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KURO - Revolution


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Artist - KURO

Title - Revolution

Label - Tokyo Tekno Tribe

Released - 19/7/1996

Good? - Fuck Yeah it is!!




1 Revolution (6:56)

2 Gon 2 (7:01)

3 Bioscanner (6:59)

4 Mathematica (6:57)

5 Perfect Rainbow (7:44)

6 Thunder Storm (7:16)

7 Night Scopes (7:02)

8 Zoa 1996 (7:57)


It's the 2nd CD released on TTT and the first album (that I know) from KURO. It's driven, it has lots of synths and it's acidic as liquid trips on a warm summer day in the fields of barley :D


1. Revolution

Synth Synth Synth. Acid Acid Acid. That for me describes this track quite well. It's dripping with acidity and the mad fucking synths are an absolute joy. They make the track sound soooo fast. The beat is quite fast but it's definately the synths that give this one a mental atmosphere. I love this sound, it's one of my favourite tracks ever. Other than the fast synths, it has a weird Sci Fi, 50's melody floating through it. Top Notch!!


2. Gon2

Not quite got the synths as the last one but it's still very acidic. It's got a fantastic rolling beat which kinda trips over itself again and again. A nice matalic melody repeats but changes key under which lies more spacey sounds. This track is kind of repetitive but key changes. weird random sounds and trancey drum rolls/breakdowns keep it interesting.


3. Bioscanner

Sounds faster than the last one due to SYNTHS!!! Yeah! more really acidic synth work lies under this track giving it a very fast if softer than track 1 feel. This one seems to build and plateau, build and plateau. While staying on virtually the same level throughout. It's like one of those pictures where the building seems to go up and up but the top seems to go up but connect to the bottom. Does that make sense? No? Well that's my feelings on this one :ph34r:


4 Mathematica

Straight into the beat here, starts off sounding like a continuation of #3 but then the melody kicks in and man this sounds like a weird fucking trip. It really sound egyptian. I don't know really how to explain how but it does seem to have that vibe. The blatantly electronic melody sounds like it's trying to rEpresent the snake charmers guild. Kicking beats drive this forwards into the 1st millenium. Cool track, strange atmosphere maybe pythagorean.


5 Perfect Rainbow

Yeah, more synths dripping with acid. Melodies made from synths are simple but constantly changing gear and have longer drawn out sci fi sounding noises behind them. It's got a dark feeling this one in contrast to the title, it doesn't feel light and colourful like a rainbow but maybe a perfect rainbow is a night time one with a pot of gold at the end? Either way this is pretty a pretty damn good night time trip!


6 Thunder Storm

Starts of chiming!! I like taht but it stops after a minute and starts to sound like a lot of the previous tracks. It's fast and it has some nice drum rolls, cool sci fi melodies and driving beats. It somehow manages to get the feeling of falling OR cascading into many parts of the track. It doesn't quite sound like a proper storm but maybe a wee english one.


7 Night Scopes

Soft but very trippy synths start us before the beat kicks in and... BANG! The melody comes in and really old school trippy beats underlie it all. From the track title, you'd expect this to be darker but I find it quite colourful (over a black background). The sounds make me see beautiful colours dripping down the inside of my closd eyelids.


8 Zoa 1996

The slowest track here, it takes quite a while (well 40 seconds) for the beat to kick in and the beats and synths are (not slow but) slower than everything previous. Some long slow sounds drift around in the backgroud and a strange voice sample comes in and out! A lovely soft melody chimes away and gives a nice warm feeling to this last track. More spacy than the rest it's a really nice track to finish on!



This is a brilliant album! I really recommend it if you like acidic psy trance from the good old days. It can be quite hard to find so if you see it, don't hesitate to buy it. Not just because it's rare but because it is TOP NOTCH SHIT!!!!


Favourites 1 & 8

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