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  1. Let me describe you my situation... I was heavily into psy production, well something like 4 years ago. Because of my studies I had to stop everything...I just couldn't do both....Now as I'm coming to an end of studies I have more time...to cut things short....many things have changed since, and I lost track of what kind of software do I need to make some music... So can you give me some recommendations concerning which software should I install......I need everything: sound editors, sequencers, synths...everything and more....and also which sound card do you recommend me to buy......notice it must be in lower price range... Thank you in advance...
  2. Hallucinogen in Belgrade....great combination you're welcome... oh yeah one more thing....ticket is around 10euros....
  3. I jsut asked that, cause many people think like when they're on a regular party it's ok to pick up women but when it comes to psytrance parties they go there for music exclusively... i think it sucks, but i find it also very hard to talk with women with all that loud music....
  4. Subject tells it all... so give me your views and experiences on this...
  5. Ok...that's cool...)) i probably will ... Just to see if you remember me...i was (and still consider me as) member here in old good days;)) my old mail "implant@goatrance.com"
  6. I'll be in Antwerp from 8-13 October.... So can you tell me are there some trance parties during that time...? Also I don't mind if they are on Antwerp-Amsterdam relation...cause I'll be going there and back a lot... Greetz from Belgrade...
  7. LAst track....very oldskool..very good...)))
  8. implant

    OOOD - A Live

    Uh...when i heard "silence" for the first time...on "The Definition Of Goa" back then in 1996 (or was it 1997?) it was a killer track....so OOOD is very special band for me...))
  9. implant

