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  1. All good yo! what happened to that offtopic forum started by Nemo? got canned?

  2. yes, very sophisticated. It's spelled like that right, sofistikerte øyenbryn. And the cat, the cat is Ok?

  3. How was the book? Much better then the movie? I watched recently De helaasheid der dingen. Also belgian, also brilliant. But not that bloody.
  4. Hoy Miss MC! :D My hair is doing less but still growing strong. I see your eyebrows have gotten them self a pair of glasses. Are they sexy about that? Looks very nice(: *

  5. Yeah...I know, dunno why really :S

  6. its been some snow but not enough to stick for more then a day. da dreads are still hanging around. Have a snowy x-mas, they are beautiful. ps. summer rox hardest :))

  7. Mutilated_Core


    I agree. Good, that I didnt watched the "Män som hatar kvinnor" Trailer. I would be totally pissed off. But I have to say that the Trailer of Kelly Reichardts newest flick "Wendy and Lucy" is one of the well done made. Doesnt spoil the story too much. You just get a short view what its about, and thats all
  8. GEEEEEEEEE, this was one of the worst movies that I watched recently.....I was fuckin annoyed and it was so goddammmmn unrealistic. Okay, Independence Day and all the other Alien movies are also unrealistic (really?) but this one....I dont know... C`mon, whats so great about this flick? Did I missed smt?
  9. Has anybody seen this movie? One of the best movies I have watched recently. Drastic, dirty, brutal and unsparing. A good study of social misery.
  10. Nah, c`mon Judd Apatow movies are a fun thing to watch. I laughed my ass off to Superbad and this one movie with Katherine Heigl, where she got pregnant and stuff. Though I havent watched the rest of his movies. But I ahve to admit that Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasnt thaaaat funny. It had some good laughs. but Superbad for example was much better.
  11. Undertow. I love the roughness and the energy on this album. Same goes for Opiate.
  12. i apologize if some silly comment box flirting offends you miss sexy eyebrows ^^ you never write on the forums anymore .. kosmos

  13. sort of.. i like my nose. Didn't you say more then once that you had a thing for guys with large noses (???) B)

  14. Hey!! I'm good and my nose is still sort of big :D

  15. REcently I`ve read Gordon Dahlquists "The Glass books of the Dream eaters". Anybody with me?
  16. *I hope your doing Ok and better !! :)

  17. Anybody seen it? Ive seen it couple of days ago and I have to say its an awesome movie. I laughed my ass off. What ist it about? 2 killers making "holidays" in Bruges, shortly after one of them has killed a kid. One of them enjoys the city while the other one (Colin Farrell) is hooking up with an "actress" that sells drugs and is robbing tourists out. "You`re bunch of Elephants." XDDD
  18. Best movie 2009? Nah wouldnt go so far. Its good, ok, no doubt. But nothin special.
  19. Mutilated_Core


    Hackers...good movie. The time when Angie was still sexy and exciting..
  20. I watched Zeitgeist a couple of months ago and I have to say its boring shit. Nothin new to me. Go and watch REDIGULOUS!
  21. where arth thou pretty fair lady?


  22. Nowadays I`m listening much more often to stuff like Millencolin, The Hives, Mötley Crüe und Iggy Pop instead of psytrance. Cant remember when I was listening the last time to some psy stuff (entheogenetic not included).
  23. The dead cannot hear.

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