. Hell Razor I was little disappointed from this track from the point of view I expected it to make me feel nails on my face, those cold chills but instead it did even better. It took me in a mentally twisted place, with brain drilling sounds feeling warm all around me .. yes you guess it to hell. It has the (guitar) beginning as his track on VA – Trip Controllers “Right Now” (and what a track that was) , classical SA style bassline and epiphany as I said before of an mentally twisted place. 04. Death Is No Escape I don’t know why but this track very much associates me on darkness the unexplored places, the places where life exist without any need of the sun. Twisted sounds with a body crushing bassline and spite nocturnal FX it will bring the fear in your bones and you will witness pure darkness where life does not depend form the sun energy 05. Darkness Is Coming This one is a collaboration with Violent (Aditya Arora - Adi) and what do you expect when two masterpsy minds join. Very spite bassline that is oriented to the dance flour and believe me you don’t want not to have this track in your Dj set, the earth will tremble, the sky will burn prepare your self for the coming of the darkness. 06. During As Instead Of Deep night in the forest, crickets in the background..and it starts fast and firm SA style bassline and sounds that change your perspective on things from turn to the next turn. I know it’s not a typical forest psy track but to me it sure it leaves that taste and from that darkness previously it’s nice refreshment and I don’t even want to talk about what will this track do on the dance flour…it will melt you away  like an ….. 07. New World Welcome to the new world. After the road of pain, darkness and decay - the road to your death now it’s time to be reborn again. All the things you see are new, all you are imagining it’s new. SA style bassline programmed for the dance flour, confusing sounds that give you feel of something new and strange something you haven’t experienced yet. 08. Unchosen Path Do we choose our path or? … many of us wonder trying to cope the meaning of life, meaning of existence, epiphany, a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something. With a deep bassline and well placed brain confusing sounds, this track will take you to the unknown and back, choosing the strangest paths. 09. Psychotic Epiphanies Psychotic alterations of perception and realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something or someone; Great joy and trancendence, usually accompanied by new knowledge. The best definition for this track. It will do psychotic alternations of your perception witch will be accompanied by new knowledge. The eternal cycle of life, your reality changed for ever, your rebirth will be completed. With deep and hypnotic bassline followed in step by hypnotic sounds this track deserves its name And at the end what to say, I feel like I said all there is to say and also I did not say anything like there is so much to say about this album. It will definitely make your brain cells expand and you will “Crawl out of your skull and leave behind the world you once thought you knew and create a new definition of sanity.” The first cycle, tracks 1-5 with South African bassline excellent for dance flour, bone shattering combinations of sounds, FX, fuses and crossovers that will take you to the darkest parts of your mind. The second cycle tracks 6-9 big trippy hypnotic tracks (just the way I like them) that will test your mental sanity. So there you have it, all the elements of an perfect album a rate it 9.5/10 Favourites 1(!!!),6(!!!),7(!!!),9(!!!),4(!!),5(!!)
  2. ughhh didn't know that it sux damn, can't belive .... it's a shame BIG shame
  3. There is nothing to do with experimenting with this genre, it supassed experimentin. It’s pure, it’s powerful and I love it. You have to like industrial before u like this one
  4. a wonderful combination of psy-minimal, love it. by the way what happend with the review
  5. Artist.....: VA Album......: Engrams V.2.1-Compiled By Egnogra Genre......: Psychedelic Label......: Shaman Films Media Catalogue..: SHAMFCD005 Url........: http://www.shamanfilms.net/ Store.Date.: Sep-20-2007 Rls.Date...: Sep-24-2007 Tracks.....: 10 Playtime...: 71:18 01. Xyla - Psivamp [08:27] 02. Phobos Azazel - Kokoa Neutrino [06:25] 03. Psychoz - Black Ram [07:03] 04. Quasar - Freemakr [07:38] 05. Magma Ohm - Dark Rage [06:17] 06. Netrosystem - Form The Circus [07:13] 07. Detonatik - Chombawomb [07:21] 08. Claw - Vataku [07:03] 09. Hishiryo - Magelan [06:31] 10. Paranoize - Nuhman Meuman [07:20] Shaman Films Media once again bring us a great edition of psy or more industrial psy edition I’ll say. Engrams V.2.1 is the sequel of Engrams Luminaria 2012 which also was one of Shaman Films Media fine edition. Engrams V.2.1 couldn’t come in better time then now after releasing Xyla – Esoterica album that I have grown to like very much ( love u Xyla and big respect to u for what you are doing). So back to this beautiful piece of art that used the help of 10 sonic scientists to help us keying the forgotten Engrams buried in our minds. So as the introduction says “ Let yourself go and explore the depths of each sonic prayer guide you into a better understanding of our world and its surroundings.â€â€¦. and these are mine forgotten Engrams. 