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MFG - The Prophecy

Guest Tequila

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This album is really of good quality, most tracks are great and sound similar to the master´s astral projection. This is really uplifting but very melodic psytrance with classic synthsounds. I don´t know which is the best MFG album because i like New Kind of World alzo very much.

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Track list:

01. 07'28" The Prophecy - B+

02. 07'31" Magnetic Activity - A-

03. 07'21" Alternate Dimension - B+

04. 09'17" Overload - B+

05. 09'25" Illumination - A-

06. 07'32" New Horizon - B+

07. 09'11" Hypnotised - B+

08. 10'48" Shape The Future (Future Rmx) - B- / B

09. 07'39" Mystic Dawn - A-

Many of us compared MFG to Astral Projection in the 90's. The general consensus was that AP was more talented, and that MFG with in their shadow like a sibling without as much an identify or inventiveness to distinguish them. That said, the artists had to get through the experiment of their debut in order to graduate and transcend IMO, so to speak. And for the record, I don't think this sounds copied from Astral Projection. Inspired? Yes. I notice some similar SOUNDING synths, NOT arrangements for instance. Emulated or copied though? No. 

Now days MFG sounds more classic and nostalgic than ever. Despite being the least strong of the first three albums IMO, this is one of the most solid debut albums-- just after Pleiadian's I.F.O., Cosmos's Cosmology, Hallucinogen's Twisted, Miranda's Phenomena, AP's Trust in Trance, and a small handful of others.

Constructive Criticism:

Weakest tracks IMO include Hypnotised. Also, Shape The Future is fairly uneventful until a beautiful sunrise tune arrives in the third act. I find Act 1 forgettable. Act 2 is better (as they often are), yet a main synth sounds tinny. Thankfully Act 3's key changes shift the song into something quite elegant (with feels), lovely, and blissful.

Other issues regard parts of numerous otherwise great songs for me. For example, and you can agree or disagree- Alternate Dimension which often sounds great I find, meanders at times between sheer excellence, for lack of better words. I understand if we're talking the last 30 seconds to a minute where the track cools down, but the last several minutes of Alternate Dimension is almost entirely void of inventiveness, imagination, complexity or ingenuity where it should be soaring to infectious degrees. Thankfully and not withstanding Alternate Dimension-- the artists would vastly improve on overall direction, composition, sound/melody work, and structure/storytelling on future MFG albums. The Prophecy [album] has some shortcomings in that regard, but it's also ahead of its time in numerous ways too!


I think we appreciate old-school Goa now more now because that time has past. So anything good we savor with every second of every bite. Not even MFG makes music this good anymore. This is a very nostalgic album. To me there are tracks substantially better than than others and while fairly uneven at times, more of the album's good and/or great IMHO than not. It just doesn't do justice to how far they'd blossom when you take into account the two albums would proceed The Prophecy, thanks to New Kind of World and Project Genesis, the latter being my favourite album by them. Cool cover too! Not sure what happened with the Independent Day rip-off looking one for Project Genesis which is an incredible beat of an album otherwise.

2022 Update:  This is still one of the most solid debut album's in the genre.

Favourites:  2, 3, 5, 6, 9


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Before comment this godsent cd...i have to tell you that i have it with another tracklist...!!!and 3 other tracks...

Anyway this cd has 2 Goa anthems inside...Overload and Magnetic Activity...!Space Travel is very good also!


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Before comment this godsent cd...i have to tell you that i have it with another tracklist...!!!and 3 other tracks...

Anyway this cd has 2 Goa anthems inside...Overload and Magnetic Activity...!Space Travel is very good also!


You have the symbiosis release :)




Damn 1996 was a smashing year full of top notch albums B) and this one is no exception! Incredible album, THE details and the inspiration it still emits of that energy today when i listen to it. MAGIC!

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Love Magnetic Activity, the main melody in Illumination, and Mystic Dawn!

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This album was my go-to reference for goa melodies for quite some time. But nowadays I think it’s beginning to show its age, in comparison to their other albums. But yeah it was their debut album so that’s expected, the progress and evolution of their sound can be heard on the following albums.

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