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Deedrah - Self Oscillation

Guest PsychedelicGav

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Guest Davidtolsn

ugh.. childish shit. the first few tracks are ok and then it goes downhill..

bad samples, bad sounds. i don't think the wizard demo or alien dick are good

songs. to me, this music has no depth. check out reload instead, much better

cd. 3.5/10

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The last friday 18-04-08 i played Old School Goa in a club here in Athens..

At the end of my set i played the Wizard Demo from Deedrah....and that i saw was all the people getting mad more and more untill the final melody that they deadly dance!!

My God...what a f...ing good crazy track...!

I love it!! If Dado has the inspiration he is just a God..!

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This cd is awesome?!?!!!!


Answer: No. :o


I cant stand any of the tracks on this CD. I find it to be: corny, cheesy, childish, unserious, dorky + a lot of more things wich i cant express.

And yeah as pointed out allready in this thread some years ago, the samples are ridiculous.


The Wizard Demo is just a lol..

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I love this album- Don't want to go in depth about it now but did you guys know, The Wizard Demo contains sounds/sample from Marilyn Manson -


"Deedrah - The Wizard Demo" is FULL of Marilyn Manson samples.

Listen and you'll hear samples from the track/intro on "Smells Like Children - Hands of Small Children"

.. Creepy.

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Artist: Deedrah
Title: Self Oscillation
Label: Distance
Date: September, 1997

1. Self Oscillation
2. Blissful Blonde
3. Essential
4. Japonicus Delphinus
5. The Wizard Demo
6. Christiana High Life
7. Funkybootik
8. Alien Dick
9. Warheads
10. Lion Blue?

"Let me take you on a trip."

This is the debut album from Frédéric Holyszewski aka, Dado. I found this an interesting album. There are several genres represented here and I liked how he mixed it up oftentimes in the same track. The big beat in Blissful Blonde thunders underneath stuttering chopped up strings. I wish the strings in the short Essential had a more prominent role, but the rolling goa line fills the need nicely.

The acid lines in Japonicus are tasty indeed and while I used to like the awkwardness of The Wizard Demo now it's just collective noise. I'm guessing Christiana High Life is a nod towards the Danish "Freetown" where you can sell and buy weed legally. There are some nice goa leads, but also a cheesy commercial melody in there as well. Still liked it. Think of it as peeing in his neighbors pool.


I just wanted to write that again. Welcome to gangster goa! Dusting of the 808 and the 303 he gets things hopping. Hmmm...808+303= 1111. Yep, binary tells me it's definitely on.

If goa could have a darkpsy it would be Alien Dick. By the time he gets to War Head I think he was just f*cking around and said that sounds good. Lion Blue is the closer and while it has an ominous sound with a thumping beat and dark searching alien elements, there isn't a whole lot going on. But again, in the right mood, it's easy to like.

Reading some of the earlier reviews, man there was some hate thrown at this. I never understood how people can get so upset at music. If you don't like it, don't listen. I do it so that I may educate and entertain. This isn't an essential piece of goa history, but there are some good tracks here that refuse to be pigeon-holed into one type of goa. 1997 was apparently a very creative time for goa trance and experimentation. And that's what he's got going for him with Self Oscillation. It's fun and obviously doesn't take itself too seriously.


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This is not your typical 1997 release, certainly not goa trance I reckon this is one of these early psychedelic trance albums, I mean focus on heavy basslines and metallic sounds but pretty poor in melodies (the best melody in this album happens in the very short track and thats a pity).

It sounds amateurish at times but it has its moments. The Wizard Demo did not grown too old to my ears it is still a track I enjoy a lot especially when played loud. Some other tracks are too poor to catch attention...Not everyone's cup of tea I guess, I give it a 5.5/10. Listen to it before you buy.

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