01. Xyla – Psivamp [08:27] Xyla or Miranda Collins a great psy artists by mine tastes and there a lot of things I could say about her great things but it will take these all review to do so, just get your hands on new firstborn album Esoterica. Ok back to this track Psivamp or Psy Vampire (Xyla is into Goth by the way) has the Xyla signature with her recognisable signature on the drum kick and bassline, passovers and adding well placed industrial mind squeezing sounds in the background and developing the track step by step just like exploring step by step your forgotten Engrams. The track is all Xyla, made on Macintosh to give that sweet industrial flavour. 02. Phobos Azazel - Kokoa Neutrino [06:25] Phobos Azazel or Darko Novevski a great psytrance artist from Macedonia brings his contribution to this piece of art. Although I’m used to listen to his forest psy creation Darko proves that he can also cope excellent when working with mind melting industrial psy. The bassline has a constant deep dark feel trough the track and the kick is following as they are one, they remind me of the South African style so you guessed it it’s a great track for the dance flour. The FX and sounds used from industrial cuts, roars and screams to multiple industrial drum kicks. 03. Psychoz - Black Ram [07:03] Another artist from Macedonia Psychoz or Zoran Zlatkovski starts his exploring of the Engrams aggressively with a very spite and fast bassline followed by acid industrial sounds like exploring your Random Access Memory and watching all the images stuck there. The best way to describe the track is monolith – strong as rock and constant all the way not much crossover (they are not noticeable) but a great track to add some fuel to a party. 04. Quasar – Freemakr [07:38] Jason Frazier opens with the search for information “We want information†. Deep and acidic twisted bassline with slower bmp’s then the previous tracks and not so industrial flavour sounds, more acid FX and to much for my taste added dialogs-monologs. From the middle the track plunges more deep and dark and that’s all from this track. 05. Magma Ohm - Dark Rage [06:17] Acid and industrial sounds mixed together spiced with robotic-electronical FX and a bassline close to the South African style is the recipe made for this track from Magma Ohm - Carlos Lessa. The track doesn’t change much and there are no noticeable crossovers but it leaves you with that bitter dark rage taste in your mouth. 06. Netrosystem - Form The Circus [07:13] Starting with a classical piece of mouth ..it’s on tip of my toungh (Kill the rabbit )can’t remember the name ïŠ maybe you will melting slowly into a spite bassline and brain drilling sounds, Netrosystem or Baruch Geda starts his travelling trough your Engrams. Going even harder with some brain squeezing sounds that will drain all the juice which creates a killer track for the dance flour. 07. Detonatik – Chombawomb [07:21] Jasi (Bombay, India) influenced by The Nommos, Toi-Doi Zik, Alien Mental, Derango, Grapes of Wrath and one of my favourite artist which always takes you deep into exploring your mind is here with his spinal cord twisting track . It’s trippy, it will take you places you have never been with a South African bassline and well timed kick it will simply blow you away or blow your brain away anyway you like it’s fine with me ïŠ. 08. Claw – Vataku [07:03] Charalambos Pieris producer from Cyprus or just Claw opens up with deep bassline and acidic kick starts of in the South African style again but for those who know the work done by claw this is for a knoch slower. The FX are great pure industrial mentally brain drilling sounds. The main accent is put on the bassline so you guess it it’s another great addition to the dance flour which will make the masses go wild and insane. 09. Hishiryo – Magelan [06:31] Hishiryo - Pin Shenz Cyril with the most suitable track name for exploring – Magelan the great explorer. Starting with some mystery dialog about the Columbos ships (when discovering America), fast bassline followed by trippy misteric FX joined with brain burning industrial acids followed by brain screaming roars, what a combination won’t you agree? The best way to feel all that is to listen to it words are nothing to describe this. “The mind is the only undiscovered territory†10. Paranoize - Nuhman Meuman [07:20] Alex Ladyzanskyi he recently published his firstborn “In The Lab†and should I say that he is also one of my top artists finishes this wonderful compilation. More spite bassline with wraped around a chant that takes you to that wonderful place – India. The sounds and FX are pure industrial with a touch of trippy and acidic that make the perfect combination a pure example of what should industrial psy track sound like such a great track. Enjoy it. What to say at the end I might not be the right person to review this compilation. I love the tracks, I have big respect for the artist they are my top artist and a love this genre (blame it on NIN ) so I give this one 10/10 and I think everybody should have it because it will be a manual how to make a great industrial-psy track. Favorites (1!!!),(2!!!),(3!!!),(4!),(5!!),(6!!),(7!!!),(8!!!),(9!!!),(10!!!) all
