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  1. Goa spirit is in our souls....Most of us here listen Goa from 93-94 and we have given our lifes for this spirit...
  2. Trance Africa Express is one of the best Goa Trance tracks...! And it belongs in our hearts in our Goa Hearts and all these people that downloaded are Goa People..!! You have to know that only Goa People love Sheyba cause Sheyba is Goa! and now ... we learn that Sheyba doesn't love Goa people and you even say that you don't like Goa music... :s How is this possible???? i am so depressed that you forget your roots...
  3. Hello Guys...! Here is the Remix from Radical Distortion! It's a 3 month work in the studio It is pure Goa Trance as it deserves to be for such a great track as Trance Africa Express You can listen the remix by streaming directly from Radical Distoriton site : http://radicaldistortion.com
  4. Hello Guys...! Here is the Remix from Radical Distortion! It's a 3 month work in the studio:) It is pure Goa Trance as it deserves to be for such a great track as Trance Africa Express You can listen the remix by streaming directly from Radical Distoriton site : http://radicaldistortion.com Let's hear your comments ppl...!
  5. Is it possible to upload a demo of the winner remix to listen it??
  6. Hello! My opinion ... it isn't fair for all the guys that have made such an effort to make the remix now to tell them that there will not be 3 winners but only one I believe you have also to ananounce the 2nd and the 3rd place of the winners ,even if you don't want to release their tracks to your ep in Flying Rhino
  7. HI...I wouldn't reply for that but as i see many of you compare Radical Distortion with E-Mantra... I think you are so wrong to make this comparison as Radical Distrotion's music is so much different from E Mantra's music I am listening Goa since 1994 and i know that we can't put together all the artists .... Radical Distortion is : Old school israeli melodic Goa Trance with just more fresh 2009 production E-mantra is : New school emotional forest Goa Trance with very fresh production too As you see , you can't put them in copmarison the "School music" is so much different! The Israel and the Greek culture is the euforic uplifting arabic melodies and that style of melodies some Goa funs don't like them and some others just cry for them Nikolas Radical Distortion
  8. Great idea for Remix...but it's difficult to make it better than the original...as the original is a Hymn
  9. "Radical Distortion - Space Trip" is an unreleased track that was created in 2003 ! Free download it here: http://www.radicaldistortion.com/
  10. Hello and happy goa year! Sorry mr GreatThinker but this album isn't shit... and if you don't like it tell it with better way Here is a review thread not a blog... Thanx Nikolas
  11. Thanx Jon Cocco for this review! I think you have analysed all the tracks seriously! and you gave us a nice picture of the album
  12. ooo my god! thaks man! the problem was the remix and if you see ine the discos it says Style:Trance, Synth-pop, House so if i ever saw it i havent given the right attention to it..
  13. Hello! i am looking for this track since 1996... it's 13 years!! but nothing until now... I am sure that here in psynews someone must know It sounds like MNWNM to me ..! http://rapidshare.com/files/294777751/MWNM_maybe__.mp3.html
  14. Hi! The cover it's not bad quality,it's just a different artwork from all the other covers from Suntrip! We love mushrooms and if you are an oldschool listening Goa trancer you must remember in the mid 90s that mushrooms were synonym to the goa trance spirit and culture! So we just want to bring back these times even with cover artwork not only with the music which btw is oldschool 100% !
  15. Tracklist: 1 Psychedelic Dreams 2 Spacecraft 3 Amorphia 4 The Dreamer (Orient Mix) 5 Trasparent Joint 6 The Other World 7 Communication (Remix) 8 A New Home 9 Star Dance 10 Dying Earth (100 bpm)
  16. This version that we give for free download isn't unmastered...it's mastered by me! I beleive that TC Electronic Powercore has excellent DSP Plugins for Mastering!
  17. ok... this is a big story...but i"ll try to tell you about : When i listened our track in this compilation the first think that i realised was that the kick was buried and actually lost in the mix,but in our mix the kick is so loud that before sending it to ultiva for mastering i was wondering if the kick is too loud :wank: The second was the compressing , it was so much compressed that it was no explosions in the track The third and i think the worst is the high pass filter from 50hz my god all the energy of the track was cut down and ofcourse there was no sub frequencies in the track... And the last was the crashy sound,which as the master guy said is actually right as he wanted to make the cd listen as it was the production in 1994. So i could accept only the last as this is the tone style of the cd compilation,but i couldn't accept the high pass filter that made the kick to disappear and loose the energy of the track. Also the Master guy told me that the track was bad mixed so he cut the low freqencies to make it better but he failed . And finally we give the track with our mastering to listen if this full of energy track is " bad mixed " you can judge now by your own
  18. The sound of the album is near this track and the other 2 tracks of the Pure planet 3 But i think the album has the oldschool feeling with the 2009 mix and production!
  19. Radical Distortion Free track download: http://radicaldistortion.com/mp3/Radical_D...unrise_Zone.mp3 This track has been released in Suncokreti compilation but cause of the crushy dirty sound of the cd mastering it's better to listen it like it really sounds...!
  20. Maybe this is the time or not, to find the spirit of the oldschool goa trance,just be a little patient until you listen this album! It's pure goa trance.. And of course Suntrip records makes the better to give us all spirit and love with every cd they release!
  21. This track just released on kagdila records in Pure Planet 3 :posford: Its name is " 24db "
  22. Hello! the album is getting out september 2009 for more info: http://radicaldistortion.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Radical-Dist...75409291?ref=ts http://www.myspace.com/radicaldistortionmusic
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