    Juno Reactor - Shango

    Ahhh....Finally I got this one...My favorite band has become even better.... Juno really kicks with this one...full of great tribal rythms...PERFECT...Pistolero is more than great...Badimo is very hard and dark...which makes it GREAT;)) Other tracks too....10 out of 10....
  10. Technossomy - Synthetic Flesh Artist: Technossomy Title: Synthetic Flesh Label: Flying Rhino Date: 1997 Track listing: 01. 05'12" Breathe 02. 09'43" Pyramid 03. 09'34" Kozmotron (1 And 2) 04. 09'19" Synthetic Flesh 05. 08'53" Skinflint 06. 12'37" VTOL 07. 07'20" Pleiadian Landing 08. 08'39" Elektron Bender 09. 07'28" Chug Review: A classic release from FR...This is one of their most known...It's psychedelic trance at it's best...When I say psychedelic i mean on sound like this one...Full of squeky sounds and acidish atmosphere;))...Well this CD takes off with "Breathe" which is very nice dreamy song...and one of my favourites here...Next is "Pyramid"...well do I need to say anything else about this one? I think not...) 3rd track here is "Kozmotron (1 And 2)"...it has litle more bass and it's kinda harder, but it has melodies too...After that is "Synthetic Flesh" but let's go straight to "Skinflint"...it's a song that could be released even today...it sounds like it's relased nowdays from some isra-alien...)) GREAT track.........."VTOL." is a fast track with nice melodies and it's pretty easy to listen...(it remainds me on some Hallucinogen's work)...Next one, "Pleiadian Landing" is pretty nice too...it sounds really oldschool (like whole album..)) and has some really (for me) atmospheric GOA samples. And there are just two tracks left..."Elektron Blender" and "Chug"...while "Chug" is litle slower tune..."Elektron Blender" is great song...full of psychedelic melodies...and releaxed strings....with great samples...complete full on track... Conclusion, if you're sick of minimal sound of 2000nd then try to find this CD...it's great psychedelic trance like we used to like...and it's pretty refreshing to play it once in a while...Grade: 10/10...
  11. V/A - Forever Psychedelic Artist: Various Title: Forever Psychedelic Label: Matsuri Date: 1998 Track listing: 01. 07'02" Digitalis : Telepresence 02. 08'40" XIS : Shadows And Flashes 03. 08'17" Space Cat : Space Cats 04. 09'10" Prana : Kollage 05. 07'05" Freeman Vs Liquid Metal : Liquid Noise 06. 08'20" Quirk : Dark Matter 07. 06'30" Deflo : Naked 08. 05'00" Scare Electric : Grind 09. 08'08" Dendron : Sun God Review: Very Psychedelic release from Matsuri...with very famous artists... This comp is pretty dark with plenty of acid sounds...Best track for me is "Quirk - Dark Matter"...it's stompin' track with dark (ofcourse) atmosphere, and it's very wierd...but i like it...Grade for this comp should be 6.5/10
  12. Bonky And Fungus Of Light - Bonky And Fungus Of Light Artist: Bonky And Fungus Of Light Title: Bonky And Fungus Of Light Label: Krembo Date: 1999 Track listing: 01. 08'23" Fungus Of Light : TTM 02. 08'34" Fungus Of Light And Zirkin : Boob 03. 07'18" Fungus Of Light : Hi 04. 07'43" Fungus Of Light : Jungle 05. 09'04" Bonky : 250 Mike 06. 08'26" Bonky : New Start 07. 09'39" Bonky : There Coming 08. 07'32" Fungus Of Light : Rumourroom 09. 09'11" Fungus Of Light : Ballistic Mystic Review: Great...Pretty stompin' release...great hard beats, dark atmosphere... just perfect for the ones who like that kind of sound...I just don't know who FOL and Bonky are...FOL should be: Ramamurtu Gresbek, Troy Leidich And Joshua Gablan...and Bonky is Onno Borgen...but who are these people...they sure make great music...i'm sure that this should sound great on parties, and i recommend you to buy this CD...Grade: 8/10
  13. V/A - Psychedelic Krembo 1 Artist: Various Title: Psychedelic Krembo 1 Label: Krembo Date: 1996 Track listing: 01. 08'16" Alphanaut : New Shoes 02. 08'58" Talamasca : Tribal Journey 03. 09'27" Quirk : Cognitive Dissident 04. 07'27" Ree K : Glycogen 05. 08'07" Quirk : Dimension Disco 06. 06'31" Alphanaut : Neurozap 07. 10'36" Talamasca : Jungle Storm 08. 10'22" 3rd Attention : Realms Of The Lesser Light Review: Pretty nice release...Trance at it's best...full of melodies and nice sounds... Best tracks are "Cognitive Dissident"...and both tracks from "Talamsca". So if you like light and melodic GOA ...buy this one...you won't regret... Grade: 8.5/10
  14. V/A - Mashed Mellow Grooves 2 Artist: Various Title: Mashed Mellow Grooves 2 Label: Transient Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 04'02" Zencats : The Poem 02. 10'21" Sueno Latino : Sueno Latino 03. 08'15" Auracom : 7 Degrees of Pleasure 04. 05'23" Quaid : Fusbares 05. 03'55" Audioguys : Silken Steel 06. 06'57" Free Science Vs Cry Cisco : Afrodizziact 2000 07. 06'51" Audio Massage : Steam 08. 09'07" Quaid : Cascade 09. 08'56" Lumo : Almost Where? 10. 09'26" Darshan : Spectra Review: Uh...I feel so heavenly...YES HEAVENLY...this compilation has so great chilled vibe... Transient once again prooved that they are very serious label. Ok let's start. This is ambient compilation with many great artists. I must admit that i haven't heard for many of them...but they sure make great tunes...this cd takes you off with tuen from "Zencats" it has great speech (from Richard Burton) from the "War of The Worlds". Follows, two chilled tracks from "Sueno Latino" and "Auracom" (also great tunes). Then mellow d&b from "Quaid" (9/10:) After that we have one truli great track with great melody from "Audioguys"...I really like this track...Deep basses, nice melodies...heavenly horns will make you feel floating on clouds;))) I will jump over next few songs to describe my favorite from this CD...it's track number nine "Lumo : Almost Where?"...wow...so...so...uh...i can't describe...it's not weird but it's not ordinary neither;)))) the best ambient track i heard lately...uh those melodies will make you so happy...And the last track is from "Darshan"...i'm sure that most of you have already heard this track on FR's "re:evolution 2" (i think)...that's it...This CD is pure gold it will have 10 out of 10 from me....BUY IT...STEAL IT...do whatever you want...but you must have this one..) UH...I forgot to say if anyone know, where i can find more stuff from "Lumo"...notice me on my mail, 10x.