  6. Artist.....: Blisargon Demogorgon Album......: Book Of Magic Label......: InPsy Media Url........: www.inpsyde-media.com Rls.Date...: Feb-23-2007 Tracks.....: 09 Playtime...: 70:43 min Track List: 01. Samara Is Back [07:34] 02. Toxic Soul [07:18] 03. Legend Of The Past [07:41] 04. Shadows On The Road [07:49] 05. Book Of Magic [08:01] 06. Fear Of Hell [07:30] 07. Illusion Of Death [07:59] 08. Black Zodiac [08:15] 09. Magical Portal [08:36] Blisargon Demogorgon (AKA DJ Montezuma) behind which stands Valentino Trencev (Macedonia) presents us with his first creation called “Book Of Magic”. As the title of the album says this creation will take you through a magical journey from the ages of alchemist, strange rituals, old temples, dragons and magicians a journey that will take you into deep and dark state of trance. It will make you ask you the essential questions who prevail through centuries Who am I ? Do I belong here? While your mind will kick, scream and manifest the insanity that has been lying dormant within you. I’ll finish this introduction with By no means think of this as a game – wise men elate and drop everyday for the use and abuse of this arcane science. Dare to risk the insanity in these chapters? #1. Samara Is Back [146 bmp] This is the introduction track of the album and surely it has that taste that leaves behind it. It begins with great mysticism like your expecting somebody to come, and somebody is coming – Samara. The kick drum and bassline give you that feeling. They are calm and when you just expect they go in a full explosion they bring back that expectation moment back. The FX are great they give that dose of mysticism to the track that take you centuries in the past and you get a picture of an old oltar, cold fog on the ground and a full moon in the sky. #2. Toxic Soul [148bmp] Toxic Soul you can look on it like the continue of the first track, the drum kick and bassline are almost the same (148bmp a little bit faster) with more aggressive FX or let’s just say toxic and twists that squeeze your brain like a lemon. So toxic soul it might describe the soul of the expected one. #3. Legend Of The Past [150bmp] Now here begins the part of the album I love (well I have noticed the tracks I very like vary from 150bmp to 155bmp). And what a beginning that spite bassline followed by very intense mystique FX and those twisting sounds characteristic for Valentino. The drum kick will kick your brain inside your skull and stir it like an alchemist stirs some of his potions in a big pot. The track in a same way is deep so deep it will take you on a journey into the past. #4. Shadows On The Road [152bmp] You guess it more spite and darkly deep bassline (the bassline trough the whole album goes into progression of deepness and spiteness more and more until the end when it returns to the beginnings) that give this track a real atmospheric feeling that you’re in abandon dark place surrounded with shadows. Somewhere on the beginning of the end of the track Valentino plays with the bmp’s that will make you feel like time goes faster and slows down so you can see all that fast moving shadows and the end is a killer. #5. Book Of Magic [154bmp] The title track of the album. Like all the energy from the album is concentrated in this track the origin of the magic, the mystique elements.. the source. The FX that follow the very spite bassline and kick drum are so mind twisting the sound characteristic for Valentin (and he gave the best) which all of his fans and the ones familiar with his work will recognize that makes this track his signature on the album. #6. Fear Of Hell [152bmp] This definitively is my favourite track from the album. With more darkness from the previous but non-less spite bassline and kick drum and I’ll say it is the most dark and spite track from them all (from my stand) and the FX and the conversations in the track (there are few more here, but … I like it) give it even more dark feeling and all you can think of is red skys fire and lava around you… the fear(picture) of hell that is put in us from the day we are born. I won’t say anything else for this track I leave it to you. #7. Illusion Of Death [150bmp] With this track ends the culmination of the album witch started from track 3 (those magical 150-155 bmp’s  ). So now we decent with the illusions of death everybody has(had) that moment when he thinks about his death, this is one of those with the bassline pumping your heart while you’re lieing on you’re bed and you’re mind is so far away in another part of the universe, the darkest parts, travelling with light speed trying to explain the unexplained. Excellent track. #8. Black Zodiac [148bmp] “…you see these they represent the black zodiac…”. Track with great darkness inside with not so dark kick drum and bassline but very spite FX! So spite you get the feeling the want to bite your brain, and did I say not so dark bassline ehehehe wait for the start of 2/3 from the tack and the track is completed, average but excellent average. #9. Magic Portal [146bmp] So this concludes our journey trough the mystical and old and what greater name then “Magical Portal” the way out, the exit. Exiting this world trough a portal something like warp drive trough space followed by the flashes from the visit of that magical world (the blurry voices) called “Book Of Magic”. At the end what can I say a great work from Valentino. I had this album for a longer period but didn’t have the time to listen to it and when I did … what can I say then “you recognize a great work from the start of the first notes, the vibe of the bassline. Overall it’s typical work for Blisargon Demogorgon who has listened his tracks from the many VA’s he is featured on will get the general idea and have in mind that Valentino put his heart and soul in this album (firstborn) so if you have heard his track this is *100 times. I rate it 9/10 Favourites:3,4!,5!,6!!,7!,8 Don't forget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals
