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Orichalcum And The Deviant - Orichalcum And The Deviant


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I agree. this is a good album, with many ideas. It's -al dente- psychedelic..oh

yes it's getting old now, but it doesnt matter. I like tracks nr 3, 4, 6, 7.

now 6.5/10.

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Guest Infected Max

Very very good CD...The best songs are those where Serge (Total Eclipse

Melodies Leader) is involved!!! Especially Dawn on Epsilon And Where are you.

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yes Max...you can hear the Serge's influence on "Where are you" track...It has

those samples "tioo" (huh;)) with pitch downed...from "Chaotic Circus"

(TE)...;) I didn't know that TE is involved here but i souposed...

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Orichalcum And The Deviant - Orichalcum And The Deviant


Posted Image


Artist: Orichalcum And The Deviant

Title: Orichalcum And The Deviant

Label: TIP

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'15" Wicked Mille

02. 08'07" 3 FM

03. 10'53" Mururoa My Love (10 Million Dead Fish Mix)

04. 10'17" STC

05. 08'30" The Curse Of Uqbhar (Nasty Mix)

06. 09'01" Where Are You?

07. 09'29" Alien Homes

08. 08'17" Dawn Of Epsilon




Orichalcum And The Deviant.....HM...dark...dark...dark...and

psychedelic...what a release, great album from 97'..i love this stuff. It

will twist your mind with very psychedelic sounds... i recommend this

stuff...grade 9/10 ..yes it is really good. Favorite songs are "Where are You"

and "Alien Homes"...get IT...;))

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Guest Dreamer

Dawn on Epsilon is one of my all time favorite.. I'll like it forever. I liked

alot Where Are You. before I kenw serge is involved in these.. I guess my good

old taste for Total's style has proven itself again :)


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Guest Tequila

really good CD.it sounds both really modern and a little outdated.but forget

that and feel the music, with all thiese "nocturne" and dark melodies...all

the tracks fits together in a perfect order, every sounds is exactly where it

has to be...clearly a good album, with only best tracks:) 8/10

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Guest squidbyte

great old album... i love the very organic and perhaps tribal feel to many of

these songs... 8/10! orichalcum's live album is an even tastier treat..

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Wicked Mille and Alien Homes on the Colours of Shiva 2 compilation

really made me fond of this band, it's the most psychedelic psy-trance

I've ever heard (Alien Homes is my TOP fave track at the moment,

dark, alien, shocking, brilliant!!!), I also like the mysterious

sounding name of this group, even though 'orichalcum' is just the latin term

for 'brass'. I also have Where Are You? (KILLER!!) on their live album

and S.T.C., which I like even better, it's such a tripped-out

tune with all these twisted psychedelic noises, and Serge shows the best of his

talent here. But that's all, I don't have this album and I would give

anything to get it, but where from????? If you're lucky and still find

it somewhere, get it immediately! 10/10 for the tracks I've heard, the

other half must be just as brilliant.

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Guest Zodiac[at]goatrance[dot]com

I agree with everyone here...this a great album, It is one of the best in my

collection...T6 is my favourite track...soooo dark and twisted.....I LOVE

IT... :)


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I am very sad cause I don't have this album cause I absolutely adore WICKED

MILLE, ALIEN HOMES and DAWN ON EPSILON...They are truly psychedelic....I have

to find this album...10/10 just for those 3 I mentioned....

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Get this and the live album tomorrow from Saikosounds as well as Psychopod's EP

on TIP, all classic shit. Dawn on Epsilon is my favourite, it rocked TIP 3D.

Get this for it can rightly be considered a classic example of Psychedelic

Trance. Old TIP, the galactic ship.

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Guest mastercj[at]hotmail[dot]com

Holy Good God! Wicked Mile has raised the bar on what a Psychadelic (or maybe

Psychotic?) Trance track should sound like! It has the most amazingly powerful

build up that always gives me goosebumps and makes go mad! Alien Homes in

another original wicked (no pun intended). If you like your PSY-Trance dark,

tribal and insane. GET THIS ALBUM. Absolutely hands down 10/10.

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It is a surprise to me that this is not a highlighted album, because I've had

it since it first came out, and I still think it's brilliant. The best thing

about this record is that it is clearly Goa, but it has its own unique sound

and style which I can only describe as "dark organic". The recording is

certainly not bright and doesn't sound computer-derived because a lot of the

noises have an organic or rough or textured quality. Coupled with the very

complex layering, this makes for good repeated listening because new details

or textures are always apparent. This complex layering, plus the detailed

textures, with an alien dark moodiness, plus a bizarre sense of melody and

some twisty breaks and subtle rhythm shifts add up to a very psychedelic

listening experience. These guys were on Nebula 5 and oxygen-deprived when

they made this album, and they used a lot of analogue synths. Boms to Serge

and the Deviant. In my opinion this is an absolute classic that stands the

test of time, couldn't recommend it highly enough. 10/10

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I was never a big fan of this one.

Yes, it's really psychedelic some times and I can understand that back in 1997 sounded different but I don't think it's somethung more than a good album. Best track is Where Are you?


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This album got some amazing tracks, i can't understand why it's not a classic.

"S.T.C." is one of my all time favourite.

"Where Are You?" and "Dawn of Epsilon" are awesome as well, and every other tracks are great.


Production/mastering are also top notch, it sounds much better to my ears than what i can hear nowadays.

It sounds very 3D like, unlike pretty much everything else i have heard that sounds kind of "flat" and distant.


If you never heard of it give it a listen, if you didn't like it.. listen to it again through a good headphone setup!

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Artist: Orichalcum & The Deviant

Title: Orichalcum & The Deviant

Label: TIP Records

Date: March, 1997


01. Wicked Mille
02. 3 FM
03. Mururoa My Love (10 Million Dead Fish Mix)
04. STC
05. The Curse Of Uqbhar (Nasty Mix)
06. Where Are You?
07. Alien Homes
08. Dawn Of Epsilon


Hmmm...a release such as this deserves a proper thinking hat. Lessee...where's that hat?


*sits on knees and rifles through boxes in the closet.*




iPhone...check. Starbucks...check. Stupid hat that you know is f*cking stupid, but think you can get away with it because you may be famous (I don't know who you are)...check. Douchebag transformation complete!





"No, no,no man. It doesn't make you look gay." *looks away* "Your pouty face and unshaven chest do."





Bingo. To be a dick you must think like a dick. Or, 14 dicks.


You just counted them didn't you?


Ah there it is! Yep to properly review this album I needed some old school haberdashery. A hat say like the kind you would wear to a Zion604 or Anjuna event. Although this was made in 97 it's not like the stuff you're used to from that year. Nosir, this is like two lesbian strippers with dildos showing up to Princess Kate's baby shower as...the entertainment.


"I had a strange wang right in my palm."


Bonus points if you recognize that movie reference.


Chunky and sometimes abrasive this can be a tough nut to crack. It's not the easiest goa trance to get into unless you're of the need something really different mindset. Loud? Sometimes. But always different. Alien Homes is a distorted goa track in the Artifakt mode. The tracks are long so sometimes with the lack of evolution it can get tedious. I believe the latter half of the album to be superior, but it maintains its dark vibe throughout.


Interesting, but far from a classic.



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One of my favorites, I like all tracks here. Best for me are: Wicked Mille, Alien Homes, and Dawn Of Epsilon. 9/10

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