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  1. Hello everyone. I wanted to share my latest track with you. Here I tried to write a music with a chilled atmosphere, but also with a "danceable beat", like some of the songs on Youger Brother's album The Last Days Of Gravity. I hope I don't sound arrogant by saying this Here is the link: http://download.yousendit.com/FC2EDA992C30D243 I hope that you will like it.
  2. PSYTRANCE 1) Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone - Metapsychic 2) VA - Twist Dreams - Suntrip 3) Goasia - From other spaces - Suntrip 4) Sound Field – Audio Surfin' - Oxygen 5) VA - Pure Planet vol. 2 - Kagdila CHILL-OUT 1) Sync24 - Source - Ultimae 2) VA - Oxycanta : Winter Blooms - Ultimae 3) Younger Brother - The Last Days Of Gravity - Twisted 4) Asura - Life² - Ultimae
  3. Is it a santur on the left ? Do you play it ?
  4. I'm interested too! Tell me if you find something. I only found plugins that work like the sequencer in Rebirth : they don't have the "piano" on the left. I'd rather use the main sequencer of cubase than those. I just started using Cubase but I'm not fond of the VST included. So I use mostly the synth and effects of Reason. It seems you can't send anything in Reason : I wanted like to use the Scream 4 as a send effect, but couldn't find how. And now I learn that it's impossible. Very disappointing. Do you people know how to use the automation in Cubase for a synth in Reason? It's probably very easy, but I'm really a noob with cubase and the manual is so loooooong.
  5. Looks like a censored "foot fetish" picture . But a very nice cover indeed.
  6. And I thank you for that. Hopefully I'll be part of this new wave in a year or two :wank: But still, I wouldn't mind some unreleased track by Astral Projection or Etnica. It seems you're still looking for uptempo track. Maybe something by Ka-Sol ? Is he still making music anyway ?
  7. Superb, as always. Nothing more to add really. He must be too shy or too modest to do it himself. But I agree that music of such quality should get released.
  8. I think it's one side of the story. I wouldn't pay too much attention to what he's saying. "then they wanted to receive the money and the conversation was: astral proj.: "WHERE IS MY MONEY!"???!!! party producer: "WHERE IS MY LIVE ACT"???!!! astral proj.: "I WANT MY MONEY"!!!! IM FROM ISRAEL"???!!! party producer: "OH YEAH; AND IM FROM PORTUGAL"!!!! and the party producer beat in him twice" I cannot believe that. This is too ridiculous to be true.
  9. Most people don't I think. Because there's so many ways to discover new music nowaydays thanks to internet (not only P2P, but also free music and Dj mixes) and radio isn't the most convinient. But I wouldn't say it's outdated. I still listen to talk radio a lot, and from time to time to music relatedstation too, just to stay in touch with the "real world", to see what's popular right now. By the way, I heard psytrance for the first time on a national french radio(FUN Radio), and so did many other french people I think.
  10. Interesting discussion. That doesn't prove anything but my favorite artist is a woman. I'm trying to guess why someone would want to be a musician. And I think that "imitating others" has a lot to do with that. For exemple when a guy has a friend playing guitar in a band, he might want to do the same and be like him. When most producers in electronic music are male, how many women will want to imitate them? Few women artists ==> few women interested in becoming artists. Like a vicious circle. It was just an idea... What's wrong with goa parties? I'd like to know, I've never been to one.
  11. Music is a big part of my identity. But my greatest passion is listening to music. Making music is more like a hobby for me : I could live without it, but I can't imagine myself ever losing my passion for music (listening I mean). I often hear artists saying they couldn't live without their art, so I guess I can't call myself an artist. Do you see yourself as an artist ?
  12. You can find them at a lower price here and probably on other websites as well.
  13. The only track I know from Antonio Testa is the one from VA - Albedo, and it's a very nice one. One of the best on the compilation in my opinion. I'm more worried (and curious at the same time) about all the other names like sgnl_fltr, bob tracker, amos.
  14. I just wanted to add that the tutorial is one hour long and in high quality!! And if you can't download the 600 Mb file, you can still download the pdf file wich is simply the text of the video. It's really worth the time I think. See for yourself.
  15. Yes, I just got this album and it's indeed superb! All of the tracks are mixed together, thing that I usually don't like, but it's really well done, as if he wrote each songs knowing how the next one will sound so that you don't even notice it's a new track playing. By the way, DeathPosture's name is mentioned in the "thank-you speech" : Ultimae bought his review ...just kidding of course.
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