  7. Artist..............Penta Album............Horn Please Genre.............Psychedelic Label..............Auraquake Hyperlink.......http://www.auraquake.com Catalog..........AQCD004 Release.Date..2007-03-30 Tracks............09 Playtime.........72:38 min 01. Perfect Sunday…..08:30 02. Aerobica…………08:02 03. Stag Party……….07:50 04. Foggy……………08:56 05. Olympia…………08:19 06. Take Two………..07:16 07. Non-Profit ………06:31 08. Why Not?.............09:46 09. Here We Come….07:28 For intro I’ll leave the publishers words put on paper because I think there can’t be no better introduction of Penta’s new album “Horn Please” (off course there will be some comments from me  ) “Endless travelling, constant noise of the parties, life in hotels, as well as a considerable dose......of couch-surfing, has accumulated in Penta's head into something that resembles the chaos of Indian street traffic. Horn Please - the message that is written on the back of the sub-continent's trucks in India (who has been in India or watched the documentary “The Last Hippie Standing” knows why  ) could never been more appropriate to describe the desire to bring order to trance musician's life. This album, executed in the style of a Mumbai taxi, is a dedication to the crazy party life in the form of a collection of morning and night psytrance tracks, sometimes written in headphones in different parts of the globe, and already successfully tested on the biggest dance floors of the planet. Faster BPMs than in his previous albums, as well as the use of the latest technologies, makes 'Horn Please' one of Nikita's most psychedelic works to date.” . Soo our story begins… as I said before the introduction of the album is it mirror… Nikkita tried to bring us closer to a part of his life share it with us, which makes this album even more unique … because I don’t know there may be other but this is a first time for me that an psy artist shows his intimate, inner looks on the world #1 Perfect Sunday It’s a Sunday morning and you are wakening up there are some unclear voices coming from the TV you left on the previous night…after that crude awakening the real thing begins the spite bassline with the twisted FX bring you the fast morning life (getting up, shaving, getting dressed) but from moments you get the flashes from the previous night.. and start to wonder “what happened?” … You continue get out take a walk on the fresh morning sun and everything goes so fast around you, you’re heart starts to pump faster and faster, those strange, twisting FX start again to f**k you’re brain up and the bassline won’t stop pumping blood to your heart and brain. #2 Aerobica The day has started and you face again the great world around you. Here we have even more spite bassline then the previous track but and even more mind twisting FX’s, the new technology is working damn I never encountered such trippy and twisting FX … you can’t even hear yourself.. as a fact no one can. #3 Stag Party You’re back home the sun starts to set and the only thing you want to do is flush that tension in your brain. Your thoughts travel to a distant place, a place of happiness …. You turn to the TV and see Marge and Homer talking “Is this is some kind of stag party? No Marge it is going to be a classy party” …And you recall the party, it comes to you in a blurry vision from the bassline it’s in a way calm and blurry and with no so aggressive FX that were attacking your brain previously #4 Foggy So you are still foggy in your mind lifts and you’re back there, where? On the dance floor. From here on stars the dark, strange voices and FX, are those monkeys I hear? What the f**k? The bassline is so dark and when I say dark I mean very dark, no spite but pure darkness coming from it building up the tension preparing you for the next level, the next step. #5 Olympia Now this is it the ultimate pleasure. Something so psychedelic the dark bassline from the previous track builds up some spiteness the FX are more consistent and the bloops and blips are so deep and trippy. This is definitely my favourite track from the album. The psychedelia Is building up and you’re hitting the dance floor hard and you are starting to loose your self, it fills you up with energy and you can’t stop moving even if you want to … soo don’t stop, don’t ever stop. #6 Take Two So you’re so worked up till now and suddenly here she comes like an angel from the fog … she is offering something to you and says: “Take two”. It almost morning it’s about 2-3 a.m. the early birds star to sing you hear their singing. The track continues where the last stopped with almost the same bassline and combined FX, trippy sounds from the previous tracks it’s the cream of the night the point where you start to melt . #7 Non-Profit And now the party is over you are not at the same place anymore there is a very mean, spite bass line followed by a drum sound. I personally don’t like drums in a psy-track but this is something different, they give a special colour to the track when you hear them the adrenalin starts too pump. From Nikkita’s point of view “The night is hot as hell, it’s a lousy room in a lousy part in a lousy town” it’s all about love for psy-trance. #8 Why Not? As you plunder on the bad and the momories form last night overvelm you the fillings are coming back to you more intense, clearer. Again with a very deep and dark bassline Nikkita strikes your nerve system. You are awake but still dreaming or are you awake in the dream all the pictures of the past pass by you all the things you did even the things you gonna do and you say to you’re self “Why not?”. It’s a great track when you want to soak up every moment of the sunrise. #9 Here We Come This track ends it all or does it.. do you get the feeling you’re spinning around and around, the bassline and the FX in this one sure make you feel like that. And you star to wonder did I experienced all that or am I going to experience all that. The circle can never be broken “Here we go” again What can I say I did my talking travelling throgh the tracks, it’s a master peace from Nikkita and could we expected anything less from him. For me personaly the experience was a story like the life of one person was put in one day, and in that day, in that life we find our selfs or some of us do, some more, some less … ok I think it’s time for me to stop and rate this beaty and I give it 10 out of 10 the best peace of art a heard so far in 2007 Favourites: All!!! Don't forget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals
