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Best Boris Blenn cd?


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lol, second thread in the same style, but i'm really curious... :) And people have the chance to vote their new album as well... so this is not per sé an old school thread, héhé :)


For me his best is One Love, very close followed by Paradise Connection... :)

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Huh, this is really hard choice Anoebis... :D


Ummm, I am still thinking about it.... Argh ! :)


I could say STARDIVER closely followed with ONE LOVE and PARADISE CONNECTION B)

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His best song is on pulse 1.




but i forgot the name  :(


Yes, it's the one from PARADISE CONNECTION - PORTAMENTO... Maybe his best track by now... :D

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well , from the Galaxy project:



2)SCIENCE OF ECSTACY , closely followed by



from EU project...


1)ONE LOVE or STARDIVER closely followed by

2)STARDIVER or ONE LOVE closely followed by

3)PORTAMENTO closely followed by




but I like Cosmic Experience too and agree with FP, TOO BAD Silence In Action was muuuch worse,down the drain..

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Galaxy - Angel.


But since thats not on the list I'll go with One love followed closely by Stardiver.


nick_InZoMNiAC: nice to see another one that appriciate Galaxy, I havent actually met many people who are familiar with it.


Peace all


Edit: It is on the list! hehe need new glasses.

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Cosmic Experience is an amazing album and a proof that an artist can take his goa roots and compliment them with modern sounds.


Exactly... old school energy, modern production, and compositional maturity combine to make it Blenn's strongest album.

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  • 1 year later...

One Love for sure.


Am I the only one who thinks that Portamento is not very good? I do love the atmosphere of it and the long sample is one of the best ever. But, unfortunately, it uses the same melodic line over and over again through the entire track (except for another equally repetitive period at the end). I get bored.

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Honestly, I always considered Boris Blenn to be a mediocre artist with some jaw dropping classic tunes tucked under his belt buckle...

I find, like so many others, Paradise Connection to be his finest work, but as far as the best tracks he's ever done, in my ears One Love and Out Of Time from his "One love" album were not topped. Not ever. Spectral Blue comes in close with one of the greatest bulid ups I have ever come across in psy trance. Sweeeeeet!!!

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