  15. Deviant Species - Hatch Artist: Deviant Species Title: Hatch Label: Zerotonin Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 10'21" Psyclops 02. 08'17" Bilboan Trance (Album Mix) 03. 09'04" Jughead (Album Mix) 04. 10'02" Cloud Breaker (The New AYM Rmx) 05. 09'00" AYM (Album Mix) 06. 07'44" Intruder (Album Mix) 07. 09'49" The Eel Review: Debut release from new UK label, Zerotonin Records. And it's pretty nice...at least for me. I would describe this album as a 2000 album on a 1996 way...It has a lot of influences from other artist...I could hear a litle IM's sound, litle (older) Cosmosis...but after all Deviant Species has their own unique sound...It's music with plenty of side effects, great percusion and also great melodies...But, don't think that this is melodic album...it is not...it's something in between and i think that this would rock on parties...This album will get great 8.5/10, from me...
  16. V/A - Global Psychedelic Trance 2 Artist: Various Title: Global Psychedelic Trance 2 Label: Spirit Zone Date: 1996 Track listing: CD 1 01. 09'01" Etnica : Chemical Trance 02. 09'20" Electric Universe : Electronic Pulsation 03. 07'20" X-Dream : Protoplasm 04. 06'48" Tufaan : Tufaan (Green Nuns Rmx) 05. 07'34" Psy Phy 6 : Sektor 7 Blau 06. 09'44" Technosomy : Pyramid 07. 09'46" Electric Universe : Out Of Time 08. 07'35" Planet BEN : Trippy Future Garden Part 2 09. 06'37" Etnica : Acid Shell CD 2 01. 14'52" Pleiadians : Deep Frequencies 02. 08'48" X-Dream : Relaxed Vortex 03. 06'24" Cybersnack : Inworld Journey 04. 06'40" Patchwork : Radio Voices 05. 09'04" Cybersnack : The Dreamonaut 06. 06'24" The Infinity Project : Alien Patrol 07. 10'35" The Infinity Project : The Answer 08. 09'01" MIR : Unterwasser Review: Second in the series of Global Psychedelic Trance kicks...listening this comp now days can be litleweird cause it's definitely outdated...but most of the songs sounds great even today. First CD is fast and second is chilled...Favorite tracks from the first CD are "X-Dream - Protoplasm"..."Tufaan - Tufaan (Green Nuns Rmx)"...and not to mention Pyramid... i think that there is not one Psychedelic sould in this universe who don't know about this tune. Rest are average... Now about ambient CD...well my impression is litle low cause i've listened new SZ compilation few days ago..."Global Psy. Chill Out vol1" and it's MUCH better than this...(after all 4 years make this difference;). But favorite songs...offcourse X-Dream again...and both Cybersnack tracks... Infinity Project tracks are not bad...well...much CD2 is much more better than CD1... Overal Grade for both CDs...: 7.5/10
  17. Lovers of AP press back;)))) Heh...really this comp is something that i would describe Flying Rhino's type of sound in some couple of years...dark, repetitive weirdo electro sounds, GREAT atmosphere. BUT I find that best way of listening to this comp is if you play it in the background and doing something else, cause it can be boring sometimes. anyway...Grade:8.5 ............... greetz from Belgrade
  18. V/A - Under The Sun Artist: Various Title: Under The Sun Label: Ceiba Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 08'40" Big Green Pleasure Machine : Subterrenean Monsta Funk 02. 07'25" Bufo : Green Giant 03. 07'14" Epsg : Take A Ride 04. 08'59" Space Tribe : Out There In The Universe 05. 06'24" Kode IV : Like Magic 06. 09'06" Prana : Kollage 07. 08'38" Metal Spark : Spring 08. 07'10" Ceiba : Donthinkimsillydoingthis 09. 08'35" The Nommos : Djembe Review: Compilation made after "Burning Man 98" festival, it's really hard for my taste and I don't like it much, althought there is one good track...Track 2 isn't that bad "Bufo : Green Giant" it has nice rythm and side samples...others just aren't my cup of tea....;(( Grade: 3/10
  19. V/A - Global Psychedelic Chill Out 1 Artist: Various Title: Global Psychedelic Chill Out 1 Label: Spirit Zone Date: 2000 Track listing: CD 1 01. 06'55" Blake C : South China Sea 02. 07'37" Box Saga : Zen And The Art Of Deadlines 03. 05'42" Grey Area : Magnetosphere 04. 05'54" Lava Lounge : Independent Music Lover 05. 04'25" Ololiuqui : Flightchecker (Preflight 1) 06. 06'42" Shiva Chandra : Future MB End 07. 07'56" Maha Ketama : Hullun Mylly 08. 06'56" Chris Zippel : Sleeps In Sand 09. 05'58" Deep : Smokers Delight 10. 07'08" DJ Sangeet : Jet Lag CD 2 01. 07'38" Pyxis : Delta Cephei 02. 07'24" Grey Area : Let Sleeping Dog 03. 06'18" Ju Ju Space Jazz : Undercover Mystic 04. 05'57" Patchwork : Prefade (Rmx) 05. 06'18" Total Eclipse : Odd Evening 06. 07'35" Electric Universe : Almenora 124 07. 07'43" Spirallianz : The Re Entry 08. 09'06" DPOD : Midirium 09. 08'52" Gabriel Le Mar : Unlimited Love Review: Hm...when i first heard this compilation i dind't have some special opinion about it... i tought that it is bad actually, but after few listenings i consider this SZ's release very good, excellent actually. This is chill out compilation with excellent artists and excellent songs too.. It is made for listenings on the beach or something like that;)) Great track on first cd is "Deep : Smokers Delight", it's great tune with relaxed analog guitar all along it. And my favorite on both CDs is tune from second disc from Gabriel Le Mar, called "Unlimited Love"... What to say I almost can feel smell of sea and salt in it...)) EXCELLENT!!! Also good track is track 3 from cd2... "Ju Ju Space Jazz : Undercover Mystic" with great horns ...there is no bad tracks on either of cds...My Grade: 8/10
  20. implant