  8. Artist.....: Abnormal Killers Album......: Psylosopsy EP Genre......: Dark Psychedelic 01.Glupcoooo 02.Srellik Lamronba 03.Fuck Me On 155bpms Mastered by Psychoz Abnormal Killers is the brainchild of Darko Janevski and Andrej Tasevski (Hagenith), born in a local hospital somewhere in Macedonia, in early 1990 and mid-1989, respectively. As a young kid, Andrej wanted to be Mozart and started doing some serious head-banging on the piano at the retarded age of 7. Unfortunately, he never got to be Mozart. As for Darko, he wanted to play soccer, but broke his arm doing god knows what and quit. In early 2002, they discovered Psytrance. They started producing in late 2004 and, on a pretty regularly boring night, Darko dreams about the name Abnormal Killers. They would never be the same again, for they've followed Darko's prophetic dream and started doing noise in 2005. It didn't work out so great initially, as the sound consisted basicly of Andrej headbanging on Darko's broken arm (yeah, these things take years to recover, sometimes). They evolved, and they now want to play the MIDI keyboard like Kindzadza or Ocelot and play soccer like Cosmo, Highko and many other superstars. Their main goal is that people understand their music, no matter how incredibly difficult it might be, and enjoy it, if possible. Since no one could ever live from releasing music on Psylosophy Records, Darko is currently emplyed as a bartender and dreams about working for Queen Elizabeth one day. Andrej works as a mechanic for a very psychedelic car repair shop. 1. Glupcoooo In translation "dumbass" It starts with a full on bassline not so spite by my taste, but there are very interesting background FX like drops off water folowed by echoes, they took me into a dark sewer struggling to find the way out...runing hmmmm the bassline spoils the trip it's so syntetic but the trippy parts are here to take you to the darkest parts of youre mind but when I sum it all together the track loops, you're in a freeze-repeat state 2.Srellik Lamronba Now here is something with a spite bassline "just be carefull" and influx of trippy FX start to hit youre brain it's like South African Psy but more spite, darker with hipnotc deep sounds which remind me of Para Halu but Abnormal killers have done this in their original way, you'll twist and fall in deep trance with this one, there will be milion of pictures going through youre mind ....or just one. Great track 03.Fuck Me On 155bpms 155bpms as the title says it will try to fuck youre brain up. Faster then the previous (155bmps ) with the same spiteness in the bassline and aggressive FX which will try to bust into youre brain and make it mash potatoes, and when you think that's all from the tack in the second half it goes even faster if you haven't surendered youre brain yet this will make you fall and let youre self to the track...and i won't talk about the ending i leave it up to you. Try this pill like track it is not so scary as it sounds but it will definitively F**k you up ,as the track begins "Just be carefull what you see.." http://www.psylosophy.com/releases/pslep002f/index.html http://www.psylosophy.com/artists/abnormalkillers.html Free download http://www.psylosophy.com/abnormal_killers...losophy.com.zip Favorites: 1,2!!,3!! Don't froget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals
  9. Artist.....: VA Album......: The Meaning Of Life Genre......: Morning Psychedelic Label......: Vertigo Records Catalogue..: VER1CD015 Url........: http://www.zma-distribution.com/details.asp?ID=110 Rls.Date...: Jan-18-2007 Tracks.....: 10 Playtime...: 77:44 min 01. Gappeq - Lavondyss [06:39] 02. Terminator - Scary Boubles Ocelot Rmx [07:57] 03. Optical Human Vs. Tsabeat - Saturday Horns [06:22] 04. Naked Tourist - As Well As You Dance Insane Behaviour [07:42] 05. Terminator Vs. Encephalopaticys - Maniac Is Close To Y [09:27] 06. Whoop - Magic Crystal [08:45] 07. Neuron Compost - Izilop Pop Rmx [07:39] 08. Ocelot - Xcilog Frog Grog Furious Rmx [07:48] 09. Gms - Fly Terminator Rmx [07:04] 10. Tamlin - The Wizard Who Smoked An Oz Bonus Track [08:21] When you read/hear that a compilation is dedicated to Victor Zolotorenko (Zolod) - Terminator, rest in peace man, you got to have it by anymeans. As the intro of this comipation begins with the question well known to all of us "What is the meaning of life?" and some mummble, jummble about "It's an eternal question with million answers. Scientific approaches and theories, different philosophical views,theistic beliefs, spiritual and mystical revelations gave a mankind many meanings, but this question still exists." Well then my answer is The meaning of life is what you make of it. Some may aggre some not but i really don't care it's my standing and a view to this eternal question. Ok back to the compilation by Vertigo Records (big respect to them) this is their vision of the underground psy-trance at present moment, so it doesn't have to be yours (remember "What you make of it") it contains five tracks and five brilliant remixes made by worldwide known artists like Ocelot,Naked Tourist, Neuron Compost, Terminator. And of course,some newcomers - Optical Human vs Tsabeat from Israel and Whoop - solo project by Vladimir Kataev (former Furious participant). #1 Gappeq - Lavondyss Great opening of this compilation by Jiri Tomasek (Czech