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    Simple intrest compounded half yearly to yeald a simple compound intrest!
  1. Hey FD! Long time no hear! Wazzup in good ol` India?

  2. oh yeah I never planned to have her on for long but just kind of drifted. I shouldn't expose my sexy sig babe to everyone

  3. you know what I wont let psytones squeeze anyone out of your comment box dats how good of a friend I am

  4. thuf question!

    i wont answer it !

    why? because i can!!

  5. im so damn tired of that punjab sample.. there was a time when almost every other track in my cd player used to have a punjab sample.
  6. Im glad you noticed it enough to voice your opinion about it. I thought it would be cool if I put a k instead of a c just the way its kool at times to say kool instead of cool.
  7. Sundial Aeon - Together we are (remix) Solar Fields - Cocoon moon (glastonbury mix) Suria - Izak Electrypnose - do you know what it is
  8. ddode, heres what im replying to.. (hence the Journey Man quote in my last post) sorry, i wasnt replying to your post dint quite realize you dug the topic out... thanks for thanking me for the effort anyway
  9. Vibrasphere - Exploring the Tributaries young brothers - the last days of gravity sundial aeon - apotheosis ace ventura - rebirth flooting grooves - upsyde downe the khooman album perfect stranger - changed I havent heard the new bluetech.. but im sure it can fit in here. also, yet to here the new frozen ghost album
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