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Pic of your workarea?

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Computer :Mac Pro Quad 3.0ghz 4gb ram 250gb internal disk

Display : Apple 24" Cinematic Display

Sound Card : Motu Ultralite

Midi : Motu 128 Midi XT 8*8

Monitor : Adam A7

Daw : Ableton Live 6

Mixer: Yamaha 16ch 4buss

Synthesizer : Access Virus B - Nord Lead 2 - Roland SH-201

Soft Synth : Guitar Rig 2 - Battery 3 - Lucifer 2.01

Outboard : T.C. Fireworx - Alesis Quadraverb

Midi Controller : Evolution UC-33e - E-MU X-Board 49 - Korg PadKontrol

Field Recording : M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96

Microphones : Rode NT1a - Shure SM57 - AudiaTechinca Drum Kit Pack

Acoustic Instruments : Santoor (I love this) - Fretless Bass (cheap but nice)


These are the stuff I am actively trying to learn and use. These photos are a little old, so my rack, my padkontrol, santoor and such is not seen, also the mixer is not there, I am planning to incorporate my analog mixer to use in mixdown situation, but its still not clear, if I am going to do or not. I promise I ll update it, its hell to keep things organized, and it drives me crazy, and I am kind a guy who dismounts every gear in once a week, change it to a better more suiting organization. Need some bass traps too...


Posted Image


Posted Image

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Well Lumpi its not that easy, its a heritage from my ancestors, we are known to be shamans and we re called "kam" but if you tell me what do you think about these 2

Futureretro Revolution

Sherman Filterbank 2

I might let you know how to be "making the landscape go slowmotion" trick and you also would look transparent and blurry

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I might let you know how to be "making the landscape go slowmotion" trick and you also would look transparent and blurry

easy, been there, done that on my last mushroom trip about a week ago except for the blurry and transparent part, that's quite tricky I suppose


you tell me what do you think about these 2

Futureretro Revolution

Sherman Filterbank 2

I don't know what interests you in particular but the Revolution is basically a TB303 clone which sounds very good imo, not necessarily exactly like an original one but pretty close. Sometimes more, sometimes less. However, you have full midi implementation (which the original TB hasn't), an easy to use stepsequencer, some effects (which I personally never used until now), etc. If you're into those typical acid sounds it surely is a nice toy to play with, yet not really cheap. Therefore I'm not really sure if I would buy it again...


On the Futureretro site you can find some audio demos:



The Sherman Filterbank is a beast, you can get a lot out of it but one thing sure as hell not: a clean and "nice" sound. If you aim at producing more conventional psy it's probably pretty much useless I guess, but who wants to do that anyway? :P You can run a boring and unimpressive drumloop through it and out comes something truely massive (and certainly distorted), same goes for pads, leads, percussion to some extent. On a sidenote, it can produce really low frequencies (all the way down to 1Hz!!), so you may blow your speakers properly if they don't have any internal protection circuit or subsonic filter (I'm quite sure your Adams have though). To be on the safe side I almost always run the output through a highpass filter. Until now I only fed it with my synths but it should be fun tu plug your guitar in it as well. Did I say it's fully analog? Well, I love it.


I'm not sure if I was really helpful :unsure:


Anyway, it's your turn now... reveal those ancient secrets :)

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I don't have a picture of it yet :( Cause I'm living in an non-permanent situation, but here's what I have so far if this counts:


MKS-80 with MPG-80 Programmer

D-110 with PG-10 Programmer [and a collection of impossible to find rom cards, will sell them I am sure]

JP-8080 [no thanks to Diaks, I opted for this instead of the JP-8000]


MKB-300 Master Keyboard

Ensoniq DP/4 FX Processor

Pair of HR824's


And because I am for a portability setup, you will note the gear is primarily rackmount, so I have two cases, 1 10u and 1 10ux8u. The 10ux8u is awesome for the MPG-80 and JP-8080 go where otherwise the mixer would go. It is also stackable on the 10u case which puts it at the right level to adjust the knobs of the MPG-80 and JP-8080. It's pretty schweet and simple. I have a 3 tier keyboard rack too but only two tiers are put to use for the master keyboard and sh-101. I aim to have a ton of schweet more gear by the end of the year, but I doubt I'll ever fall into making psy only because my style seems to fall more into the ambient/chill zone no matter how hard I try. Oh well!


On any note, when I get situated with permanency I will take photos and share and by that time I'll probably have a bunch more of gear :)


My computer uses a Samsung 226bw 22" lcd and a big giant lian-li case with over 4tb of storage of which 3.8tb are free. Don't ask. Free hard drives and shiznit. I look at it as lots of recording space :) when I finish this setup. Right now, I am looking forward to purchasing a future retro 777 if I can find one at the right price, otherwise, I'll end up with the revolution because of the sequencer in of itself. :)



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El Brujo, simple and effective setup. :) Love it. My question to you however is...do you like the sh-201? What made you buy it? Was it the name? I am just curious because I've heard the stories about buying it for the name and Roland cashing in on the legendary SH line. Please give feedback what you do and do not like about it. That'd be cool.



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well it has no connection whatsoever according to my ears to the sh line.

I like it, its really simple and effective to learn subtractive synthesis with

and I can get really cool bass from it coupled with the tc fireworx

the pads are nice, the supersaw is fine, the layout is so simple, I can get

the sounds I like faster than the virus with this one, altough not as strong

but its not strong I always look for, the thing has its sound so it can have a place

after all the sound is not analog but its nice overall,

it feels a little cheap but I dont take it out from the studio so I dont have any worries


I am looking for a sh 101 and a sherman filterbank for my setup to be complete for now

theres already too much in there, and it really takes my time to really really learn them

from inside out

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Great looking studio Franklin, looks like a comfortable and friendly place to do music. BTW, if you haven't already (I only see the outputs hooked up ;) ), you should explore using the NM1 as an FX unit, the ringmod and vocoder especially are a nice surprise if you're used to software.

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Some nice studios :)

Nemo, you should buy a Alpha juno-1 instead of sampling one, it cost 100 euro in sweden (and i know you are swedish) :)


Anyway, this is my studio:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


The last pic however is abit different nowdys. Its OSCar instead of a Jupiter-6

Synthheaven :blink:


I think I could spend the rest of my life in this room without getting bored...

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