Republic) you have the feeling you're enterin the colosseum the crowd is going wild - welcome to the dance floor. To be honest i expected more from this track (judging from the begining) it has nice catchy baseline, but week choice on FX and those trippy thingies, the flute killed the track and my brain it leaves that progresive taste in my ears, no goodie for me . #2 Terminator - Scary Boubles Ocelot Rmx First of the tributes for Zolod. This track is all Zolod with added Ocelot rythm and Ocelot FX. Great one nice baseline so trippy so psy it clears up youre mind, if you expected dark think again this one is a pure morning track I have never been so peacefull. #3 Optical Human Vs. Tsabeat - Saturday Horns New comer Optical Human and Tsabeat (Elad Weinberg) from Israel, let me tell you about Tsabeat he has a great future (just listen to "Coloring The Night - Neverending Story") he started in Punk and Metal bends (like me ) and has that dark feeling, ok back to the track well..... it's nice and catchy so fresh i only don't like the baseline, until Tsbeat takes over from half of the track and it get's better, and he again proof's himself to me - he can make a great morning to, I salut you great execution. #4 Naked Tourist - As Well As You Dance Insane Behaviour I wanted to hear this one from Martin (Z-Neo) & Bjorn (DJ Iguana) with great and see their morning style, their dark i great and it has that unique sound. The baseline is exelent, the FX are just right, yeah another strike for the ppl behinf Nacked Tourist project #5 Terminator Vs. Encephalopaticys - Maniac Is Close To You Like the previous track this one was on my important list. It's Zolod and Vasko Velickovski a producer from Macedonia who started his career under the influence of Parasence, and as time passes by his getting better and better if you have the opportunity to see his live acto don't hesitatate to see him you'll get your moneys worth. Ok back to the track Encephalopaticys dominates this track which is by the way a KICK ASS! track exelent base line so tripy FX, morning psychedelia all the elements at their best are present and they are at their best. #6 Whoop - Magic Crystal Whoop, Vladimir Kataev (former Furious participant) ok to be honest to you this is new one for me let's see what he has to ofer. Mmmmm I'll rate this like avarege, avarege baseline, average FX, I like the conga sounds it put's on some african beach in the morning, pure ocean, pure laughter coming form the ppl danceing around you, did I say average I stand corected, it has magic in it just give it a little time like i did #7 Neuron Compost - Izilop Pop Rmx Neuron Compost or Reece Stockhausen with his tribute for Zolod. Listening to him and all the past tracks you get the feeling the "boys" really gave the best of them for this one, from what you can see their great respect for Zolod. The track is full morning psychedelia, so trippy FX and the best baseline i've heard so far in this compilation and is my No.1 for this edition. #8 Ocelot - Xcilog Frog Grog Furious Rmx Ocelot the king for morning for my taste with another one exelent performance.... really a can't review Ocelot 'couse the morning he does is the best for me some may not agree, but we all have our own tastes don't we . I'll try to keep it simple ..... i can't so you have to hear it to belive it it has booooommmm baseline, boooommmmm FX, boommmmmm morning psychedelia. #9 G.M.S. - Fly Terminator Rmx Riktam and Bansi payed their tribute to Zolod with another great track. Ok this one is a great project you have the tase of G.M.S. baselines (the founders of Full-On) and the trippy sounds of the morning style, it froze my brain ook me to another nebula where you loose youre sence of touch, all youre neurons are concentreted in youre brain this is a must listen. This life form I encounter for the first time and is all over me, around me, in my toughts, I feel, I can't move...such beauty. #10 Tamlin - The Wizard Who Smoked An Oz Bonus Track Tamlin or Jonas Henrikson. We'll it's end of the trip kids so says this track it kind of wakes you up from the previous tracks a great by, by track see you next time great for the ending of compilation, happy baseline,FX, like it want's to say celebrate life in the name of thouse that aren't with us. Well you step in with one view on the world and after you hear this compilation is altered. It leaves you without words. I got the feeling that this was Dark but it's pure morning to the bone and such great morning this is you'll want to wake up with this compilation every day. The ppl from Vertigo Records did their job and did it well. It's a must have and becouse the fact is a tribute to Victor Zolotorenko (Zolod) and becouse all the performers gave their best for this one. In the category winner for Morning Psy Trance for 2007 you'll find this one. I give it 9.5/10 Favorites: 1,2!!,4!!!,5!!!,7!!!,8!!!!,9!!! celebrate life, in loving memory - Victor Zolotorenko (Zolod) Don't froget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals

    VA - Japanhytm