    V/A - Beats And Beyond

    I got this CD yesterday...and i must say that majority of songs on cd are pure sh*t...they are not even psy... only decent songs here are Angel:Voodoo Files and Loopus in Fabula: Metello's dance...and design of the box and cd is also very bad...very BAD start for Surreal...Grade: 1.5/10 greetz from Belgrade
  21. Logic bomb - Headware Artist: Logic bomb Title: Headware Label: Spiral Trax Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 08'17" Shadow Of The Beast 02. 07'23" Hydrofon 03. 08'02" Extension 04. 08'11" Kilobyte Bandit 05. 09'39" Sub Atomic 06. 08'32" Skrock 07. 07'35" Halojaner 08. 07'51" Orb Warning 09. 07'38" Fairlight Review: This is one pretty interesting release from Spiral Trax (Sweden). Very hard style, well wraped with special attention on weirdo sounds and effects...This, under any circumstances is not only melodic album, but along the whole album you'll be stoned by the melodies that come and go...Very...hm..."plastic melodies"...complexity... unidentified sounds, whole weirdo psychedelic atmosphere makes this CD very good buy...I found these tracks very hard for single reviewing...cause, as i said above, they are very complex...so i guess that you'll have to buy this CD;)) You won't be dissapointed. Grade: 8.5/10
  22. implant

    V/A - Serial Killaz

    WOW...Atomic brings to us another darkness on plastic... first...i must say that i more like mixed version of this album...dino done quite a job here...(as usuall;))...what to say, very dark...Atomic has it's own style and this comp. represent that...and i think that Snug's track is the one that made me stay without a word...find out why...and buy this compilation....)8/10
  23. implant

    Luminus - Hypnotica

    Good piece of plastic...i haven't heard first album...but i consider this one as a cheesy one...anyway...i have no problem with that....i like it...it's very listenable...7.5/10
  24. I must add one more thing... this is real GOA trance...not technoish like todays europe stuff....
  25. Talamasca - Beyond The Mask Artist: Talamasca Title: Beyond The Mask Label: 3D Vision Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 08'06" The Hunted Becomes The Hunter (Feat Nomad) 02. 07'42" The Flow (Rmx) 03. 07'58" Wake Up 04. 08'40" Drops Of Madness (Rmx) 05. 07'38" Strangers (Feat Xerox And Domestic) 06. 08'08" Telepathic Atmospheres 07. 08'30" You Are The Machines 08. 07'44" Halloween 09. 08'33" Beyond The Mask Review: Finally i got this one...and hey...i must say that this CD rocks...it's awesome... It's somehow dark but you will meet crazy melodies through the whole disc... Both melodies and dark atmosphere fit together perfectly...I recommend this one to everyone...BUY TALAMASCA...It is not hard it is not soft....it's perfect... I must congratulate to Lestat for track 6...this is the best track i heard in some last months (years?)...You MUST hear Telepathic Atmospheres it has those female ethno samples...It is the influence of the Balkans...that's typical Balkan ethno sound...so spiritual so nice...i recommend to other artists to try consider doing same thing...cause...it would be innovative and in the same it would bring back spirituality to psy trance, that we love...so go buy this one and listen to track 6...and you'll be stoned how good it is... Rating.....9/10................and btw...very nice cover...))
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