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The Mad Old Ones and Family of Light titles were assigned manually.

They were assigned some years ago to some members for their contributions to the forum or the fact they were here from the very beginning. Tbh I'm up for anything that might help psynews activity. Now

It's always been the review section, definitely, however people these days don't really care to make more. Yes it was, unfortunately it made the place miserable for a lot of users. The p

I have no idea, but it's fucking annoying that we can't even upload 'em.

what happened to the pig eh?


"The server is moving" bla bla bla....


I see your avataar, its a little better than the former, however nothing extraordinary i must admit...
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It got slaughtered in the bacon factory :(

:( someone mustve already eaten it by now :(


BEcause this psynews avatars are NOT extraordinary!!!

thats lame <_< but eh.. wheres your avatar gone again?
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Which one do you mean? I have now an purple avatar..


Oh you`re right I have nothing...

I love purple :( PURPLE HAZEY DAZEY! :(

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Impossibble Vortex was cool, but Visually distorted kinda annoying...


When I reach the 3000 posts I put in my custom member title: Fuck off and die (plur all the way)

or Mutilated Eyebrows for everyone

or I`m with stupid





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