    Artist.....: VA Album......: Japanhythm Genre......: Dark Psychedelic Label......: Phreex Networx Catalogue..: PNXCD001 Url........: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_la...sp?label_id=745 Rls.Date...: Jan-12-2007 Tracks.....: 10 Playtime...: 75:54 min Trakc List 01. Fatal Discord - Empty Notion [07:33] 02. Fierce - Brutality In Silence [07:39] 03. Noise Gust - Biomechanical Brain [07:42] 04. Stigma - Killer Mind [07:07] 05. Nyarlthotep - Teratogen [07:53] 06. Galaxy Madness - Chaos Theory [08:29] 07. Psycho Wizard - Tamatebako [07:46] 08. Baal - No Window [07:47] 09. Savage Scream - My Law [07:51] 10. Jun - Hitsumabushi [06:07] Waited for long to bite my teeth in a edition like this 'couse i'm very fond of Japanese culture. And I also know they have a strange (put in mildly) mind blowing, head banging, dissorienting psychedeli trance "stranger the fiction ". Ok let's get back we have the second edition of Tokyo-based label Phreex Networx (debut album "Phenix" was the first edition). This edition is featuring 100% Japanese artists and producers of underground psychedelic trance music. We have newcomers (the Japanese stage is little known for me) Savage Scream, Galaxy Madness, Noise Gust and other promising newcomers will take u to the world in Japanese Rhythm. And like is said on introducing of this compilation "Be Careful! They don't have no words for fluffy!" #1 Fatal Discord - Empty Notion Ah, leave it to the japanese, to confuse you in the begining with those blips and bloops. You get the feeling of the whole compilation that is gonna be in that twisted japanese maner so we have that with the opening track of the compilation a fast, agresive track with a dark-full on base line but something is missing like it has no soul just fast rytm and dissoriented FX it is japanese type of trance but it feels like it needs something, I'll say some pure psychedelia #2 Fierce - Brutality In Silence Interesting track name it cought my eye imidiatly. As is begins you get that feeling of silenece with the echoes and the crickets in the night like you're in some waste land and there is nothing there but the silenece and you are awaiting for the brutalty which is something well known to the japanese . It doesn't have a spite baseline that i mostly value in a dark track but it has some trippy FX, bloops, bleeps and flashes that make up for it. #3 Noise Gust - Biomechanical Brain Here we have a little try to bring that psychedelic feeling we are used to, a combination of a european psy style and japanese psy style that at the end will be something like psychedelic, fast and brutal. And the name of track is right "Biomechanical Brain" it will make you feel like you have one instaled in youre head #4 Stigma - Killer Mind This is my favorite, it has that spite base line, strange noices, evil FX. It's full with that speed and agresion but the most important ingridient the psychedelia is also here. There is no story in the trac none i can find maybe you'll find one but it's plain and simple as it's title "Killer Mind" or should i say mind killed great track exelent for the dance floor, soo all you DJ's have a taste of this include it in you're set. #5 Nyarlthotep - Teratogen Okkkkk the compilatain get's better and better, again a spite baseline, tipical japanese undefined FX, and a nice sweet sound of psychedelia (i must say the begining was a lil bit lame) as the track progreses. It's an very evil track like a some kind of monster form the manga comic's named Teraogen mashing up you're brain with his sonic "special weapon" , nice psychedelia ending the track, enjoy. #6 Galaxy Madness - Chaos Theory Have you ever watched rain drops on a calm lake wather? Yeah you got that feeling here, watching one drop doing it's disturbance in the calm water in a form of a circle then comes another from the other side you rise you're head and you see CHAOS, what once was calm now is so chaotic you're trieng to find something that means something in all that chaos hehehehe wasn't that the cahos theory . Great track not to spite baseline but a greatttt psychedelia combined with exelent FX. #7 Psycho Wizard - Tamatebako Stomping effect at the begining, you know the one when the baseline makes you stomp youre feet like in some crazy tribal dance,and that's all you get from this track. There are som wicked FX, and some pschedelic moments but not by my taste. After listetning the previous two tracks this one will come as a let down, it get's one step better to the ending but not a great one not a bad one, you know that numb feeling when you say it's ok. #8 Baal - No Window Well what to say for this one. Has that spite baseline a nice one too, the japanese agresion and speed but so confusing for my brain . The track get's very spite from the middle to the end and also more mind disorienting don't use any psycotropic substances while listenig to this it will make you loose youre self. And remember the F.B.I.'s warning "Winners don't use drugs" #9 Savage Scream - My Law Fast aggresive opening in this one folowed by some good FX it will make you dance out of control and spin, spin, spin like there is no law od gravity, law of endurance, law of traction there is just one law - your law. Now i leave you to blow you're mind danceing with this one. #10 Jun - Hitsumabushi "Shout the f**k up, may i escort you to the party back now". Another one ment to take you to the dance floor, and cranck you to the max, soo you guess it it's another one fast....... should i go one Japanese psytrance it's like takeing wasabi(hot souce) and sake(japanese moonshine) at the same time. Fast aggresive but sometimes with lack of psychedelia, but that's the thing that makes the japanese psytranece so interesting, to me anyways it's a great compilation for you're colection so buy it and support. I give it 7.5/10 ( what can you do i'm fan on the psychedelic moments, not so fast and aggresive, old school baby ) Favorites: 1,2,4!!,6!!!,9! Don't froget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals
  11. Artist.....: Para Halu Album......: Space Rock Genre......: Dark-Psychedelic Label......: Zaikadelic Records Catalogue..: ZAI1CD003 Url........: www.parahalu.com Rls.Date...: Jan-12-2007 Tracks.....: 10 Playtime...: 78:26 min Tracks: 01. Flipper 8'17'' 02. Popeyote 7'35'' 03. Crunchy Christ 8'30'' 04. Space Rock 7'57'' 05. Matter Of Course 7'57'' 06. Karcos Harcos 7'31'' 07. Manntraxx 7'00'' 08. Cacao Remixed 8'03'' 09. Glowing Steel 8'13'' 10. Ironiq Iron 7'19'' The new album Space Rock from Para Halu (Hungarians Adam Hohmann and Andras Fekete) was made as a tribute to the golden ages of psychedelia, inspired by such pioneers of the genre as Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles or Hawkwind and the style psychedelic space rock itself (if u never listend to Pink Floyd you don't know what psychedelia is all about). As always Para Halu has that deep, wild, hypnotic, brain twisting, mind wraping ...should i go on energetic psychedelic sounds that they developed in years. This is a collection of ten previously unreleased brand spanking new tracks. #1 Flipper And our hypnotic travel starts It's like weaking up in an swapm all confused until the baseline hits you and the fear crawl's in your bones so,so,so dark, you start see the glowing frogs and all the swamp creatures all around you... so tripy that you can't stop spining aroung like snake wrapping around a tree. It will bring the stars near you and the deep darkness in you, you'll hear every sound so clear and travel to an another dimension. Great deep-hipnotic psychedelic track and again so deepppppp. #2 Popeyote where we stoped we continue with a energetic track. It starts with a very very aggressive baseline with a wild rythm and as the BMP rises you'll want to hit the dance floor and hit it hard. The hypnotic sounds are here too to folow you all the way and that baseline doesn't let you stop dancing simply designed for the dance floor it's so energetic-atmospheric soo "let's hit the dance flour" like. 8: #3 Crunchy Christ Wow what a spite baseline with some brain frying FX ans tripy psychedelic sounds.This is my favorite! Twisting hypnotic sounds not so much for dancing. The first part is like preparing you for an mind explosion until you hear "What's happening with me" you will enter a mind vortex it will twist and spin you, make you feel like energy not matter and slowly put you down on the ground at the end. Exellent! #4 Space Rock Ok thins one is not by my taste it has a monotony baseline some undefined sounds FX and it doesn't sound at all like Para Halu (not to me) with their deep, hypnotic, energetic psy trance. The hypnotic elements are there but they are so inscrutable like they are ment to scare you not to take you in deep trance,and as mentioned very monotony baseline.Disappointment. #5 Matter Of Course Opening with strong hypnotic sounds like imagine youre self in a dark room light upon you and you hear voices and wispers all around you, you can't understand what are they saying....WTF you're on U.F.O. you've been hypnotized and mesmerized, can't move, can't talk you're mind is in high state of consciousness. Nice trippy track not so for the dance floor as for the chill moods. #6 Karkos Harkos We are back on track better more spite baseline with focused hipnotic elements that will make you're body move, twist and break. High twisting and trippy FX ans synthetic sounds, like you're brain is a silicon creation and you know how a cyborg feels and thinks all those 0 and 1 are finaly meaning something to you you're brain can recognize them and you're a part of a bigger mechanism, you belong somewhere in the cyber world, in the colective consciousness. #7 Manntraxx If the previous track took you into the deep secrets of the cyber world this one will take you even deeper into that world. More deeper feeling, the baseline is not so strong but the deepness...woow like you're falling down 1000km/h (you'we all watched matrix it's just like that falling down and all those 1 and 0 are all around you) simply said very dark and very deep. #8 Cacao Remixed Fast and deep base line every track is a story for it self filled with that synthetic sound that will fry youre brain. In about 2'30'' after you play this track, it will reset youre brain waves for something new ..... i leave this experience for you I can't bring closer to you, i just can't describe it with words or write it down you have to hear it. The and is another kick ass perfect finish you'll scream "HELP ME!!!" and knock on the door wanting to go out or is that you're brain who wants to go out of you're body hehehehe. #9 Glowing Steel "The human fascination with glowing objects" this sentence should explain it all. It brings you that felling of fascintaion, you know the one when you're focused on something and there is nothing around you but that object "my precious" . Great FX, nice baseline which tend to get more and more impresive as the track concludes for the ending. Another clasical edition from Para Halu. #10 Ironiq Iron Another deep edition and as the title of the track says, ironiq. The track is like painted with that feeling of irony (doctor's advice: not to be played on a sunny day ), anyways the track is great and as the previous track it's another clasical Para Halu but both tracks painted with a special feeling, listening to them I think you'll understand me, or maybe you'll get some other feeling Ok, what to say, bravo Para Halu are deep, hypnotic, portentously wreathing and more complex brain massage sound. i'll give it 8.5/10 i grade it mostly by looking from the Para Halu style and a lil bit looking from the Psy side. The fans of Para Halu, fans of deep and hypnotis psytrance will love this edition and probably give it 9 or 10. To keep it simple Exelent done work! Favorites 1,2!,3!!,5,6!8! Don't froget to support artists by buying their CD'a and 12" visiting 'em on parties and festivals
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